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Published on 03/11/2013 at Mon Mar 11 17:14.
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We knew something would happen on the Elvis Dumervil front between now and Saturday, when his $12 million salary becomes guaranteed.  According to his agent, Dumervil would like to be released before the start of free agency:

Magid submitted a counterproposal, but it was more about a restructure than pay reduction. Given the considerable difference in opinion on Dumervil’s value, the pass-rushing defensive end is asking the team to release him before the free-agent market opens at 2 p.m. Tuesday, rather than wait until the Saturday deadline with his contract,” the Denver Post‘s Mike Klis wrote on Monday afternoon.

It’s hard to fault Dumervil’s request.  If the team is planning to release him on Saturday morning after replacing him in free agency, it would be in Dumervil’s best interest to hit the open market before teams use up their cap space on other defensive ends between Tuesday and this coming weekend.

The Broncos hold all the cards.  All Dumervil can do is await the team’s decision.

  • Daddytebow

    Oh well let’s blame McDaniels for overpaying him when he resigned him.

  • rcsodak

    He thinks hes gonna make $12M, he’s had too many shos to his head. He’s butt-hurt just like cutler was when he found out the world didnt revolve around him. Reality will set in when he signs with the Raiduhs/Bolts and never sniffs the playoffs again.

  • eljbow

    Or he’s reacting the same as any reasonable person would if their employer demanded they take a pay cut.

  • Pete Baron

    Can’t blame him for his agent requesting his release… however, I think he’s vastly over valuing his um… value.

    I think the Broncos will take their sweet time with him. They have until Friday to figure out what they’ll do with him (cut/trade/keep), so regardless of whether or not Elvis’ agent wants out tomorrow is inconsequential.

    The best remedy would be for him to take his pay cut and stay here. But like any athlete, they’ll follow the money. That isn’t a knock on him, cause we all follow the money, so we’d be hypocrites if we said anything to the contrary.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Shanahan make a play for him in DC. They don’t have any 1st rounders to give up, but surely they have something. I still don’t want to see him cut. I want him to either stay here or be traded. I don’t want him straight up cut. He’s too good to be cut, and the cap savings isn’t enough for him to be cut. Traded, sure, but not cut.

  • areferee

    Dumervil is NOT going to earn $12M with anyone this season. Not even close. He would be better off renegotiating his deal with the contender that paid him $14M last year, and averaging out at around $8M per year, which is closer to his real value and more than any other team, likely a non-contender, will offer.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Games. We will just have to see how it all plays out,I guess. I wonder what Van is thinking about of all this!

  • cdubarkansasrep

    Welp there goes my saying “Von Doom” .Smh why couldn’t he just be a team player to get a ring 8 mil ifs a great check.

  • Brandon Kirk

    We’ll either keep him or trade him. I’m with you, Pete. I can’t imagine them cutting him.

    That said, it feels like the Broncos are preparing to make a big move. The consensus choice is Revis but I’m wondering if Elway wants to make a play on Welker. It feels like he’s preparing to sign or trade for someone big.

  • Pete Baron

    That is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying for the last 2 months!!!!

  • Pete Baron

    Reports are that there is absolutely zero interest in both Revis and Reggie Bush by the Broncos… so it *shouldn’t* be either of those.

  • Brandon Kirk

    Yeah yeah…no interest.

    I do imagine Freeney or Uminyora will sign with us. I wouldn’t mind Mendenhall, either. The big question becomes if we’ll go after a big name receiver.

  • Pete Baron

    Yeah, we’re in the height of the “lying season”…. haha.
    But I’d believe this. I think there is no way we go after Revis. I just can’t imagine him being the type of attitude player that Fox and Elway would want to bring here. Let alone the enormous payday he’s gonna demand.

  • Pete Baron

    I should add that I’d much rather see us go after a WR through free agency than a RB. I’d rather draft a RB cause I honestly believe that the handful of good RBs that will be free agents will be a) more expensive, b) less effective, and c) more injury prone than any RB we’d take in the top 4 rounds.

    Roll the dice on RB help through the draft. Pick up a WR via free agency if that’s a position that we deem that we “need”.

  • Brandon Kirk

    That’s true.

    Am I the only one who feels like Elway is preparing to make a splash? The biggest splash I can think of us Welker, but I don’t know.

  • Pete Baron

    oh, he’s definitely going to make a huge splash. I’m just not sure as to which position he’s gonna make it? Is he gonna go after Welker? Osi? Freeney? He going after Goldson (who I’d LOVE to see here)? Urlacher? He’s freeing up cap space for a reason, and that reason isn’t to line Bowlen’s pockets, that’s for sure.

  • Brandon Kirk

    I’m hoping that Freeney might play for a hometown discount to get a chance at a ring and play with Peyton.

    Goldson would be fun to watch. So would Urlacher: give one of the best MLBs of our time a chance at a ring.

    That being said, I don’t want us to get Philly Dream Team Syndrome. Its a sickness. We should pick 1-2 players who can fit what we’re trying to do and go after them. Its just hard to decide when you got a bunch of legacy players on the open market. For a draft lacking stars, Free Agency sure has a lot of big name stars in their twilight.

    Harrison, Urlacher, Freeney…

  • Pete Baron

    I completely agree with you. When the Eagles did that, I said that they’d fail to make the playoffs cause they were doing what the 2004 Redskins did, and look what it got them! So I 100% agree. I want 1 or 2 players at most that are “household names”, cause “buying” a ring is an Urban Legend. If we go all Philly during free agency, you can bet the farm that you’ll see an article written by me saying how we won’t make the playoffs because of it.

  • Joey Baldwin

    The Broncos wanted him at 7mil/year. But someone will over pay prob around 3/30mil mostly back loaded. He will get the contract and get cut by his 2nd or 3rd year to save whoever signs him from overpaying a by then over 30 rusher. It’s a shame I always liked Doom great team guy. We can likely expect Freeny to sign in the coming days along with hopefully Mendehall.

  • Guest

    Nice to see all the Bronco’s fans supporting the player who made their defense relevant and started it into what it is today. Now that you overpaid for has been QB, now lets start trash talking a player who wants released (everyone knows it’s coming) so he can get his while teams have the $$ to spend. And Freeney is going to either Seattle or Tennessee. Good luck though Bronco’s (and fans). That window is gonna close faster than it opened..

  • Shorttynaz

    Hometown discount? Do you even know what that means? Dude is from Connecticut, not Denver.

  • Shorttynaz

    No one is gonna trade for Dumervil for the same reason the Bronco’s want to restructure his deal. He’s owed too much. Denver is stewed here either way.

  • TheTroglodyte

    The dance begins. No reason to get panties in a ruffle over this news. His agent is going to do what he feels is in his clients best interest and the Broncos will do what they feel is in their best interest. Everything that is done or said before the final decision is made, is just posturing on both sides.

  • CehnadianBroncoFan

    Freeney if he would come to Denver for say 7mil then I’d say sure. If it is any more than that then I say go after Margus Hunt in the draft. Urlacher would be a nice addition. The challenge in going after these veterans is that they have a certain style and if they have some poor habits it will be difficult to eliminate them. Whereas if we were to focus on trading for 3rd+ round picks for some of the players we don’t want then we can acquire some younger talent and train them to fit the Broncos mould. I’m thinking of what McDaniels did in his draft.

  • CehnadianBroncoFan

    Dumervil is a good player no doubt. There is a difference between a great player and a good one. As it stands now Miller is great and Dumervil is good. This is just solely based on last seasons stats. I guarantee that the Broncos would be having a much different conversation if his stats were where Miller’s were last season. Keep in mind it is not just the number of sacks, blocks etc. It is also WHEN they occurred in games.

    That all said he signed his contract and expects to get paid. I think what this comes down to is weighing the potential of making it to the playoffs vs. running the risk of not if he is traded. Based on this article the priority is getting paid. (For all of you reading this do not read in tone this is more than understandable and reasonable)

  • Doom92

    And the next artical out says we’re in the front for Bush. I’d rather have Mendenhall also…

  • Doom92

    Word on all of what you just said…

  • heykyleinsf

    I think the conversation turns back again to Dumervil renegotiation and keeping in the fold. Broncos win the Poker bluff..
    Doom restructures.. we fill the holes..

    Hit the ground running!!