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Published on 03/06/2013 at Wed Mar 06 08:00.
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The 2013 free agency signing period begins next week (March 12) and if John Elway continues his recent trend, the Denver Broncos will be making a few splashes.

Two years ago, the Broncos plugged a hole in the backfield with Willis McGahee.  Last offseason, the team changed the entire landscape of the AFC West by signing quarterback Peyton Manning.

Will the team bring in more big-name free agents this year?  Only time will tell.

While we wait, consider following these players in free agency:

The RBs:

Steven Jackson (Broncos proved in 2011 with McGahee that they are willing to sign RBs in their upper-20s.)

Chris Ivory (Ivory would provide a much needed punch to Denver’s backfield.)

Peyton Hillis  (Could Hillis return to Denver? He’d be hungry to prove himself again.)

Shonn Greene (Denver has already been linked to Greene this offseason).


The WRs:

Danny Amendola  (All of these receivers would be great slot options for Denver.)

Wes Welker (Imagine Welker teamed up with Thomas and Decker.)

Austin Collie (Manning’s buddy, Collie, is on the open market.  One-year, minimum salary contract, anyone?)

Brandon Stokley (Stokley wants to return; Denver should bring him back.)


Backup QBs:

Jason Campbell  (Campbell is an experienced veteran that could provide depth on the roster.)

Matt Moore (Coach John Fox worked with Moore in Carolina.)


Secondary depth:

Charles Woodson  (Both Woodson and Reed want to land with 2013 contenders.)

Ed Reed (If Von Miller is right, the Broncos are going to win it all this year.)



Glenn Dorsey (A humbled first round pick, Dorsey still has potential.)

Dwight Freeney (Imagine third downs featuring Miller, Elvis Dumervil and Freeney rushing.)

Richard Seymour (Another veteran lineman, Seymour still has some gas left in the tank.)

Dannell Ellerbe (Ellerbe is a very talented outside linebacker that will be pursued by many teams this offseason.)

  • cdubarkansasrep

    Mouth watering for reed or woodson at safety. Also ya could probably figure I would be stoked to bring back Hillis, being from Arkansas. I still remember hearing about him pulling his truck to school everyday in high school……. He can and will be a great fb once teams figure him out. Let’s not forget he was opening up holes for Dmac and Felix the cat in college.

  • TheTroglodyte

    I would dig bringing Hillis back. Maybe these last couple of years have helped screw his head on straight. At any rate he would be a cheap addition who can pass block, pound the rock and catch.

  • Jeffrey Koch

    i would like the broncos to pick up glenn dorsey, put him back in the system he was meant to play in when he came out

  • dogheadbrew

    Woodson or Reed would be superb help on and off the field. Stoak or Welker, although for the dollars Stoak is probably the better choice. Hillis and/or Greene for depth. Having more pass rushers sounds cool, but depth and run stuffing is more of a need. After all when you drop back on the D right now, you’re as likely as not to get cut in half, so if you can’t run either, that sounds pretty good to me.

  • heykyleinsf

    IDK why I haven’t thought of it.. but hell yeah.

    He could be a real fullback and short yardage back..

    I think we should get him. That would help keep
    McGahee, Moreno and Hillman healthy by sparing
    them the short yardage wear and tear..

    I love the idea.

  • Tyler

    Apparently Doom could be gone if he doesn’t take a pay cut… so we could need a pass rusher more than originally thought.

  • Sage Rodriguez

    I think there are better DT’s and safeties on the market for Denver than the ones listed here. William Moore at safety and Cullen Jenkins at DT would make more sense to me. Also i would draft an LB with the first overall pick, maybe Teo :3

  • Cheyenne Kid

    A lot of this depends on who we can max benefit at the right price. Needs on defense: a little better pass rush, depth on d-line, and depth in d-backs. One solid player in free agency or draft at each area will upgrade oureach woulf defense. Needs on offense, depth on o-line, running back and maybe wide receiver. Again one solid player in would upgrade our offense. 3 players on offense and 3 on defense. We have six draft picks plus free agency so we should be able to get this done in a good way. We only have 6 days more to wait for free agency to kick off thankfully and we will see what the brain trusts decide to do in free agency,then we will have a clearer idea

  • Cheyenne Kid

    of what draft needs will be!

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Left out mlb on defense!

  • Doom92

    Yeah I would have wanted him back at one point but I dont think he fits “here” any more. I would truly rather hang on to Hester myself.

  • Doom92

    The RBs: I’d like to see WM and Ball go (on the fence with Knowshow and unbelievably for me think his second half season warrants more time). I’d love SJ here, guy is still a beast. No thanks on Hillis or Green.

    The WRs: Would love Welker here or Amendola, those guys would truly help. And would like to keep Stoke, that guy is money when you need him but either of these two guys would make him unneeded.

    Secondary depth: I’d love either of these guy on our D, they are both leaders and can still ball…

    Rushers: All not bad but I’d like Freeney and/or Seymour to come here, they would both help immensely. I like when Seymour went to the Raiders many said he was done and he wasn’t, he still has enough in the tank. He could provide that same little “extra” for us that Neil Smith did at the end of his career…

  • areferee

    See! This is why you’re our Caveman, Trog. You’re not just sitting there in the dark touching yourself. You’re always thinking. Are you sure you’re not really a sage or a mystic?

  • Terry Bleeks

    Dannell Ellerbe = Really over-rated. I would like Amendola, Woodson and Freeney

  • TheTroglodyte