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Published on 02/20/2013 at Wed Feb 20 08:20.
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(Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

The NFL’s 2013 free agent signing period will begin on March 12.  The NFL Draft will take place on April 25-27.

Before building through the draft, the Denver Broncos will look to plug some holes in free agency, including at the running back position.

On Tuesday, the Denver Post‘s Mike Klis wrote that he expects the team to go shopping for a RB next month:

Age (31), injury, and a $2.5 million salary in 2013 make Willis McGahee vulnerable. The Broncos will shop for a running back. And I believe they will look first for a veteran free agent with tread on his tires because pass protecting Peyton Manning is a high priority for a Broncos running back.

At this point, McGahee seems to be expendable and behind him, the Broncos have two smaller backs in Knowshon Moreno and youngster Ronnie Hillman. Denver will probably go after a power back, and one of them is expected to hit the open market.

To add size to the backfield, the Broncos should give the St. Louis RamsSteven Jackson a long, hard look.  According to Rotoworld, Jackson (6’2″, 240 pounds) is due to make $7 million this season but has the option of voiding his contract and testing the free-agent market, which he is expected to do.

Klis has already linked Jackson to the Broncos and CBS4‘s Vic Lombardi has also suggested that the team may go that route.  Your move, Broncos.

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It sounds like left tackle Ryan Clady is planning to go on a mini-hold out if he does not receive a contract extension.  On Tuesday, he told ESPN Radio in Denver (via PFT) that he would not sign his franchise tag “right now,” but that if he is unable to work out a deal with the team over the summer, he would “eventually” sign; just not today.

Over at the official site, Chris Hall has a video featuring the Best of Pregame Sound from last season.

This year, 334 players were invited to the NFL’s Scouting Combine (drills begin on Saturday).  The Denver Post has pointed out that most—if not all—of Denver’s draft class will be on display during the combine.  However, it should also be noted that two years ago, Chris Harris Jr. was not invited to the combine or drafted.  There are always athletes out there waiting for a chance. This weekend, over 300 will get theirs.

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  • Toxik Zine

    Jackson can have gr8 career in Denver.. with a good O line.. wow

  • dogheadbrew

    I like the idea of an A tier (or nearly so) RB, but is a 29yo back that has shown a little hitch in his giddy-up more valuable to our team than a 31yo RB with injury concern at 1/3 the price? I don’t know much about Jackson other than his rep from a few years ago, so I’m no authority, however, it seems smart money moves might be more important that big name aquisitions.

  • joe1avs

    If they’re looking to pass protect Manning the Steven Jackson isn’t the way to go. He’s a fantastic back but Willis is a better pass protector and so is Moreno.

  • Chris Graff

    Get Jackson, if possible. Draft Taylor, ball, heck snatch lattimore (<- misspelled) 5th round if he's still there. Have one of those backs sit behind Jackson and I'd say we'll be good to go at RB for years to come. Which would be great because we haven't had a true back since Davis. Who when I was a kid, made me the bronco fan I am today. I hope we get Jackson! Go Broncos!!!

  • TheSerg!

    NO! PLEASE DRAFT MONTE BALL! i live in Wisconsin and i see that kid play hard every Saturday during football season. Never fumbles, never gets hurt and almost never goes down after first contact. We need a young, strong (sorry Hilman) back to carry the load.

  • Pete Baron

    I’m down with that/him. Good eye.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Also a fan of Ball, would be a great mid-round addition. We need power…

  • dustfan

    Yeah, Jackson 4.1 ypc last year & McGahee 4.4 ypc. Jackson doesn’t fumble though (5 total; 4 lost in last 4 years) and has played 15-16 games each of the last 4 years. He is also better catching out of the backfield but if he is turning down 7m then he must be looking for more right? Unless he wants a multi-year deal worth more overall.

  • Benjamin

    This years Robert Turbin? Well thats not fair – who even has guns like Robert Turbin..

  • Pete Baron

    Maybe he just wants to jump ship and go to a contender? I wouldn’t underestimate the lure of a ring to great veteran players that are nearing the end.

  • Pete Baron

    Nah, the only thing they share in common is that they had Russell Wilson as their QB. lol

    Just watched a TON of film on Ball…. dude, I’m PUMPED at the thought of him on our team. For real, I haven’t seen anyone run like him since TD…. and we all know Elway loved having TD on our team!

  • Toxik Zine
  • Benjamin

    OKAY I watched some film on MoneyBall! the guy is a beast and im feeling the excitement