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Published on 02/09/2013 at Sat Feb 09 15:43.
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The combine, free agency, and the draft are all a few weeks away.  So, what else do we have to talk about besides 2013 expectations?

“Of course Denver (will be the team to beat in the AFC,”’s Steve Wyche wrote on Friday.  “Its division is there for the taking as long as Peyton Manning is there.  And frankly, the Broncos were one blown coverage away from facing the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.  Denver should be better in terms of overall team play because the receivers will have had more time to work with Manning. Plus, Manning could be healthier and more in tune with his transition to Denver.  There is no reason why the defense can’t be as good, either.  Denver will be the team to beat in the AFC.

“As far as strength of schedule is concerned, it means nothing right now, because things always change once the season begins.  I put as much into the strength of schedule now as I do in Tim Tebow becoming New England’s starting quarterback.”

We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves when predicting 2013 (obviously, anything can happen), but Wyche is spot-on about the strength of schedule notes.  A team’s win-loss record from the previous season means nothing.  It’s what you have done lately that matters.

  • 350legend

    your so right!

  • Pete Baron

    That’s the only constant in the NFL.

  • cdubarkansasrep

    What are the odds we go after bowe? Do we have the money? Just a thought that came through my head….

  • Pete Baron

    I thought that too, but then I asked myself, “who would he be an upgrade to?”

    The reason I say this is that Bowe, as good as he is, would be the same as Demaryius Thomas… Well, we already have DT. Bowe isn’t an upgrade over Decker, cause he isn’t the same type of WR Decker is. He isn’t an upgrade over Stokley because he isn’t the same type of WR Stoke is… I just know that you can’t have 2 power WRs be #1 and #2 because you lose the ability to throw defenses off with quick slants to guys like Stokley and more quick precise routes like Decker. I think having Thomas and Bowe instead of say Thomas and Stokely or Thomas and Decker could actually hinder our offense even though on paper, it would help it.

  • cdubarkansasrep

    On the flip side why couldn’t we move Decker into a slot Wr didn’t he play that a lot in college if I’m not mistaken. Then out offence would sort of resemble the cardinals when the went to the superbowl. Neither Fitz or Boldin were blow the top off the D Wr just two possession Wr with quicks inside. That would also free up decker to play one on one with teams third Cb and if we go five wide then stollen eats easy (if he gets resigned). I agree with what you said, but I like the look of this especially if we can resign clady and have room to budge to get him. Which I believe is slim.

  • Pete Baron

    If Decker is in the slot, then he’ll be tackled before he decides to tackle himself… that might aid his career quite a bit. haha

    Oh, and we’ll resign Clady. We were only a million or so off of the guaranteed money part last year, so we’ll get it done this year or franchise him. We have I think $14-16 million worth of cap space, so money isn’t the issue.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    I still think Amemdola if at the right contract price would be a great addition to our offensive arsenal. He could serve in a rotation at either wide reciever slot or in the slot. A rotation of Decker,Thomas, Stoke and Amendola along with our tight ends would be a potent passing game!

  • cdubarkansasrep

    lol touché I’m sort of reaching for the “stars” that’s all. I would just hate to see him end up in the patriots grasp or smtg. Plus I have like this man love for Wvu Wr Tavon Austin. He will be there in the Secound round and I haven’t felt this good about a speed Wr since should I say it…. Percy harvin

  • cdubarkansasrep

    It feels good to know there arent to many questions on our team huh? My biggest concerne, eventhough I have been talking a lot of Wr is Lb. I feel like we need a veteran at that spot for the superbowl. Drafting a rookie would be good for the future, but not for a superbowl run. If the bears let Urlacher walk bring him in for a reasonable price.

  • Greg Spores

    Payton Manning, the best QB ever at consitantly almost getting it done, don’t expect anything more.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Oh, yes, just like John Elway, right? Wait, never mind.

    Did you watch Super Bowl XLI?

  • TheTroglodyte

    haha I have to agree with you. I’m certainly hoping for more though.

  • TheTroglodyte

    It’s been done a few times pretty successfully. The Cardinals did it with Fitz and Bolden. The bigger concern for me with Bowe is he drops passes all the time. We already have Decker dropping passes all the time and he doesn’t need competition haha.

  • TheTroglodyte

    “If Decker is in the slot, then he’ll be tackled before he decides to tackle himself”


  • Cheyenne Kid

    I have middke lb in my list and it is a priority of course but Urlacher has been bit real hard by injuries in recent year. We will see what they do with free agency before the draft and see if they find some vet that can contribute. If not,then it becomes a draft priority to get one of the top three mlb in the draft.Likewisr with all the other needs,free agency first, then draft!

  • broncosnative

    You mean less, its not just up to manning to get the broncos to the SB but he does play a big role. Ask any player or former players, it is hard to get to the big game. Who had the ravens winning it all, surely not Vegas. When the broncos signed manning, they signed him in intent to become real contenders, they didn’t sign him for 4 years thinking he’ll win them 4 SB.

  • Will Neal

    Just FYI, for all talking about WR as a position of weakness…..Percy is available for a third rounder…..i believe we could snag him for a 5 and 7 instead because he’s leaving the NFC, allows Vikes another pick for needed depth AND most of all, they HAVE to move him; we could play the rich white lady at an auction…put our hand in…ler everyone else drool and then SNATCH EM UP…..sound familiar….#Summerof2012