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Published on 01/30/2013 at Wed Jan 30 16:37.
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(Photo: Frank Victores, USA TODAY Sports)

  • By next season, receiver Brandon Stokley will be 37 years old.  But he wants to come back for another run.
  • Here’s video and audio of coach John Fox mic’d up while coaching the AFC in the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl.
  • After injuring himself in warmups, Denver mayor Michael Hancock finally paid up for his playoff bet with Baltimore’s mayor.
  • Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco wants to be paid more than Denver quarterback Peyton Manning.  Last season, Flacco threw 22 touchdowns and had 14 turnovers; Manning threw 37 touchdowns and also lost 14 turnovers.  Flacco’s team is in the Super Bowl, now he wants to be paid like a SB quarterback.  Winning wouldn’t hurt his argument.
  • The NFL Honors show will take place on Saturday — Manning is up for MVP and Comeback Player of the Year awards.
  • stuckinraiderland

    I’m suing this website. I read the words “p_o b_ _l” when I wasn’t expecting to, so I wasn’t prepared. Normally I have on a helmet and padding so I don’t injure myself if I accidentally read them and instantly collapse into narcoleptic sleep. Please, people, be careful.

  • Doom92

    Huh??? Are you sure you dont want to be in Raiderland???

  • Doom92

    I certainly hope he comes back, he was absolutely clutch when called on. I think he surprises defenses week-in and week-out…

  • cdubarkansasrep

    What’s up fellas?!! Just really wanted stop by and leave this name here Tavon Aunstin(Wvu) have a nice day.

  • areferee

    Joe Flacco is a top tier NFL QB and should be in the top ten pay range, but he has yet to achieve the status of Peyton Manning. He will be paid accordingly. If he wins the Super Bowl, someday, he too may sell pies.

  • Mergrath

    Good on Stokes! I do have wishes of Tavon Austin in the draft but not with our first pick. The thought of Stokley mentoring a young talent like Austin would be amazing! Unfortunately the thought of a disruptive DT pushing the pocket in the direction of Doom or Miller would be beyond amazing!

    I go DT, MLB, RB, WR in order of need…but I feel you should always look BPA at any of your positions of need. I think we address our O-line via free agency. Although I wouldn’t mind Barrett Jones in the draft either. Our O-line would be tops in the league for the next decade!

  • TheTroglodyte

    I don’t think much of Flacco as a QB personally. That being said if people are only looking at wins, Peyton Manning has been eliminated 8 times in the first playoff game and is 9 – 11 overall.

    Joe Flacco has never been eliminated game one and is 8 – 4. So if one is looking at the win loss column, Peyton isn’t even in the same league as Flacco.

  • TheTroglodyte


  • Benjamin DeRita

    Did anyone think the NFL Honors came off like a complete joke last year? I get the idea but damn what a bunch of hot garbage it was.. Not to mention the Tebow / Baldwin interaction.. actually the way I remember it Baldwin sucked and searched for cheap laughs the entire night.

  • areferee

    Just looking at career wins. PM is second only to Favre and Flacco is not in the top 50. He is, however, currently one of the top 10. (IMO)

  • TheTroglodyte

    That’s true. At the end of the season however, nobody cares how many regular season games their QB won. It’s probably the most irrelevant stat at the end of a career. Just ask Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Jim Kelly, Donovan McNabb, Dave Kreig. Brett Favre didn’t keep chasing one more regular season win and Manning didn’t go through neck surgery and rehab so he could catch Favre’s regular season win record.

    Legacy for a QB is built on playoff and SB wins alone.

    Flacco is also one of the most streaky QB’s I’ve ever seen play the game which is what keeps him just outside of my top 10. I totally get the arguments for him being a top 10 QB though and I certainly wouldn’t debate it.

  • areferee

    Hey, my neck is fine, (albeit, somewhat RED), but for $20 Mill, I would have surgery too. hehehe

  • TheTroglodyte


  • areferee

    Here is my top 10, CaveMan. I rank them on a totally subjective method of personal preference, but I think they would be on most top tens, arguably in differing orders. (Note, there is no Tony Romo.)

    P. Manning
    Aaron Rodgers
    Drew Brees
    Colin Kaepernick
    Russell Wilson
    Eli Manning
    Matt Ryan
    Tom Brady
    Phillip Rivers

    What are YOUR thoughts?

  • TheTroglodyte

    I dig your list buddy!

    I’d have to put a lot of thought into it for mine but off the top of my head but I can say P. Manning would be top 10 but not top 5 due to his epic playoff flops throughout the years. Brady would be top 3 for sure. RGIII would make my top 10 and so would Luck and probably Kaepernick but I’m not sure Wilson has proven his longevity enough until teams have more game film on him next year.

    Roethlisberger makes my top 10 for sure. Other than that and Brady at 10 is pure hatred I totally see your arguments for any of your other placings.

  • areferee

    Wouldn’t argue with any of your inclusions. Curious why you add Luck but need more time with Wilson. Luck is a winner, for sure. I would have him at the top of the “2nd 10”.

    Brady at 10… HATRED?

    OK……………………………………. guilty. hehehe

  • TheTroglodyte


    Wilson’s height and football IQ give me pause. I think the IQ is probably there but how many rookies have we seen struggle the next year or just not progress.

    Wilson’s legs caught a lot of teams by surprise but he also really struggled to throw the ball in several games.

    I am a huge fan of the kid and I think/hope he’s going to be an amazing QB for years to come. I just feel more confident of Luck and RGIII being better next year than I do of Wilson.

    RGIII is actually one of my favorite players in the NFL. Been a HUGE fan of his back in Baylor. Based off of watching the games though (not the stats) I feel Luck probably had the best year between the 3 of them. I would have drafted RGIII over luck though and I would pick him first on my team. No way I take Wilson over Luck though.

    haha ok, I just woke up and you got me yapping like a 93 year old crab fisherman.

  • areferee

    LOL. See you on the Bering Straits, Old Timer…