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Published on 01/26/2013 at Sat Jan 26 08:59.
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(H/T to Toxik Zine for the link to the interview.)

  • TheTroglodyte

    Paraphrasing here…

    Rome: Does it hurt?

    Elway: Yes, but it’s important we take what we learned and apply it to next year.

    Rome: What did you learn?

    Elway: I don’t know

    haha great.

  • Jon

    Still a far better interview than the one Elway did with the yahoo Piers Morgan.

  • TheTroglodyte

    haha fortunately for me I didn’t even know he did one with Piers Morgan.

  • Jon

    850 KOA has the audio up. Never once is football mentioned though.

  • Pete Baron

    I wonder why media types keep asking him if Fox made the right decision with 31 seconds to go. What do they want Elway to say? They want him to say “Hell no he didn’t! If he does that type of shit again, I’m gonna leave my booth and fire his ass before the coin is flipped for overtime!”????

    Elway HAS to say that Fox was right. We all know Elway doesn’t think Fox is right, but he has to tote the company line in order to keep peace and harmony within the organization. The Broncos are wayyyyyy too close to a ring for anyone to ruffle feathers. There’s a reason why we are a class organization and the Jets aren’t… it’s because there is structure, discipline, and direction.

  • Doom92

    Well if he really does support those bone head decisions we could be in a little trouble and have learned NOTHING! So my only hope is that he has lied to us and is not being transparent as he promised. Pete is right that he isn’t going to say Fox was wrong, he cant, but still see the part here about lying to us about being transparent…

    But most of all, again, this wasn’t the freaking real issue, it was 3&7 and sit on it… I actually get going into over time, where we certainly had chances!!!

  • Pete Baron

    I hated the 3rd & 7… Hated it. But what I hated even more was the kneel down. Why? Because we gave up. When Manning knelt, Fox told the Broncos and the Ravens that we didn’t want to win.
    I don’t care that he said they were stunned. That isn’t an excuse. If anyone knows that overtime can end in 1 play, it’s John Fox and the Broncos (example: last year when the very first playoff OT game with the new rules was played HERE in DENVER where we WON on 1 PLAY).

    So playing for overtime does NOT assure you anything. Not a single snap (just ask the Steelers).

    Furthermore, I don’t care if we were stunned. What happened if the Ravens went for 2 and converted. Would Manning kneel? I mean, if the team was too stunned to take a single snap when it was tied, wouldn’t they be even more stunned if they were losing? Would Manning kneel? Or would he use that 31 seconds and 2 timeouts to “play to win the game”? I mean, stunned is stunned, right? If you’re too stunned to play a snap with the game tied, surely you’re too stunned to play a snap if you’re behind.

    The short and skinny of it is that Fox fucked up big time. Him having Manning kneel was a bigger turning moment in the game than Moore messing up on the play before. More was trying to make a play at least, whereas Fox gave up. He waived the white flag. He begged for mercy by having Manning kneel. Unfortunately, Elway was up in the booth, or I’m sure he would have told Fox to not have Manning kneel, cause Elway himself wouldn’t kneel.

    Remember, when Elway was a player and Dan Reeves was his coach, he basically said “it’s him or me” to Bowlen. Why did he do that? Because Reeves coached like Fox is coaching now. He wouldn’t stand for it as a player, and if we have Super Bowl aspirations for this team, he sure as shit won’t stand for it as the VP.

  • Doom92

    Damn Pete jump off of that soap box buddy and take a breath… In, out. Fox is way more conservative than even Reeves was but his me or him went way deeper than just being conservative.

    Once again, if your last paragraph is true and not just speculation on y our part then Johnny is in-fact a lair, that what I’m saying. Its one or the other, no ifs ands or buts… ;-)