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Published on 01/17/2013 at Thu Jan 17 13:00.
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Per the team, here’s a look at the players that spent time on a practice squad last season that are guaranteed to receive an invitation to Denver’s training camp this summer:


G Justin Boren

WR Gerell Robinson

T Paul Cornick

DT Ben Garland

S Duke Ihenacho

RB Jeremiah Johnson

G Quentin Saulsberry

S Blake Gideon

Robinson and Garland are the two most notable players on the list, both fan favorites that performed well in the preseason last fall.  These players are not household names, but they’re all working hard to make themselves known, to their teammates and coaches first, and the rest of the NFL second.

  • Bryan

    I’m really pulling for Gerell Robinson. I liked him coming out of ASU. A big, physical WR is what we need opposite of DT. Move Decker into the slot. I think we’ll target a WR in the draft as well tho. Maybe a Ryan Swope/Stedman Bailey type.

  • Doom92

    None of these names are really exciting at all, but perhaps they are not meant to be, but its cool for now. If we had to go into next year with just these names I think it would be disappointing.

    Cant tell you why but I have a feeling that we will make some significant adds for next year and not many of these will be on that list.

  • Bryan

    Ugh..What I would give to have Adam Sandler’s remote to fast foward to the Draft, and then to camp.

  • cdubarkansasrep

    Yea I’m hoping Gerell can make a come up that would be huge!

  • mtnmetal

    Really like WR Gerell Robinson – -he played with Brock Osweiler at ASU — very good combo when Brock moves to QB in a couple years. I believe we have 1 more “great” year with Peyton, then, they’ll start to move Brock in. Brock gives us more options in the future with his feet – he just needs to learn how to head the defense like Peyton.

  • Jessy Goodrich

    What they need is a sec QB one that can run and throw a deep ball as well as some strong fast players to get after the QB

  • Jessy Goodrich

    Manning won’t be there much longer so they need to start looking now and a running back that can explode and get those much need yards in short downs

  • Jessy Goodrich

    I would love to see them pick up kellon Moore from Boise state he much be shorter than they like QB’s to be but he has broke every record in NCAA and if he was given the chance he would be so awesome training under manning!!

  • Jessy Goodrich

    We all love champ but lets face it he is getting up there in age as well as a few others Broncos need to start looking at people to replace them

  • Jessy Goodrich

    What they need is a sec QB one that can run and throw a deep ball as well as some strong fast players to get after the QB