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Published on 01/17/2013 at Thu Jan 17 12:46.
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Adam Gase and Peyton Manning

Adam Gase and Peyton Manning during Denver Broncos training camp in 2012. (REUTERS/Mark Leffingwell)

New Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase has made the promise most fans want to hear: unleash the offense.

Gase continued: “(We are looking to) put Peyton Manning in a position to play as fast as he can play.”

That’s pretty fast. With another year on this squad under his belt, and possibly even further recovery from his multiple neck surgeries, that could be even faster.

Fast enough to, say, drive 50 yards in 31 seconds with two timeouts.

  • Jon

    Now that’s what I like to hear!

  • Bryan

    LMAO. That last sentence is classic!! “Fast enough to, say, drive 50 yards in 31 seconds with two timeouts” Bahahahaha. Nice touch there Kyle! Well…I sure hope so. Actually, fast enough in the previous 58 minutes that we’re not ever put in that situation would work even better for me!

  • vaughn

    loved the parting shot!! LMAO

  • Doom92

    Yep, that was pretty sweet Monty. We will see how it goes. Hope all you guys are right with Gase. Maybe he will be the one guy that goes the Herm way and “plays to win the game”.

  • Pete Baron

    What still chaps my ass is that we realistically needed 30-35 yards in 31 seconds with 2 timeouts.

    I’d rather have Prater take a 62-67 yard FG attempt than just kneel for OT. With the game on the line, mile high air, motivation to redeem himself from his horrible whiff earlier, I bet Prater makes that kick more than he misses. This (shared by all the media) assumption that we needed to go 50 yards is asinine. We needed 30-35.

  • areferee