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Published on 01/15/2013 at Tue Jan 15 07:25.
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Though he is scheduled to interview with Arizona a second time today, Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy appears likely to sign in San Diego:

Candidates to replace McCoy in Denver include Adam Gase (Broncos QB coach), Ken Whisenhunt (Cardinals former head coach), Clyde Christensen (Colts QB coach) and Tom Moore (Indianapolis’ former offensive coordinator).

  • Jim_Jebow

    I never did think he was a good offensive coordinator. I’m guessing he will keep the Chargers at the same level of mediocrity as Norv. McCoy and Dennis Allen showed that they do not have a loyal bone in their body when they went to other teams in the division, I hope they both are continual bottom dwellers until they are fired and become assistants for the Browns

  • Pete Baron

    I think you pretty much said everything we all feel/think.

  • Pete Baron

    I heard he was on a plane right now on his way to San Diego.

  • Mergrath

    Blessing in disguise…I hope!

  • TD30isMVP

    I agree about him not being a good coordinator that has been my thought. It is wrong for you to think loyalty plays a part in moving up to a head coaching job. These guys have not been here long enough for loyalty. I will now hate him just as much as I hate Allen.

  • Jay

    John Fox is who we need to replace!

  • Jim_Jebow

    I disagree, there was no excuse to stab the Broncos organization in the back. The Broncos have been feeding him and his family since 2009, and they gave him the opportunity to shine and further his career. And his joining the Chargers is a big “F” you to the team. He said a couple weeks ago that he wouldn’t take just any job that was offered him. He then jumps over to a dysfunctional team that can’t sellout a home game that might be moving to a new city at any moment? What a great move.

    I never liked McCoy, and I’m glad he is going to be in the division, I hope the Broncos can make him look like the over hyped toolbag that he is