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Published on 12/30/2012 at Sun Dec 30 17:25.
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Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning #18 of the Denver Broncos warms up prior to the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on December 30, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/Getty Images)

Editor’s Note: How Big Pete’s Instant Reactions is something beyond “OMG WE #1 SEED GOOOOOO BROOOOONCOOS WOOOOOO” — is beyond me. That is the only thing my head is currently capable of processing.

The quick and dirty reaction to today’s game is simply this…. WOW!!! Who watching didn’t utter those words on more than a few occasions today? Wow, the Colts did it! Wow, we just made the Chiefs look like a pee wee football team on our opening drive. Wow, what a catch by Decker for a TD. WOW, did you see DT’s TD catch?!?!!! Yes my friends, the word wow sums up this game nicely.

This game had an exciting feel to it from the opening kickoff. When was the last time you saw Champ so pumped after a routine stop on the Chief’s opening drive? He knew that they were one play closer to not having to travel again until New Orleans! Our offense and defense showed up to play, and they made that known from the very start.

Moreno looked dominant today, even though he had a small scare when he was slow to get up, and then could barely even limp through the next play. However, before you knew it, Moreno was back in and scoring on a short, but fantastically patient run. Our Defense did what they were suppose to do; they made the 32nd ranked team look very  much like the 32nd ranked team. Aside from some good running early, KC had no hope to even threaten the scoreboard.

Hillman made a cardinal sin on a Peyton Manning “we’re trying to get homefield throughout the playoffs” led team… he fumbled on a sure to be touchdown drive. When he fumbled, I turned to my friend and proclaimed “Hillman’s going to get real use to that bench.” Sure enough, Hillman found himself in Peyton’s doghouse. It didn’t matter how out of control this game got, Hillman was finished. We set the tone that stupid mental mistakes will not be tolerated during this magical run. I mean, Hillman single handedly ruined our shutout! I was really looking forward to a 45-0 beat ass!

Now onto some quick observations:

We get it Peyton, you’re the MVP. There’s no reason to make the Chief players cry! While you’re picking up your award, don’t forget to collect your comeback player award either. In Peyton I trust!!!

Demaryius Thomas has to be one of the biggest Pro Bowl snubs out there. Is he more deserving than someone like Reggie Wayne? After today, it’s easy to see that he’s probably more deserving. His TD catch was INSANE!!!

Erik Decker had a great game. Sure, he had his typical head scratching play, but he was clutch with two TD catches and was an integral part of our offense.

Look at Moreno run! I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve ever said about Moreno. I want him on our team. I believe in him and I trust him. When McGahee comes back, I want Moreno starting. I want us to extend him and let him be our feature back from here on out. He’s starting to make you-know-who look pretty smart for drafting him.

Way to go Matt Prater!!! You made a 42 yarder. Lets get your head on straight for the playoffs.

Speaking of making people look smart for drafting them, how smart does Elway look right about now? Derick Wolff is the real deal. Fans wanted us to draft a defensive lineman, well, there you go! he might not have been taken in the first round, but does that matter when he’s playing as good if not better than all the other first round rookies? And don’t get me started about all of Elway’s other picks/UDFA signings (like Harris).

Brock Osweiller actually got to throw today! He even looked really good while doing it.

Jacob Hester is our new Peyton Hillis. That boy can pick up tough yards and bounce off would be tacklers like a pinball.

Lance Ball even looked good, and it takes a hell of a lot for him to look good.

Great to see Champ so pumped and excited out there. He was playing like a kid again. When he’s that excited, it just puts a huge smile on your face (and terror in the opposing QB’s eyes).

Our Defense led by Von Miller and Champ Bailey look straight up 2000 Raven’s good. We are scary good. However, unlike the 2000 Ravens, we don’t have to rely on them playing lights out, it just turns what would be a good win into an embarrassing blowout.

Thank you Jack Del Rio, you have been a Godsend! McCoy, you’ve been pretty good too. Hope you both stay, but if you don’t, “Thank You” from the bottom of all of our hearts (But please stay JDR, we need you).

Lastly, HOLY COW, we are the real damn deal!!! There is nobody, NOBODY who wants to face us. We are easily the hottest team entering the playoffs, and after today, nobody can say that we aren’t peaking at just the right time. When you can beat a bitter division rival as bad as we just did, it sends shock waves throughout the league. I haven’t been this pumped for our team entering the playoffs since 1998. Unlike in 2005, we aren’t a defense built around smoke and mirrors. We are flat out DOMINANT in every phase and at every position up and down this roster. I’ll match our team against anybody and sleep like a baby the night before the game. The #1 Seed and homefield throughout the playoffs is ours! It’s time to celebrate BroncoTalk Nation!!! Party like it’s 1999 (January 31st to be exact. Look it up if that date confuses you).

  • Pete Baron

    It took more concentration than I thought I had in order to not just blind homerism cheer in all caps. haha. Trust me Kyle, I’m saying what you are saying everywhere but the keyboard. haha GO BRONCOS!!!!!!

  • Monty


  • Pete Baron

    I know I’ll get some “you haven’t beaten anybody” talk again, so here:

    Coming into today’s games, NFL Strength of Schedule:

    Ravens 20th
    Broncos 21st
    Patriots 22nd
    Falcons 24th
    Texans 29th
    Bengals 31st
    Colts 32nd

    So as you can see, the Broncos have had a tougher strength of schedule than any of the teams we’ll face in the playoffs with the exception of the Ravens (who we obliterated 3 weeks ago IN BALTIMORE). So before anyone decides to play that card (I’m looking at you Patriot fans), stop, take a deep breath, and do some homework. Thank you!

  • jojo

    Brady Quinn looks like one of Mitt Romneys kids

  • skdog

    Holy shnikey, how about them Colts. Is Bronco nation going into the playoffs this year a bit more confident versus last year? Fox has the team sitting pretty! It cannot get any better can it? ?? Really, I don’t see how it could? A week of rest and 2 weeks to prepare. In the words of Chevy Chase, this doesn’t suck!

  • MeOMy

    I just want to say I told you so. With four games left in the season I questioned why people were only talking two seed. People told me I was only dreaming. Four weeks later and Denver is the number one seed and is tied with the Falcons for the best record in football.

  • Pete Baron

    Nicely done.

  • disqus_2kxiF1Pe6j

    That…my friends…was glorious! I am not going to be able to sleep tonight I am so excited. Wow…just wow!

  • Bryan

    I don’t care if we looked like crap or looked like the best team ever..all I wanted was a win, which they got. And that is the most important thing of the entire game. The stats, great catches, tough yards, it’s all irrelevant. The final score was all that mattered.

    Here’s what today was.. A win against the worst team in the NFL this year, period. It was great to see the team come out and play like there ‘was’ something on the line. And there was. They know it. We know it. The other AFC playoff teams know it. 217-86-1. Now that is some home field advantage.

    I will leave one stat for you guys to think about. The Broncos swept the division this season. The last time they did that? 1998. Super Bowl.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Boy,oh Boy! Before the season even started I predicted 11-5 or 12-4. And didnt even think about a #1 or 2 seed. But when New England lost, I just knew that we had a shot at the #1 if we took care of business and won out. I just felt Indy would win one of the games with Texas. Don’t think I would ever root for Indy,but I sure did today and wheb they won I knew our Broncos would just go out and Orange Crush those Cheifs and it was a Joy to Behold. Go Broncos and smash whoever you draw for the Divisional game!

  • MeOMy

    This is a season for dreaming and now I’m dreaming of the Broncos playing in the Super Bowl.

  • anthony33

    I said at the beginning of the year that anything better than 8-8 or 9-7 should be considered a very good year. Based on that, I’m not really sure what you call 13-3 and the #1 AFC seed. Outstanding. This team is just solid top to bottom and play tough, smart football. Kudos to everyone in that organization.

    Three more!

  • Carlo Scuri

    It’s amazing what John Elway and John Fox did in these 2 years. I still remember 20 losses in two years and the team destroyed by the Chiefs late in te season two years ago. This franchise was destroyed, personally i thought that after The Hurricane Josh, we would have needed at least 5 or 6 years to come back. Instead these two amazing guys have 2 playoff and one number 1 seed. Thanks guys we’re proud of you.

  • areferee

    Manning finished the season with 4,659 yards, a mere 41 short of his career high.

  • carsonic

    My reaction to plays that are just crazy good is to laugh. Man, I did a lot of laughing in this game. Those one-handed catches… pure joy. Tackles for loss… hilarious. Sweet passes from PM… sheer delight.

  • Doom92

    Awesome! Feels great… And even better; this team wont let up!

    It for sure takes a team, however no one understands the power of Peyton. Yeah Adrian is the best RB in the NFL but no one has moved their team out of the dregs like peyton has. Yes I say dregs, all other teams built from last year, wcompletelyly changed from last year, huge difference!!!

  • Cheyenne Kid

    And 1998 was the only other year in franchise history that we swept AFC West!

  • Bryan

    Out of curiousity, how does the strength of schedule support your ‘Denver hasn’t beaten anybody’ argument?

  • Pete Baron

    Because we had a harder strength of schedule than all the playoff teams in the AFC besides the Ravens. So lets say for example, a Patriots fan comes in here running his mouth that we suck and haven’t beaten anybody, he can quickly look at the actual strength of schedule and see that, guess what, neither have the Patriots, since we have a harder schedule than them.

  • Pete Baron

    Doom, tell me I’m not insane when I say that I actually WANT Moreno to play for us in favor of McGahee not only for the remaining of this year, but next as well. I trust your judgement! Talk me off the ledge. haha

  • Bryan

    Ok. I see. But the last updated list (12-31-12) had the Pats at 26th, Houston 27th, Denver 28th. Ravens were 18th.

  • Pete Baron

    yeah, that was entering the game. Stupid Chiefs bumped us down.

  • Doom92

    LOL… Well I can talk you down for next year but not the remainder of this one. I absolutely think StartingtoShow should be our starter moving forward, THIS year. He has impressed and seems as well to have changed his attitude quite a bit; from being unprovenly great to wanting to help out his team. Many folks do not understand the difference here but its huge. Of course there is nothing wrong with being great in the process but helping your team win no matter what should be first, period. Clinton Portis got traded for this very reason.

    Back on your question… I think going into next year with the same back field is a huge, gigantic mistake. Does Knowshon deserve a stronger look at this point, yes, for the money owed to him, no freaking way! If I different contract can be negotiated, and I can believe I’m saying this, I think we should absolutely keep him. BUT again we need to add new RB’s. Ball needs to be replaced and I really think that McGahee’s help to us may be done as well. I think a possible. at least, semi-high profile RB and a rookie are needed. Then you let’em slug it out in training camp. If Knowshon wins awesome, and if not he is being paid back up or a smidgen higher kind of dough.

    Least that is my take on it.

  • AZDynamics

    You got my blood to pumpin’, Pete! Despite your misspelling both “Derek” and Wolfe.” lol