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Published on 12/16/2012 at Sun Dec 16 14:30.
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Knowshon Moreno hurdles Ed Reed

Knowshon Moreno hurdles Ed Reed in Baltimore in a 34-17 Broncos win. (Ben Hays/Denver Broncos)

THIS is the statement we needed to make this season! It hardly matters that we allowed a ridiculous garbage time TD (I mean, 4 missed tackles, are you kidding me?), we still put this game away before halftime! Heck, we even had a Brock Osweiler sighting, but more importantly is that the naysayers who claim that the Broncos haven’t beaten anybody have been silenced. Gone are the people who say we don’t have a killer instinct. Done are those who boast that we’re chumps because we struggled against Kansas City. Yes Broncos fans, today, we blew the doors off of the Ravens in Baltimore (a place where the Broncos have never won).

While we’re discussing this glorious victory, how impressed are you with Knowshon Moreno? John Fox said 3 weeks ago that this was Moreno’s last chance; boy has he responded! Moreno with 100+ yards and a TD seems almost “ho hum” these days, doesn’t it? I’m telling you what, Moreno is going to be on this team next year, and if he keeps playing like he has since McGahee went down, he very well might be the starter next year (and for the Super Bowl this year).

What does this victory mean? It means that the Broncos are legit. We completely destroyed a playoff team, and a team that beat the Patriots (a team we lost to). Not only did we beat the Ravens, we embarrassed them at home! We scored in the first half as well as the second half. We shut them down until the fourth quarter, and we refused to be content with just taking a 17-3 lead into the 4th quarter. This game was what we needed as a team. This game will put every team in the NFL on notice that if you don’t play perfect, you will be embarrassed.

The NFL is on notice; This Broncos team is for real.

Lets have it Broncos fans, give us your reactions to this thorough domination of the once mighty Baltimore Ravens.

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  • Brandon Kirk

    How about for instant reactions, Knowshon jumping OVER Ed Reed!?

    The defense and offensive line were brilliant. Eric Decker came to play. I was impressed with the game today.

    Now I’m hoping the Pats lose tonight and we can be in the Driver’s seat for the 2 seed!

  • Ben Lindover

    Just a fantastic showing by the Defence other than Elvis and Von. Wolfe looked fantastic against the run as he always does. Getting Wesley back is a huge boost for our defensive core. As usual Peyton went to work today. The fact that we were able to be a PLAYOFF caliber team without a 300+ yard passing game / 3TD gam from Peyton is a very good sign. Lets give Chris Harris some praise, his second pick 6. Just fantastic all around by the Broncos. I was having nightmares all week about this game, and Peyton and the gang really showed up. Being able to finish off drives with TOUCHDOWNS against the best red-zone team in the NFL is something Peyton knew we needed to fix, and boy did he ever. With that being said, HELLO KNOWSHON. I think all of Bronco nation is excited to have our first round pick back in form. With all that being said, I Think i can speak for Broncos Fans everywhere when i say BRING ON THE PATS!!!!

    –Go Broncos!

  • 350legend

    Super Super Hyped right now!!! What are the haters gonna say now!!! Lol !New and Improverd, 2012 Orange Crush Crew, here for the long Haul…. Bronco Fans Stand up!! Game balls, Chris Harris Moreno, JDR!!!

  • karen labanca

    I love it go Broncos another great team effort . Whats better than 8 straight wins??? Nine straight wins!!!!!!

  • herc_rock

    Knowsh was a gd beast…again

  • James

    Posterized Ed Reed!!!!

    Make this a special comeback for our Knowshon knowing how to SHOW up!

  • Sean Brady

    i just find it really funny how about 4 weeks ago. everyone wanted knowshon out of denver and now hes their hero. ive been sticking with him throughout the good and bad. Go broncos.

  • anthony33

    Solid defensive performance top to bottom. Harris broke the game open at the end of the first half. I take back most everything bad I have ever said about Moreno (and that’s been plenty). Not sure what caused this dramactic turn around, maybe it’s just maturity, but he gets better every week. I love the way we secures the ball and his pass blocking is stellar,

    Manning had an off day in my opinion. Missed on several opportunites in the first half, but still did enough when it mattered.

    I sure hope Del Rio loves it here because the guy can flat out coach defense!!

  • Pete Baron

    Game Balls come tomorrow on here. Watch for them, as all 3 will probably make it.

  • Leo Maes


  • Pete Baron

    I was texting some Broncos friends of mine during the game that Knowshon turned Beast Mode on today! Damn that dude ran tough!

  • Pete Baron

    I forgot to mention (cause when the clock struck 00:00, I was literally out of the door within 5 minutes for a birthday party) that I’m really disappointed in Prater. Zero pressure 45 yard FG in a rout and he misses it? If there’s ever a time to get your swing right, it’s when the game is over during a rout. He needs to get his shit together before the playoffs start, cause his mental breakdowns in the 40 yard range will cost us a game come January/February.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Go Broncos. You were on fire today with exception of special teams. They need to work out the kinks and pronto for tbe playoffs. Go 49ers tonite! First, CBS cuts away most of fourth quarter and now Obama is blanking out the Pats-49ers! %/-!

  • 350legend

    ,I hope so pete, although @ this point, the way we playing,, the whole team should get one… BroncosUp!!

  • anthony33

    yeah, for a damn good reason. Piss poor comment.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    What ate u yapping about,high and mighty. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I have made comments here and elsewhere for years and noone dissed me like that and u can piss all u want as you’re probably drunk anyway!

  • Pete Baron

    And that’s Game!!!! 49ers eeked out a game that they ended early in the 3rd quarter.

    They pulled a John Fox and went into full blown Prevent Offense and Prevent Defense midway through the 3rd quarter, and it just about cost them the game. This game shouldn’t have been nearly as close as it was, but all that doesn’t matter. All that does matter is that the Broncos are all but assured the #2 seed in the Playoffs. Oh, we’ll meet the Patriots again, but this time, it’ll be in Denver, and Manning won’t allow Fox to go all Prevent on them.


  • Brandon Kirk

    Broncos in the drivers seat for that 2 seed. If we can win out, we’ll likely play the Pats in the divisional round in Denver on January 12 or 13.

    It’s feeling like 05 but there’s no surging steelers team to spoil the party this year!

  • TD30isMVP

    I am not taking back a single negative word about Moreno, until now he was a cream puff, easily tackled, and a fumble waiting to happen. With that being said, he worked hard and has been playing smart and tough. If this is the new and improved Knowshon 2.0 and he just needed some time to mature and figure it out then I say job well done.

  • Doom92

    Welp I came in to eat some crow for saying he wouldn’t do 100 again, which is served much better with a little victory sprinkled on it ;-).

    I don’t think he did anything close to “beast mode” but he did run quite well and held onto the ball. Very good efforts. Of course it was against a rather weakened Ravens D that is rated against the run lower than SD, KC or Oak.

    But “beast mode” no way, see Adrian today, thats “beast mode” ;-).

    The rest of the game was awesome up until the end again and we laid down for the 4th week in a row. When are they going to finish one all the way? Ok, no I’m not bummed or disappointed that we are winning, of course not. The winning part is awesome. But we slowed and dang near stopped playing in the 3rd qtr… I know I could not have been the only one here that felt that let up, no way.

    It is simply that this letting up worries me. What happens when we get in the playoffs and cant let up? Can we do 4 full Qtr’s. Can we keep someone on the ropes, can we keep NE or Houston on the ropes if we need to? I know many of you will say flippantly “sure we can” but the truth is we don’t know that for sure.

    Man I love the winning, love how we are playing and doing it early instead of only playing at the end of the game, buuuut we really need to play ALL 60 minutes. Least I think so!

  • Doom92

    He is playing well, but he is far from my hero… I’m still not sold on him by any stretch. He’s played well against 4 soft run D’s. Hardly a hero. But I agree with you how it seems all on the Knowsho bandwagon now.

    When he scored my exact words were “good for him”. He did well and hung in there through some obviously tough times for himself personally, but I’m not ready to crown him.

  • Doom92

    As will not finishing!!!
    Yeah Pete I was mad at my TV when he missed that, well I was yelling at it any way…lol.

  • Doom92

    I’m with Ant, that was a little disrespectful… You can call me names if you want to but I don’t drink so you cant say I’m drunk…lol @ U

  • Doom92

    Thats a good post TD and I would agree with you. He was 100% exactly what people like you and I ever said about him. Its going to take more than a handful of games to make him a turn around. But I’m the first to say he is on a damn good path for it!

  • Doom92

    Right you are Kenny…lol.

    Man I hope we do not lay down. Finishing second would be awesome. Having anyone in the AFC at home would be simply the best we can ask for.

    Please DO NOT sit anyone these next to weeks.

  • Acey916

    Great Game!! I love it!! Moreno is better than Mcgahee, well it seems like it. I dont have to scream “dont fumble” at the tv screen with Moreno as much as I do with Mcgahee. I know who the fumblers are lol, My blood pressure goes up everytime they get the ball. Anyways Moreno has really stepped it up, he was great today

  • anthony33

    Yes. Taking a play from the Seahawks playbook as in closing out teams and then stepping on them is needed. They have absolutely pulverised teams the past two weeks.
    Also, did not realize the Ravens defense had fallen so far. Still appauld Moreno’s efforts over the last few weeks, but it does put it back into perspective. Nevertheless, still a nice surprise

  • Doom92

    Ran tough? Absolutly… Beast Mode? No way. See what Adrian did, thats beast mode. He seems to be showing that he can shake the “Knowshow” moniker but he isn’t beast mode yet, least I don’t think so. It will be interesting to see if he can keep it up. I hope so, we will need him to.

  • Doom92

    “I sure hope Del Rio loves it here because the guy can flat out coach defense!!”

    Word!!! LOL… man I was thinking just about the same thing. He has gotten these guys ready. Sure there are a few pieces different but Dennis Allen couldn’t hold a candle to this guy with a blow torch… I hope he thinks he should never leave Denver!

  • Pete Baron

    1st, is that a new jersey you got there? Nice!!!
    2nd, yeah, maybe not beast mode as far as AP being the benchmark, but he was definitely beast mode for pretty much any other running back in the NFL.
    3rd yeah, we need him like this throughout the rest of the season and the playoffs. You and I have been huge doubters, and we’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it just hasn’t. I’m thinking we are both starting to enjoy watching him run hard instead of waiting for him to fail.

  • Pete Baron

    I think we’ll all get our answer on Del Rio by where his kid plays college ball… Remember, he took back his scholarship, and there are rumors that he might go to CU or somewhere local…. I think if he does, Del Rio stays our coordinator for a few more years at least. I mean, he’s gonna get paid good, and he won’t have nearly the stress that would otherwise come by being a head coach.

  • Pete Baron

    lol. Me too. I would have thrown a couch cushion at the TV, but I was afraid I’d injure the TV and never hear the end of it from my wife. lol

  • Pete Baron

    We still have too much work and getting use to each other to start sitting people.

    Also, I’m not sure when the last time a team that started sitting starters the last few weeks won the super bowl.

    Remember, Manning was part of his Colts team when they rested players the last few weeks, and they didn’t win the super bowl, so I’m more positive that Manning will convince Fox to keep them playing than I am that we’ll all wake up Dec 22nd safe and sound.

  • Pete Baron

    I’m not taking back anything either. I’m more than happy to eat crow, but I’m not taking back anything. Hell, for all I know, the reason why he was benched and is playing with that chip on his shoulder is because people like you, me, doom, et al have been saying that he is soft and fumbles too much and was a bust. If none of us were saying those things, maybe he never screws his head on straight cause the media never backlashed against him because of the fans?

  • carsonic

    Football < national tragedy

  • carsonic

    I believe what’s made Moreno better is studying McGahee, learning patience and vision, and waiting for and hitting the open hole rather than the back of the O-lineman in front of him. I also think he’s bulked up a bit; did you see how he really pushed the pile a couple times? He’s obviously no Peterson or Lynch, but he’s definitely harder to get down than the guy he was when McD drafted him.

    I agree about Manning. I was feeling disappointed about his miscues with DT, but then I realized “hey, he and Decker are in sync, and that’s what good offenses do – when 1 guy has an off day, the other one steps in and picks up the slack.”

    Finally, I am resigning myself to seeing JDR on someone else’s sideline next year. I really, really hope I’m wrong, but there will be so many vacancies next year that I don’t see him turning down head coach money just to be on a PM-led Super Bowl contender.

  • carsonic

    Man, you read my mind. I was really bracing myself for either a close game, or a defeat. What a pleasant surprise!!

  • herc_rock

    Come on, now. AD is having a legendary year. That’s an unfair comparison for any back.

  • MeOMy

    I still don’t get the reputation that Knowshon has for fumbling. Of all the Denver running backs Knowshon has the best fumble to carry ratio. He has only fumbled once every 81 carries. League average is around once every 60 carries.

  • Doom92

    No I’m not comparing him to Adrian, BUT to me that is beast mode. What Startingtoshow is doing is running very well. Thats why I said Adrian is “beast mode” Not Startingtoshow ;-).

  • Doom92

    Nah its a sweat shirt that I had made, you know the make it yourself at I had it made about a year and a half ago and have been wanting the wife to take a pic for my avatar but never did, I just happened to wear it Sat so she did.

    Same as above I don’t think what running like Startingtoshow is doing is “beast mode” Its just running very well. If you have different level of that why even have it. To me or for me “Beast Mode” is “BEAST MODE” Normal or even above average is not. I’d say the Show right now is above average.

    And you are right I have been glad he stepped up especially since I didn’t think he would, in the last few weeks I have been saying “not to bad” a bunch and yes that is a good thing. As for going forward I just wont be as surprised as some will be if that shoe drops ;-).

  • Doom92

    LOL… yeah I love my 55 so I cant throw anything at it ;-). But man I sure want to at times. Especially in “Prevent Offense” time. Oh and my wifey already thinks I’m over board when I watch the Broncos, that would make her know it…lmao.

  • Gary_in_SD

    What a great Christmas gift that Broncos were given last night from a very un-Tom-like Brady. At least in the first half he was unrecognizable anyway. Let’s just hope they can keep this tremendous focus up through these next two home games and claim that first round bye. Both of which would love to play the role of the Grinch I’m sure!

  • cbc2

    MY Prediction: Broncos 27 Ravens 17