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Published on 12/08/2012 at Sat Dec 08 18:29.
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As the graph from shows, the Denver Broncos would be the second seed in the AFC Playoff race if the season ended today.

This week, however, everything could change.

The Broncos, who played on Thursday Night Football two days ago, have played one more game than all of the other AFC teams in playoff contention. With 10 wins, the Broncos are the No. 2 seed by default.

On Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens (9-3) will take on the Washington Redskins (6-6), who have played better than their win-loss record would suggest.  On Monday, the New England Patriots (9-3) could leapfrog the Broncos with a win over the Houston Texans (11-1).

Denver’s best bet to secure the No. 2 seed would come with a Texans victory on Monday and a Broncos win over Baltimore in Week 15.  Stay tuned…

  • Jason Holm

    Best case scenario is:
    -The Pats winning this week and losing next week to SF
    -The Ravens losing this week (and/or next week to Denver)
    -The Texans losing twice to the Colts.
    -Broncos winning out, naturally.

    At the end of the day, all roads to the SB travel through Mile High.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Don’t see Houston falling to Indy twice. In fact, just once sounds like a stretch to me.

  • Brandon Kirk

    It’s totally reasonable for the Texans to beat NE Monday and should happen. I’m about 60% sure we’ll beat Baltimore which would almost assure us a first round bye.

    I don’t see Houston losing three times 4 weeks so a #1 seed is a huge stretch.

    I do like out chances at the #2 seed. I think because of strength of schedule, we are then odds on favorite to win it.

  • anthony33

    my-my-my, how the conversation has changed from 2 years ago. Sweet to be playing Denver Broncos football again!!!

  • Benjamin DeRita

    gotta hope the pats drop on Monday and against the niners, just for good measure ;)

  • Jim_Jebow

    I think Indy will split the series against the Oilers

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Now that the Redskins have beat the Ravens,all we need is for the Texans to defeat the Pats Monday night and then we can control our destiny by winning out over the Ravens and then home games over the Browns and Chiefs,so root hard for the Texans Monday night! Go,Broncos! It has been a great season and finish real.strong!

  • Pete Baron

    Remember how last week I said that if we don’t get the #2 seed, I’d rather have the #4 seed? Guess who just agreed emphatically with me? Sandy Claugh! Love him or hate him, he thinks the same way about this as I do.

    My reasoning (which I caught a bunch of flack for) was that if we aren’t the #2 seed, New England will be. This means that more likely than not, we would go to HOUSTON if we win our wildcard weekend game, while the #3 seed would go to New England.

    While there is still jostling going on for playoff position (a win tonight by Houston would be ideal), I’m terrified of going to New England for a playoff game. Yes we have Manning, but Manning hasn’t been “Peyton Manning” in the playoffs. He’s shaky in the playoffs, so when I evaluate teams we would play, I’d rather match up a shaky Peyton Manning against a Matt Schaub anywhere than a shaky Peyton Manning against Tom Brady in New England.

    I really hope we get the #2 Seed, but if we don’t, man, I want us to be seeded as low as we can (which would be #4) so that the chances of us going into Foxborough are diminished. With all that said…….,

    GO BRONCOS!!!!!!

  • Gary_in_SD

    Makes sense to a degree… I was wondering myself if Baltimore might be “letting up” a little just for that reason too. But still, the road would eventually lead through the Patriots anyway, so gaining as high of a seed as possible is the most logical approach.

  • Speer999

    As much as i do not want to see the Pats win against Texans tonight, I
    think Pats will win this Monday night. Their offense might be too explosive
    for Texans to handle because injuries have caught up with the Texans defense this late in the season. With that being said, I give SF 49er’s the edge over the Patriots next week. I only hope Houston will get 2 more loses this season, which is probable (because they’re overrated), and Pats get at least 1 more lose. A lead tie with Houston 13-3 at the end of the season sounds pretty sweet. This gives me a taste of SB victory. GO BRONCOS!!!

  • Speer999

    Texans 11-1 record shouldn’t fool anybody, because it should be 10-2. I picked the Lions to win during the turkey bowl, but the Refs screwed the pooch on that one. I just don’t see the Texans as a dominate football team like everyone else seems to claim.

  • anthony33

    Pats looked awfully good last night. Would hate to have to travel there to play them. Got to get a lock on that one or two seed and hope someone knocks them off.

  • Jason Holm

    How about now?

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Still don’t see it happening twice.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Right on. It’s probably going to come down to Denver and New England.

  • Jason Holm

    Now? Maybe not the Colts twice but the results are the same.