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Published on 12/06/2012 at Thu Dec 06 21:52.
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Running back Knowshon Moreno had a big night.

Big Pete provides some post-game thoughts on tonight’s game…

Has a complete and utter domination by one team over another had such a close score? This felt like a 50-7 football game, yet there we were, giving the Raiders hope when there really was none. Like I said in my nit-pick article, we need to crush the souls of our opponents, not let them linger around only to eek out a win.

I know this wasn’t a nail-biting win, but c’mon man! We should have won by 40! Is a win a win? Sure, but we need to make a statement! We need to beat Oakland down so bad that even the Ravens get sore! Again, while we completely DESTROYED the Raiders, the score was way, way too close!

Knowshon is a real asset, just not in the short yardage game. I mean, 120 rushing yards, and 50 more in the air is one hell of a performance; one that McGahee hasn’t given us in a long, long time! Moreno is running with more patience, and he’s an excellent pass catching RB. While Knowshon is still Knowshon, he’s filling in fantastically for McGahee. My only hang-up with Moreno is that he just isn’t a very good short yardage runner. I’m trying to not get too high on Moreno, cause my gut tells me that he’ll let me down, but man, he’s making it tough to not call for him to get a legit shot at not giving McGahee his job back after injury.

Can Ramirez pick up a blitz? Please? Holy cow, he was like a subway turnstile. We need Kuper back ASAP, because this line is completely different with Kuper in there.

We had a Caldwell sighting, and he did pretty good. While he only had a few catches, the long one for a first down was beautiful. He’s also solid as a gunner on special teams. He’s definitely an asset, and it’s nice to see that he was activated and involved. I hope that we see more of him as this year progresses. His speed is amazing, so I’m somewhat baffled as to why we haven’t been using him earlier? Were we just saving him for the playoffs, and to add another impossible to defend wrinkle for our offense? All I know is that he’s a burner with good hands. Tools like that should never be kept in the shed to rust!

How can I forget about Matt Prater? He hit his FGs, including a *gulp* 43 yarder!!! It looks like he didn’t over think things, and easily nailed all 3 of his attempts. With this field being so terrible, it would have been easy to lose his footing and miss some, so it was really nice to see him hitting on all cylinders and keeping his head in the game.

How great is Von Miller? He gets a Strip sack, he seemingly forces the Raiders into a holding penalty on every play of the 3rd quarter, and was just flat out dominant again. The race for DPOY is close, with Von Miller (my opinion), the winner of that award.

So Broncos fans, do you agree? Disagree? Have reactions of your own? Lets hear ‘em!

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    A win is a win. The Raiders defense played well.

    We need to score more touchdowns, but overall, love the balance we had tonight. Things look promising moving forward.

  • Pete Baron

    I just want to say that this was a fantastic win! Beating the Raiders is always sweet, but thoroughly dismantling them is always extra delicious.

    Looks like DT has a hurt AC joint in his shoulder, but he says he’ll be fine. The team will have a mini-bye week to rest and recover before their HUGE game against the Ravens. It’s time to prove everyone who says we haven’t beaten anyone wrong! Time to beat a division leading team and put the naysayers to bed! Also, sorry Prater, I robbed you of a FG. Prater was 4/4 tonight.


  • Jim_Jebow

    Going into the Black Hole and humiliating the Raiders was priceless. Peyton and Von were their usual selves. No-Worries Moreno looked good. Prater and Decker redeemed themselves. Good game

  • Pete Baron

    Agreed! We had a VERY balanced offense tonight. Right when the Raiders were 100% sure we’d run, we’d pass, and when they were 100% certain we’d pass, we’d run. It was a thing of beauty, and can only be done when you are balanced on offense.

    We do need to score more though, cause field goals won’t cut in in January. It was a great win, but we need to work on having the score reflect how the game was played.

  • Pete Baron

    I was really impressed with Moreno tonight. Besides the first few carries, and a few other carries in the 3rd quarter, he really performed outstanding. Throw in a TD to go with his almost 170 yards of offense, and the coaches may tell McGahee to take his time and make sure he’s good and healed up before he tries to come back.

  • Carlo Scuri

    I saw the Raiders recently and this one has been by far their best defensive game. Moreno has been very good tonight as over the last couple of weeks, but it’s clear that he needs more confidence. In some occasion he held the ball maybe with 3 or 4 arms :-) because he’s scared to death to make mistakes with his job on the line, and sometimes a 8 or 10 yards could have been 20. Anyway great job by Knowshon. The defense tonight, in my opinion has been decent (except for Von who is always unbelievable, and he’s by far the DPOY, and i don’t wanna hear about “sacksonly Aldon Smith”). We need to cover better in passing game, i’d like to see more of DJ Williams. Last but not least Rahim Moore has improved dramatically this year, honestly last year i thought he was a waisted pick.

  • Pete Baron

    Yeah. Not to be forgotten is that Woodyard didn’t play, so we had to rely more on Travathan and DJ. Wesley’s meteoric rise has been amazing to watch. He’s playing at such a high level that DJ being in there is actually a bad thing.

    But yeah, Moore has really grown before our eyes. He was not only completely lost as a rookie, but benched/deactivated for much of the season. It was a real talking point to see what we’d do with him this year. It’s really great to see him emerging as a top level safety in the game!

  • Leo Maes

    Like I said in the last article, I think the one Pete wrote or whatever it was… Defense, just keeps getting better and better… offense will do its thing. But Defense is where its at!!!

  • bigtymer39

    As good as our offense is in all honestly I prefer watching our defense, they have been so exiciting compared to last like almost decade. Von Millier is the man. I love seeing him and Elvis. I just cant wait till we are 21-0 at end of 2nd quarters and see mayhem.

  • Jim

    what did Von miller sniff on the sideline?

  • Leo Maes

    exactly what I have been saying… its crazy to say but I think our D is maybe better than are O

  • anthony33

    Nice job Big Pete!!
    Just a couple of other points.

    They are really struggling in the red zone lately which is surprising as that is PM’s strength. They’re going to have to get that corrected before the playoffs. This game should have been at least 28-7… at the half.

    Pass rush also seems sluggish, but Palmer did get rid of the ball quick so credit there.

    Did Holiday get hurt or was he just benched after the fumble?

  • areferee

    Nothing dramatic. Don’t get excited. It was just “smelling salts”.

    By definition, they are any of preparations of ammonium carbonate and perfume, sniffed as a restorative or stimulant. These mixtures should be more correctly termed “aromatic spirits of ammonia” and have recently undergone a resurgence of interest by athletes as a pre‐game stimulant.

  • Pete Baron

    I thin Holiday was mentally checked out after a) the fumble, and b) the unnecessary fair catch (when there was like 20 yards of daylight between him and the first defender)… I think after that, the coaches yanked him for a few plays so he could get his head on right.

    And yes, the offense in the Red Zone is a major concern. It felt like a 50 point outing because it should have been a 50 point outing. Didn’t we sign Hester cause he’s a big, powerful runner? I know he is new and hasn’t learned the playbook completely, but damn, how hard is it for him to learn “we need 1 yard, go it it!” ?

  • Pete Baron

    At this very moment, I’d find it very difficult to argue against you. Our Defense looks fantastic. The only argument I could possibly have is that its our offense that helps set them up to go into beast mode. Although the counter argument is that the Defense is dominant from the beginning of the game when its still 0-0, so how is the offense helping them.

    I guess there’s a reason we are the only team in the NFL with a top 5 offense and top 5 defense. Coincidentally enough, we are #4 in each. I think the sloppy field helped tame our pass rush in the 1st half, but once we forced them to be one dimensional, there was no stopping it.

  • herc_rock

    We dominated a game against our biggest rivals, on the road, on three days rest. Yeah, there are a couple of kinks to work out but I’m pretty good w/ a 13 pt win.

  • Carlo Scuri

    i agree. Anyway in my opinion the best lineup on defense is with Wesley weak side and DJ inside. Brooking has been excepitional for his age, but he’s 37, he can not cover anything in passing game. Woodyard to me has not been so surprising. In the past years he made always 40 or 50 tackles on special teams and when he stepped in the starting lineup has been always awesome. I’d like to see much more from Robert Ayers, right now he has been a first round wasted pick.

  • Michael Geer

    Knowshon Moreno. I have held my tongue but cannot any longer. Begging Elway to bench or trade Moreno. I’ve never seen a running back so adept at finding the biggest knot of players and running directly into them, falling down. Game after game he finds the biggest knot of men runs directly into them and falls down, Often he falls down at the handoff.Just as often he is takled at the handoff. I apologize to r. Moreno, I’m sure he is a fine upstanding man with many excellent qualities but carrying the ball for Manning ai’t one of them.

    Give the ball to Moreno and it’s 2nd and 10. Give the ball to Moreno and it’s 3rd and eleven. My wife is hollering at the television “For god’s sake, why do they keep giving the ball to Moreno?”

    John Elway and Matt Russell have done the most masterful job of finding great unknown talent and I;m whooping it up over who they’ve brought in. Now I’m eager to see what rabbit they pull out of their hats for a running back(s).

    But Moreno? Gots to go.

  • jdkchem

    I would much rather make a statement against the Baltomorons. Statement games are never against teams you’re supposed to beat.

  • Broncosnipe

    Did you watch the game?

  • Paradisimo

    I’m actually pretty happy that we had to kick as many field goals as we did. Yeah it would have been nice to beat them by 40 and I certainly don’t want to get into the habit of settling for FG’s but with Prater going through a mini-slump I think it was a great confidence builder for him. Especially considering that next week a FG may be the difference between a W or L.

  • Charles Weisenberg

    Hey its Christmas commin, doncha know? Get the spirit. BTW, it happens to even the best running backs. It happens to A. Foster, A. Peterson, to all the greats. They all get stuffed every few plays. its the others that make them great. Do you want to fire Manning after every missed pass? We stuffed McFadden numerous times last night, and he’s great also. When you go to heaven, your teams running back will go 20 yards each carry, (but you will probably want 30).

  • Speer999

    Correction, after the performance last night our defense is now ranked #3, with our offense still at #4.

  • Gary_in_SD

    That was definitely an odd thing to see! Having smelled those things myself once before, I figured it was just a method of making himself get meaner! I mean they smell horrible, literally bad enough to wake the dead!

  • Gary_in_SD

    WTF dude? You sound like a charger fan to me! I thought he did great last night. He was playing well last season before getting injured too.

  • Pete Baron

    Did you watch the game past the first few plays of the game? Because your whole post sounds like you turned the game off after 2 minutes. I’m no Moreno fanboy, but I gotta give him props. 170 yards and a TD are stats I’d take from any RB any day!

  • AZDynamics

    Wait, Jon . . . Did you just call Bubba a tool? :P

    Anyway, Moreno wasn’t too shabby in this game, even in short yardage. A couple times he achieved his purpose with defenders draped all over him. I’ve said for a long time that all he needed was to get past his injuries, and he would shine.

    You nailed it regarding the O-line. Kuper seems to raise the boats of everyone on it when he’s playing.

    In all, good thanks for a good job, Jon.

  • Doom92

    Look I’ll tell ya what I’m perhaps the biggest Moreno hater on here and I STILL dislike him as much as ever but the dude had an alright game last night. Everyone that thinks he had a “break-out” game should relax as much as us haters though.

    If he didn’t have some big gains his average would pretty much suck. He ripped off some nice runs last night and actually had a part in helping win the game. With this in mind it was against the 28th ranked run D in the league and earlier against KC.

    I hope we smoke the Ravens like this but I’ll bet right now that Peyton will have to do it, Noshow will NOT have this kind of game against them. Period! ***Side note*** I’ll come eat my crow if I’m wrong ;-).

    Aside from the Noshow hating…lol… What a game quite fun. I’m still sad we sat on it at the end, as we’ve been doing, but great fun game and pretty relaxing. I know some one can get hurt or whatever else, yada, yada, yada… Now from here on out lets play ALL the way to the end.

  • Leo Maes

    You can argue that the O gets the lead for us, but like last night they didn’t exactly put them away when they should… but yet are D stays positive and contributes to almost perfection. I just think are D is finally considered “tough” and “nasty”. Two games now that you have seen QB’s just throw it in the dirt cause Von was right around the corner.

  • anthony33

    On to Baltimore. I have a good feeling about this one. I know, we have never beat them in Baltimore (not sure we have ever beat them anywhere for that matter), but this is the type of game manning lives for.

    Fox said this would be a good measuring stick for the bronx and I agree. They caught Atlanta and Houston early and weren’t quite ready. NE was just ugly. So this becomes the game where we find out if we are truly ready to complete with the upper echelon teams. I know Manning and the offense will be, the real question is if the defense is ready.

  • Toxik Zine

    Bret Farve used them all the time, but I thought that was ammonia.

  • jdkchem

    Yes, The Jake Plummer lead Broncs beat the baltomorons 12-10 in 2005, 13-3 in 2006

  • jdkchem

    As soon as ammonium carbonate is exposed to air you’ll get ammonia.

  • kaili

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