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Published on 12/03/2012 at Mon Dec 03 12:27.
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The Denver Broncos are the 2012 AFC West division champions!  Cue the party, we’ve made the playoffs!

Not so fast, says Coach John Fox.

“(At team head quarters) it’ll be business as usual,” said Fox after Denver’s 31-23 win over Tampa Bay on Sunday.

The Broncos, now 9-3, are headed to the playoffs and have a chance to improve on their fourth seed placing in the AFC Playoff race.  Winning the division is just one piece of the puzzle Fox is hoping to assemble this season.

“Anytime you win, I enjoy it for a minute.  At least a few minutes tonight. Then we turn it around and get right back at it the next day so that part won’t change.”

According to Denver’s PR team, Fox is just the third coach since 1970 to take over a team with a losing record and lead it to consecutive division titles.

“I really don’t have much to say about that.  I’ve been blessed, there’s no doubt.  This is a great city, great team, and I’m proud to be here.”

Under Fox’s guidance with quarterback Peyton Manning leading the offense, the Broncos have won seven straight games.  Ultimately, there is still a lot of football left to be played, though, and the Broncos know it.

“We still have a lot of improvement to do as a football team.  It’s just a starting point for us, really.”

“There’s different championships.  Your division is obviously one, everybody aspires to be in the conference championship but at the end of the day, everybody is looking for that world championship.  It’s a great accomplishment, a tribute to the staff and coaches in that locker room.  They did a fantastic job.  We still have a whole quarter of the season left.  We’ll see what happens.”

All quotes were provided courtesy of the Denver Broncos media relations team.  The Broncos are preparing for a Week 14 showdown with the Oakland Raiders on Thursday Night Football this week.

  • Daniel

    The Broncos have won 7 straight, not 9. Nice read

  • Gary_in_SD

    I just hope that the Broncos don’t overlook the Raiders this Thursday. I can’t see Peyton doing so, but worry a little about how some of the younger players might approach this game… Especially considering the fact that NE hosts the Texans next Monday night. A golden opportunity for the Broncos to leapfrog the Pats!

  • Bryan

    Truth be told, I’m all for whatever seed that keeps us from having to travel to Foxboro prior to the AFC Championship game. Which could only be the #2 seed. I’m not saying that I don’t think we can beat the Pats in NE, I’m just saying I’d like our chances more in Houston. The #2 seed isn’t out of reach yet, but we’ll need alot of help getting to #2. Have to win out, beat the Ravens in Baltimore, which no one had done in 15 games or so until yesterday, and hope the Pats drop a couple of games down the stretch (vs SF, Hou, so it’s possible). I believe if everything stayed the way it’s seeded now, we’d have Indy at home and then travel to the dome in Houston. Dome>>>Outdoor in the Boston elements, then Foxboro for the ConChamp.

    However, that bye week would sure be nice to get some rest. I just don’t like the idea that teams that get the bye week always seem to come out flat afterwards.

  • Big_Pete

    #2 or #4 Seed keeps us from going to New England.

    #2 Seed, the Ravens if they survive the wildcard round comes here.
    #4 Seed, if we make it out of wildcard round, we go to Houston.

    Call me crazy, but I’d rather get the #4 Seed at this point.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    Ah, nine wins, seven of them in a row. Good call.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    I agree. Houston over Baltimore any day of the week.

    Well, I should probably wait until after Week 15 to make such a statement. Historically, Baltimore has been impossible to play at home.

    But we’ve got PFM now.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Agreed if we are playing @. Flacco is one of the worst Qbs in the league on the road though. Ill take Baltimore if we are hosting.

  • Bryan

    I like where we are now too, however #4 could still take us to NE, Houston, or Baltimore for the ConChamp game. I wouldn’t mind going through Houston to the SB, we’d be familiar with Baltimore having just played there (if Baltimore beats us next week), but the last place I want to go is Foxboro. If we can slide into the #2, then the only place we could go (as of now) would be Houston.
    We can look ahead all we want but there’s still alot of interesting games the next 4 weeks, especially with the top 3 seeds. Houston @ NE and 2 vs Indy, NE vs Houston and SF, Baltimore @ Washington, vs Denver and NYG, @ Cincy. The seeding is far from over. Denver has to take care of business, and let the cards fall where they will.

  • TheTroglodyte

    Well said

  • Doom92

    I’d rather have the #2 get the bye and then have the Ravens here. I think thats better than “if we make it out of the Wild Card round” Then “Go to Houston”.

    Ravens here is way better than us in Houston.

    Oh and yes, Pete that makes you a little crazy…lol.

  • Carlo Scuri

    Suggs is probably out for the season with a torn biceps, Lewis is out, and if he’ll come back he’ll be 50%, Lardarius Webb is out for the season, Ngata is not at his top level, their offensive line is not the best in the BFL.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    This is only their first goal and we as Bronco fans are proud of them. Now the next goal is to rout the Raiders Thursday nite. And root for Houston to beat the Pats next Sunday. Then the next goal is to beat the Ravens. And root for the 49ers to whip the Pats. If the Broncos take care of business like they have been doing these seven weeks and get a little help from the Texans and 49ers, they would have the inside track to the 2nd seed, with home games with the Browns and Cheifs left to win out and secure that seed and a first round bye by game. By beating Oakland on Thursday would also increase the pressure on the Pats and Ravens to keep pace with the Broncos so Gi,go

  • Cheyenne Kid

    Go,go Broncos and Smash the Raiders!

  • 350legend

    Feels good to see everyone on the broncos on the same page and not getting ahead of themselves!! All Cynlinders are working across the board! NICEEE!!!!!

  • herc_rock

    Ideally we beat Bodymore, the Pats lose one of their last four and we wind up w/ the 2… Failing that, I’d like the three. Even if it means we have to go to NE in the divisional round.

    What I’m saying is…I’d like to avoid the Colts if at all possible.

  • MeOMy

    Why all this talk about just being the 2 seed? We still have a decent shot at the number 1 seed. Don’t forget Huston has two division games again the colts and they play the Pats on Monday. I wouldn’t mark down Minnesota as a sure win either. Add in a little help from Miami or SF against the pats and we win out, Denver would have the number 1 seed. I’m not ready to give the 1 seed to Huston.

  • William Terry Clogston

    Peyton Manning has flat-out OWNED the Ravens over his career. Since 2002, Dungy’s first season, he is 8-0 against the Ravens, including 4-0 in Baltimore and is 2-0 against them in the playoffs. He’s thrown 14 TDs vs. 6 ints. in those wins and averages 253 yards per game. Those averages are skewed too b/c 4 of the picks came in two games and if you take away his bad game against them in the 2006 playoffs, he averages 67.1% completion, 264 yards, with 2 TDs, 0 ints. and 104.4 Passer Rating.

  • Pete Baron

    haha. I’m crazy like a fox (not Fox).

    I don’t know… I can see us beating the shit out of Houston the next time we play them (regardless of venue)… I can easily see us losing to the Ravens even if we play them here in Denver. History shows Manning being undefeated against Baltimore, but history shows Manning with the COLTS, not the Broncos. History shows the Broncos being woefully inept against the Ravens regardless of venue. It’s because of this that I’d much rather face the Texans than the Ravens. Some teams just have the number of other teams regardless of the players… Baltimore appears to have our number. I just hope and pray that Manning is the difference we’ve needed this last 15 years in order to beat the Ravens.

  • Pete Baron

    If you dream, you might as well dream big!!! I like your thinking!

  • Jim_Jebow

    you don’t think PFM will have motivation to get back at his old team? They are scary, but I think the defense can light up Luck, and Manning would go ape sh@t and throw for 500 yards IMHO

  • Benjamin DeRita

    my thoughts exactly.. but for some reason I have a REALLY bad feeling the patriots won’t lose to either the niners or texans… #cheatriots

  • Pete Baron

    Me too…. I get the horrible feeling in the pit of my gut that says “even if we finish 13-3, somehow, someway, the Patriots will finish 13-3 as well and the Texans 14-2, so we’ll get fucked and finish 3rd and get the reward as a trip to New England in the 2nd round of the playoffs.” Makes me ill just thinking about it.

  • rcsodak

    You do realize that houston has the head to head, so theyd have to have 1 more loss than denver. In other words, denver would have to win out while houston loses 3 of 4. Not bloody likely.

  • herc_rock

    I don’t like their story. Too heartwarming-y, too feelgood-y.

    I think they’re going to upset somebody.

  • Benjamin DeRita

    true but the D has vastly improved since our last visit and if that what it comes down to that I like our chances

  • MeOMy

    Not bloddy likely… yet Denver now sits as the number one seed…