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Published on 12/03/2012 at Mon Dec 03 07:00.
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(AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

Starter Peyton Manning is healthy.  The division is wrapped up.  Is it time for the rookie?

The Denver Broncos are guaranteed a playoff spot at seasons’ end, so will we be seeing rookie quarterback Brock Osweiler this year?

Maybe, but probably not until Week 17—if he is given a chance to start.

With four games to go, the Broncos (9-3) are ranked as the fourth seed in the AFC playoff race.  Trailing the Texans (1st, 11-1), Patriots (2nd, 9-3), and Ravens (3rd, 9-3), the Broncos have a key match-up against the Ravens just two weeks away.

If the playoff seeding has been decided by either Week 16 or 17 of the season, the Broncos may choose to give Osweiler the first start of his career against either the struggling Browns or Chiefs.  Osweiler has appeared in two games this season, executing a pair of kneel downs.

Osweiler, 22, is the tallest player in franchise history at 6-foot-7-inches tall. Dubbed Denver’s quarterback of the future by V.P. John Elway, Osweiler may get a chance to gain experience before seasons’ end if Denver’s winning streak continues and lands them a top playoff seed.

  • Doom92

    This would be a huge mistake… Simply ask Peyton how he likes sitting out a game when he is ready and healthy to play. Purposely breaking our momentum would be bad ignorant and I hope it does not happen. We have taken our chances with a possible injury each and every game this year, changing that now would take a way our mojo, chemistry or whatever else you want to call it. Please don’t do this… ;-)

  • Jim_Jebow

    I agree with you that you should ask PFM what he wants to do. If he wants a week off to rest his arm, you gotta give it to him.

  • Big_Pete

    Couldn’t agree more Doom!!!
    Resting starters never works. It never enables a team to get to the superbowl. Don’t mess with the chemistry and rhythm. Besides, what we are forgetting is that Manning is still developing chemistry with the entire offense. They as a unit, need all the time they can get playing together. I don’t care if we are locked into our playoff spot in week 14, this offense needs the GAME reps, and Manning will be the first person to point that out!

  • Seth Kudym

    Denver rested their starters Week 17 in ’03 vs. Green Bay to try and “rest up” for Peyton and Indy. Needless to say, Plummer and the boys got their butts handed to them on a platter. Final was 41-10… However, Indy rested their starters Week 16 & 17 in 2009 and made it to the Super Bowl…but they lost to Brees and Co. Not a fan of resting. I completely agree with Doom. Resting kills mojo/chemistry/etc.

  • Gary_in_SD

    As long as there is a chance to take that 1st round bye and home field advantage in the divisional round, then absolutely NO WAY to you rest anyone! If just for one reason and one reason only… Tom Brady!

  • Gary_in_SD

    Do you really believe there’s a chance that Peyton Manning would make such a request? Obviously if he did, gaining home field advantage would be the least of our worries!

  • Doom92

    Seth the ’09 point is exactly what I meant by “ask Peyton”. He was quite upset at that decision back then and wanted to play. I’d bet he’d feel the same way now. He is one of those guys that feel like they can rest when they don’t get to play any more. My kind of Football player for sure ;-)

  • Nicholas Freburg

    Please don’t do this it would kill the team right now. They have won so many games in a row to mess with that now is dangerous. The team is getting better every week, we shouldn’t take a step back when we are on the door step of a deep playoff run.

  • Dave

    The question was if he would play, the answer was about starting. I’d love to see him play the 4th quarter against the Raiders and the Chiefs. Isn’t that what poor divisional opponents are for? :)

  • Jim_Jebow

    If he needed to rest for a week sure I could see him doing that. If we either have a first round bye locked up or are out of contention for it, it would not be an unreasonable thing to see there Gary

  • Bryan

    I agree with most comments about not resting our starters. If Denver can earn a 1st round bye, then there is some rest. If they can’t, well then theres the 2 weeks off prior to the SB. 3 potential weeks off in the next 8 or 9 weeks. If we get locked in at a specific spot prior to the end of the regular season, then I can see a lesser work load for some players, but I’d still play the starters for the majority of the plays.

    Keep the chemistry. Win the Super Bowl. Rest in the offseason.

  • Geir Fjugstad

    Huge mistake! Does anyone remember 1996 the Broncos went 13-3 and lost their 1st playoff game at home to the Jag’s…..remember the reason why?!?! They pulled the starters out the last 3 games. So in 97 & 98 they didn’t do that and won back to back SB’s!!! Moral of the story..DONT PULL MANNING, JUST WIN BABY!!!!

  • Joe

    Ask Aaron Rodgers and the 2011 packers how well resting your starters works.

  • Jim_Jebow

    yeah but in 97 they couldn’t rest the starters because they were a wild card team

  • Cheyenne Kid

    I agree with you guys that the Chemistry is essential and resting the starters can be done by rotation in the games,especially if the game is put away by the fourth quarter. But any major changes should not be done in order to keep up the momentum we need going into the playoffs. Elway knows this and will encourage Fox about it. We have a pretty good Brain Trust going, so I think they will do the right things to keep our success going strong!

  • jeff st.john

    I totally agree. Let the super star continue beating teams. It’s like not piling on points when you are ahead. Go in strong and finish strong! Go Broncos!!

  • 350legend

    Would be Nice to see B O, show whats to come in the near future, Dynasty in the Making!! BroncoFanForLife!!

  • Benjamin DeRita

    I would much rather see Brock come in the 4th Q of a major blowout than starting the last game of the season on “rested starters” – rest on the bye week

  • Jack Plasterer

    How tall is that guy Osweiler?? Even though I think Peyton is already too tall to play qb despite being awesome at it, I’d rather they played him insted of that guy Osweiler- he looks huge! I’m sure he’s got a great arm, but maybe he’d put it to better use on the court. That’s right, Osweiler belongs in the NBA, especially at like 6’7. Maybe the Nuggets or Jazz could pick him up. If that guy can barely play qb in the NFL, think about how much potential he’s got in the NBA as a forward. Just somethin’ to think about.