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Published on 11/27/2012 at Tue Nov 27 17:16.
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2nd Update (11/28/12. 4:55 p.m. MT):  The Broncos did not place a claim on Babin, and he was awarded to Jacksonville on Wednesday afternoon.

Update (11/27/12, 5:23 p.m. MT):  According to CBS4‘s Vic Lombardi, the Broncos have “no interest” in Babin.  There goes that story.

On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Eagles made a shocking move and announced the release defensive end Jason Babin.

A 32 year-old veteran, Babin (6-3, 267 lbs.) had a breakout season in 2010 as a member of the Titans defensive line and recorded 12.5 sacks. The next offseason, Babin signed with Philly and became a household name when he recorded 18.0 sacks and earned his second Pro Bowl appearance.

This season, Babin has led the Eagles with 5.5 sacks but Philadelphia, struggling on defense, decided to move on, placing Babin on waivers. Against the run, Babin has been a liability, but he could contribute to many teams as a pass rushing specialist.

So, should the Denver Broncos kick the tires on this veteran lineman?

It seems unlikely that Babin would fall all the way to Denver on waivers, but it could happen.  Not every team will be interested in his three-year contract, which owes him over $11 million through 2015.

The Broncos, however, have the cap room and Babin would make Denver’s No. 4 ranked defense even more tenacious against the pass.‘s Dan Hanzus views Denver as one of five possible landing spots for Babin, citing Denver’s Super Bowl hopes as a reason to pursue a veteran that could help them down the stretch.

Would you like to see the Broncos place a waiver claim on Babin?  A pass rush featuring Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil and Jason Babin would be fun to watch on Sundays.  Dish out your thoughts in the comments below!

  • 350legend

    2 time Pro Bowler, ill take my chance, Short term of course

  • Doom92

    I’d like this about 10 times better than Jacob Hester!!! I agree with 350, the problem is that contract.

  • MeOMy

    Problem is who does he replace? I don’t see fox picking up this guy to replace his top draft pick. I certainly don’t see him replacing Doom. It also isn’t worth the salary cap hit. Don’t forget we have a left tackle we need to resign next year.

  • Tim Lynch

    Glad we’re not interesting…D has some good chemistry right now. They are already trying to get DJ more reps and its screwing things up in the run game…so no, no rocking da boat until Spring. :)

  • Jim_Jebow

    we are not going to sign the guy, he will be claimed by someone with a worse record

  • Bryan

    Dang..Andy Reid is dumping everyone he can! Going to set the Eagles back for a very long time!!

  • Joe Duffy

    heck yeah we should pick him up put him on the opposite side of Dumervil move the new kid Wolfe back inside at DT ONLY on passing downs you have Miller, Dom, Babin and Wolfe on full pass rush would be something and on run defense keep the original big guys (Vickers, Bannan, Siliga, Unrein) for run defense.

  • Carlo Scuri

    i’m reading across the net terrible opinions by Eagles fans on Jason Babin in terms of attitude, playing for the team and obviously his run stopping ability. I saw the Eagles many times last and this year, Babin is a pass rusher only and a specialist in the wide nine formation. He’s terrible in run stopping, he’s awful in recognizing plays, he’s a great pass rusher, but overall he’s a little above average player. He’s also 32 and has a big contract, the Broncos have zero reason to pick him up. His value is less than a half the value of Elvis Dumervil.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    I wouldn’t take him of waivers but if he clears them and the Broncos could sign him to a 1 year deal with nothing guaranteed and for low $$ with no risk then OK

  • Mergrath

    “IF” he cleared waivers and we resigned him to a lower short term contract then absolutely he’s worth the addition…however I think that it’s highly unlikely. We will need the cap space to keep Clady around for the future which would be a much better investment. Just hoping he doesn’t end up playing for a team that we face in the playoffs!

  • Gary Skeers


  • Ben Fletcher

    The Broncos have a great pass attack. Any DT’s we put in there need to be solid against stopping the run. We could use Babin on 3rd and long situations, but that isn’t worth an $11 million contract.

  • disqus_MX2QgB4iga

    Babin would be an OK addition, but I think the Broncos need to focus more on run defense.

  • Bluteam

    He will clear waivers, then I would be interested.

  • sandpiper

    With the elite teams running no huddle offenses you need a player who can play the run as well as the pass since they can’t substitute at will anymore, so I don’t know why you would pick up a one dimensional player.

  • William Bobbitt

    No do not take him, best days gone!

  • herc_rock

    No thanks.