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Published on 11/26/2012 at Mon Nov 26 12:42.
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(Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

As expected, the Denver Broncos brought in free agent running back Jacob Hester on Monday, presumably signing him to a one-year deal.  The team announced the transaction via press release on Monday afternoon.

Additionally, the team signed fellow running back Jeremiah Johnson back to the practice squad, after releasing him last week. With Willis McGahee on the injured reserve list, Hester now fills Denver’s roster as the 53rd player.

Hester (5-11, 230 lbs.) is a fifth-year running back who spent his first five seasons in San Diego, gaining 182 yards from scrimmage (4.55 yards-per-touch) and scoring two touchdowns in seven games against the Broncos.

Denver has brought in Hester, now the heaviest back on the Broncos’ roster, to add depth to both their backfield and special teams.  While with the Chargers, Hester recorded 12 special teams tackles while also recovering four fumbles (scoring on two of his recoveries).

It remains to be seen what Hester’s role will be on offense, as Knowshon Moreno is clearly the team’s starter moving forward.  Hester will be allowed to practice with the team for the first time on Wednesday.

What are your thoughts on the move?  Do you think Denver’s backfield is headed in the right direction in the absence of McGahee?  Dish out your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Big_Pete

    I’m curious about this signing. You heard it from me first, Lance Ball, you’re on notice!!!

    I mean, Moreno played better than McGahee has in the last 5+ weeks, so he’s definitely earned another start (thus, no need to bring in Hester).

    Hillman was hand picked in the draft by Elway, so even though he isn’t ready for primetime, he’ll stay (thus, no need to bring in Hester).

    Lance Ball was McGahee’s backup, but when McGahee went down, he didn’t get the start, a practice squad player (Moreno) did… Furthermore, Ball didn’t play a single snap last week, while Moreno got 20 of the 24 carries. Suddenly, we sign Hester… It surely isn’t to replace Moreno, or Hillman… who does that leave? hmm….

    If I’m Lance Ball, I’m not sleeping well tonight or this week. Remember, just as Moreno wasn’t picked by Fox/Elway, neither was Ball. They were leftovers. The difference is that Moreno was trusted and leapfrogged over Ball and Hillman to be the feature back, and he looked good doing it. Lance Ball, you sir, are on notice!

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    On his role, Hester said:

    “I don’t know, I’ll find out. Obviously fullback’s not a huge part
    of the offense here. So we’ll see. I’m expecting it to be on
    special teams first, that being my background. We’ll go from

  • Donny Sanchez

    I still don’t trust Moreno. He is too inddeciseive and doesn’t hit holes hard enough. He played fair;y well on Sunday, but for the position we drafted him in he has way under achieved.

  • Jim_Jebow

    Gronkowski should start getting rates for a moving company,that dude is about to get the boot

  • TD30isMVP

    Ball is a good utility back Pete, I think Gronkowski is probably looking in the basement for his luggage about now.

  • Big_Pete

    Good point, especially seeing Hester has played FB for San Diego.

  • Doom92

    “I mean, Moreno played better than McGahee has in the last 5+ weeks, so he’s definitely earned another start (thus, no need to bring in Hester).”

    Absolutely not true! He played better than he has ever as a Bronco but didn’t even go over 100 on the same carries and was in typical Knowshow style, 3 good runs 2 bad… ect. Against NO Willis had 122 yrds. “Better” than McGahee, I don’t think so, plus against KC??? I was wondering who would be the first on this wagon, didn’t expect you Pete…lol.

  • Doom92

    Thank you! Someone with their wits about them. Moreno played his best game as a Bronco but it was still typical Knowshow, 3 good plays 3 bad plays and then several mediocre plays followed by a good one here and there. And then he wanted to act all cocky like some kind of man-child that has never been there before, paaaalease.

    Jamal Charles was all over us and he never acted like that, why? Because he is a professional thats been there done it. At first I thought that MAYBE Moreno had actually humbled himself as some were saying, then he showed who he really is and he isn’t that good. Donny you are on the nail head not to trust him.

    All can dog me now if you want but I promise he will show himself more and more, no way he can get up for the rest of these games like he did this one. You heard it first right here…

  • Doom92

    Oh BTW Pete I’m 100% with you on Hester, a move that I don’t even remotely get. If we needed anything it was a guy that could tote the rock and not fumble, Hester isn’t even dangerous on SPT… If he was he’d be playing.

  • Doom92

    It would seem so Jim, I like the guy but he hasn’t done anything. Hester wont do any more and he is so far behind the learning curve???

  • DieHardBronco

    Ya stack up with class blockers, and runners. Hell dial up Terrel Davis and Howard Grifith see what their up to. Id bet money that TD with HG blocking can still make gaping holes in defensive lines, No one but Barry Sanders hit hole as hard as TD. Anyways those things aint gonna happen its been 12 years since either one of them played. I like Knowshon as the starter if he stays humble, holds on to the rock, watch your feet dont trip yourself or trip up on one of your own linemen. find the hole quick one cut and run down hill like your life depends on it cuzz it probably does. Keep the QB safe in play option passes or give him a quick outlet. Gouge the opposing Defense for triple digits on the ground for five weeks and I think you get the starting RB roll next season. Who knows maybe a SB win this year sharing the rock carries with McGahee. Stay Healthy Moreno stay healthy! Now I dont know much about Jacob Hester but if he can help pick up the rush and give Manning time to make long completions Im all for it. Its rough having to re-examine and restructure your running game and pass protection but with what Elway has been able to pull off this season, I have faith that his crew is doing everything they can to help our chances. Elway bleeds orange and blue, took us to 5 Super Bowls, 2 W, 3L but still played in 5. 6 AFC Championship games.won 5. I cant think of anyone else I trust more in the Broncos organization to do the right thing for this team.


  • Big_Pete

    In another post, I think I said that it was with exception to the N.O. game. Either way, The last 5 weeks (I guess 4 weeks if you discount N.O.), McGahee has struggled to get 50-60 yards. PLUS, he has had costly fumbles (against Patriots) and butter hands on critical passes (again, Patriots). I’m only saying the patriots game because his other untimely fumbles and drops didn’t directly result in us losing the game like it did then.

    But more to your point, I’m with you on the shaky confidence in Moreno. I’m not actually on his bandwagon. I was probably the first person to simply state that he “earned another start”. I wanted to articulate that in my posts so that people wouldn’t think I’m calling Knowshon to be the unquestioned RB of the future, cause like you, I don’t think he is. BUT, I’m more on Moreno’s bandwagon than I am McGahees. Wow, I didn’t think I’d be the first to be on it either. lol

  • rcsodak

    At some point, the position a player is drafted should have zero bearing on his expectations. Dont you think? And lest we forget his injury last year…..theres physical AND mental recuperation involved. Lastly, KC’s rush defense isnt exactly a slouch.

  • rcsodak

    I’ll take your bet, you’re gonna regret, cuz i’m the best theres ever been

  • Doom92

    Thats awesome… LMAO

  • Doom92

    OK! I cant say absolutely “not true”. My little secret is that I had hope when we drafted Moreno, I didn’t like the pick, but I had hope. I will never trust him as a fan and I hope the Johnny’s don’t either.

    He did play above himself, or should we say despite himself? But as I said before, it was against KC and he was “up” for the game, something he has never done before (gotten “up” for a game). And while Mcgahee does struggle to get high yards I don’t think Moreno will ever be as tough or as hard a runner. Either way we have what we have.

    Therefore I’m with you, keep him or ‘hopefully’ not I hope he runs his ass off for the rest of this year!

  • Jim_Jebow

    Hester can actually run the ball though. On 3rd and 1, I would rather see Hester than Gronk. Yes he is behind the learning curve, but he can contribute on special teams right away. And whats to like about the Gronk? I can’t honestly think of a single thing he has done this year. But I guess I like Andre Caldwell so I can see where you are coming from