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Published on 11/23/2012 at Fri Nov 23 14:00.
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(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

After ranking 23rd overall in 2011, the Denver Broncos offense has turned things around this season.

Last season, the Broncos ranked 25-of-32 among teams in points scored (309) and scored 30 points in a game on just two occasions. Needless to say, the Broncos have made great improvements in 2012.

This season, the Broncos have scored 30 points seven times, winning all seven of those games. Just eleven games into 2012, the Broncos have already scored 301 points, just eight points fewer than their 2011 season total.

Ranked second in the NFL in points scored (behind only New England) and third in yards per game (394.2, behind New England and Detroit), the Broncos have been led by quarterback Peyton Manning, who has accounted for 144 points himself.

“What Peyton is doing, in my brain, is not just remarkable, it’s freaking historical,” Coach John Fox told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. Remarkable, Manning certainly has been.

Manning is the league’s second-highest rated quarterback (106.2) and owns the NFL’s best completion percentage (68.5%).  On pace to break franchise records for passing scores and yards in a single season, Manning has the Broncos’ offense rolling.

Much improved from a season ago, Manning and the Broncos aren’t patting themselves on the back.

“I think we have things we want to get better at all the time,”  said Manning earlier in the week.  “It’d be nice to go through a game without turning the ball over—and being able to get a first down at the end of the game when you have to as opposed to punting it back.  There’s lots of things that we can get better at.”

Denver’s ultimate goal is to improve on their 2011 finish.  After reaching the playoffs last season, the team was crushed by New England in the AFC Divisional playoffs.  Scoring points helps win games and breaking records is nice, but winning in the postseason is what people remember.  The Broncos want to be remembered for their 2012 campaign.

  • Big_Pete

    I still have to damn near pinch myself each and every time I’m reminded that Peyton Manning is our QB. How lucky are we?!!?!!

  • TheTroglodyte

    The offense has been pretty awesome under Manning’s control. Let’s give some props to the defense to though for scoring points and keeping our offense on the field and in good field position.

  • TheTroglodyte

    I was so skeptical of signing Manning but that is one crow I’m ecstatic to eat!

  • Big_Pete

    Preaching to the choir my man. I too was skeptical. The crow is delicious!

  • Doom92

    And if you guys remember it was I that told you guys that I thought he’d be back to form by week 3 or 4 ;-)… Its so fun being a Broncos fan, but it has not been this fun since Elway retired. Its our turn again ;-).

  • Big_Pete

    Amen brother! Good call.

    When we signed him, I had no doubts that he would return to at least close to full form, my initial problem was that I thought Tebow earned a legitimate offseason/training camp/preseason/regular season as our unquestioned starting QB.

    Naturally, after about the first week or so of us having Manning, I quickly jumped aboard his wagon and have been pinching myself ever since. I knew he wouldn’t get injured, cause head hunting John Lynch had the same surgery, so if he could still play safety, I had no doubts that Manning could stay upright as a QB.

    I also said that I would give him till our bye week to knock the rust off, citing his knee injury that knocked him out of an already familiar Colts preseason, and it took him 4 weeks to knock the rust off, so I was giving him 6 or so weeks; he’s overperformed to say the least!

    And yes, it’s so much fun being a Broncos fan! It’s exciting and gets me pumped knowing that we are recognized nation wide for being GOOD, rather than being a circus and a side show. Man, it’s fun again! Like you, I haven’t felt this excitement since Elway retired.

  • Bryan

    PFM has played lights out so far this season and all I keep hearing is “give this offense time to gel and…”. Well we’re 11 weeks down and it looks like Peyton has played for Denver his whole career. The chemistry he has with DT, Decker, Tamme, and Dressen is excellent. I don’t mention Stokes on purpose become they played together in Indy for a few years. If we have to “wait for this offense to gel”, watch out because if its gets better than this, I wouldn’t want to be the DC that has to prep for Denver the next 4 years. Maybe I’m just used to watching Griese, Plummer, Cutler, Norton and Tebow…or maybe Peyton Manning IS the GOAT.

  • anthony33

    I love what this offense is doing. I do agree with Manning however, that there is still work to be done. That’s great news as far as I am concerned. They seem to have stagnated a bit over the past 2-3 games while the defense has improved. The great news is there is plenty of upside, still, to an offense that is already very good.

  • MiamiMike

    Go figure Moreno hurts his groin thursday at pracrice. This guy cant stay healthy even in non game activities. Enough already. I would rather have a guy half as good as Moreno but can actually get on the field if needed. I don’t care how good you are. If you don’t ever play it doesn’t matter.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    That wasn’t on the injury report, where did you hear that? DP?

  • TheTroglodyte

    I saw it listed on some fantasy news but apparently it was just a minor tweak and he’s fine.