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Published on 11/15/2012 at Thu Nov 15 14:26.
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For those who live outside of Colorado and do not have DirecTV, we present this handy-dandy broadcast map, courtesy of

Those of you who live in the blue areas will receive the Broncos/Chargers game on your local CBS station this weekend.  Kickoff is scheduled for 2:25 p.m (MT) and we’ll have complete coverage of the game here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  See you at kickoff!

  • Cheyennee Kid

    4th straight week to watch the Broncos at home instead of sportsbar! Have a half a dozen of us who gather there but we all dont mind watching it on the comfort of our homes. just text back and forth with them and my daughtet in Austin after highlights!

  • Jim_Jebow

    Just noticed you are using MST now, thanks for the switch Jon