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Published on 11/03/2012 at Sat Nov 03 08:30.
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The Denver Broncos (4-3) will take on the Cincinnati Bengals (3-4) on the road this weekend.  The last time the Broncos played in Cincinnati (2009), this went down:

Following the 2009 season, Stokley, battling injuries, spent time with the Seahawks and Giants from 2010-11, catching 32 receptions for 364 yards during that time.  This offseason, Stokley returned to Denver to join former teammate Peyton Manning as the Broncos’ third receiver.

Half way through the 2012 season, Stokley has caught 21 passes for 235 yards and three touchdowns.  In his career, Stokley has caught more touchdown passes from Manning (18) than any of the other seven quarterbacks he has played with (19 combined).

That play never gets old.  Hopefully the team won’t have to duplicate it in order to pull out a third consecutive win on Sunday.

  • dogheadbrew

    For those read way too much into esoteric statistical minutia: Football Outsiders ranks WR (and everything else (except refs, that could be interesting)) One of the ranks is Defense adjusted Value Over Average replacement (DVOA), which looks at targets v catches, and some situational stats like 3rd downs and things. Any who, Stoak is the 23 best WR as far as yards over replacement goes (DYAR) but 1st in DVOR.

    Which is all a statistical proof that they guy is smart, clutch and awesome. Even if that doesn’t take into account Stoak stopping two (that I can think of) excessive happiness penalties. One last week (Marshall/Decker) and one in 09 (Gaffney).

  • Brandon Kirk

    I have always been a fan, but that game made me really love the Broncos. That is still one of my favorite Bronco games of all time. I’m glad Stoke is back.

  • Jon Broncos Heath

    You mean Thomas/Decker last week and Gaffney in ’09 and Marshall in ’08, I was at the game when Marshall was going to pull out the glove…

  • dogheadbrew

    That too. That’s 45 yards negated.