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Published on 11/01/2012 at Thu Nov 01 07:00.
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For those who live outside of Colorado and do not have DirecTV, we present this handy-dandy broadcast map, courtesy of

Those of you who live in the red areas will receive the Broncos/Bengals game on your local CBS station this weekend.  Kickoff is scheduled for 11 a.m. (MT) and we’ll have complete coverage of the game here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  See you at kickoff!

  • Bryan

    I’m not sure if I’ll get the game on here or not yet. I’ll get the Baltimore-Cleveland game on Cleveland’s CBS. On Fox, even tho the map says Carolina-Washington, Comcast’s TV Guide is saying Arizona-Green Bay. As far as Pittsburgh’s CBS, which is what the Broncos-Cincy game is supposed to be on, Comcast is saying “Teams to be announced”. Ugh.

  • Terry Bleeks

    Looks like I am going to get to see my Broncos for the 9th straight week without having to stream from the net!! YUSSSSSSSSSS!!

  • BroncosWin people… why pay for television when it’s free all over the internet? I never have to worry about black outs, I watch any game I please. Stop being cable slaves pple. All you need is the internet and you have ever tv show and movie ever made FOR FREE.

    lol @ ignorance

  • BroncosWin stream any nfl game for free….. stop being a corporate puppet.

  • BroncosWin

    TV + Internet = I’m wasting all kinds of money on TV

  • Linda Conner

    Yay, So. CA is going to see the Broncos’ game – could Sunday be any better???? GOOOOO BRONCOS!!!!!!

  • Bryan

    I have a site I use when forced to stream. When I can’t get it on TV at home, I head to the local watering hole.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    I am not stupid,but where are you streaming from on the internet for free?