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Published on 10/15/2012 at Mon Oct 15 18:09.
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Hey you, in the red: you get to watch the Broncos game.

Tonight, the Denver Broncos‘ 2012 season pivots.

A win against the San Diego Chargers would mean the Broncos move to 3-3 and take control of the division. The hellish start of the season would be behind them, and while the remaining ten games are still tough, they can look forward to ten games in control.

A loss would put them at 2-4, two games behind the Chargers in divisional standings, and facing ten uphill games of clawing back to AFC relevance.

This is the most important game of the Broncos’ regular season.

First place in the AFC West is on the line. Peyton Manning‘s debut season with the Broncos is on the line. Chat (yes, chat, it’s back!) about the game here!

  • broncoluv

    Hope my boys get down tonight go broncos!

  • Carlo Scuri

    this team is pathetic. After one of the worst defensive performance in nfl history against the Patriots, tonight another shame. Muffed punt misundertood kick off, 20 penalties, a sure td missed because Decker takcled himself. I’ve never seen anything like that even with McDaniels. I’m sick of this.

  • Stavros Stamat

    Here we go, typical heartless Denver bullshit effort. I’m tired of this frankly and I’ve been a fan for 27 years. This is a bumbling, clumsy, stupid team, and I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Manning because I’m sure he didn’t expect this when he signed on. This game should be 10-7, or 17-10, not 24-0. These guys can’t get out of each others way. I’ve watched every nationally televised game via cable and DirecTV for almost three decades, but this? This is garbage and I’m ready to call it a night, and I’ve never given up on a game. But I’m sorry, the effort is just not there outside of Manning, Bailey, and a few others. Oh yeah, can Demarius Thomas just catch the F@*KING football and run upfield instead of trying to create some amazing TD run? Just get us the goddamn first down. FYI – tough day at work and coming home to stay up late for this horseshit is pissing me off. (obviously)

  • broncoluv

    Broncos are really under performaning because we have no play makers,play makers don’t get tackled by the grass- the teams prestige will suffer they keep getting punk on national tv, does Elway know what he’s doin? Or is he to busy endorsing the GOP!! Get together and get us some play makers Eddie mac wantabies ain’t gonna cut it – this is the NFL we need speed and beef & It’s obvious your drafts picks have yet to produce real fruit accept for v miller should of got one big 350 dude for the middle not 95 Wolfe he’s too small he needs help.Elway is to narcistic or something- he’s got all these loser coaches-too much good old boy nfl chronism. Get us a winning teamthere all the way around.Also do right by T.D. push for hall of fame end the curse,for real!!

  • broncoluv

    The Broncos are too small up front remember they passed in the draft some big boys

  • Stavros Stamat

    Ronnie Hillman looks like a little kid out there, and amazing, we are the worst 3rd down team EVER. We can’t even pick up a f##king fumble that we cause.

  • Stavros Stamat

    Everyone wants to be a star and make the big crazy play, no one wants to just MAKE A PLAY, like pick up a fumble Leohnard you ass. OMFG, thank you Tony Carter!!!!!!!!!! But I’m sure they’ll rule it a incomplete pass.

  • broncoluv

    Well they shut my mouth tonight kick the chargers ass Fo broncos

  • broncoluv

    Yep that’s good football!!

  • Brandon Kirk

    I love how this game turned out in light of all the comments. Ha!

  • broncoluv

    Yep the best monday night game in Bronco history.