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Published on 09/28/2012 at Fri Sep 28 07:57.
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denver-broncos-blogsDenver Broncos News

  • The Denver Broncos look to flip the script against the Oakland Raiders this week by beating them in Denver for the first time since 2007. WAT?! []
  • Apparently, the Broncos wide receivers are still adjusting to a Peyton Manning thrown ball. All I have to say is, give me a friggin’ break. Blame Tim Tebow, blame Manning. Just catch the damn ball! []
  • D.J. Williams is meeting with the NFL today about another 2-3 game suspension on top of his current punishment. I wonder how many more chances John Elway will give this talented, poor-choice making individual. [Denver Post]
  • Now that the real referees are back, the former replacements are complaining about how poorly they were treated – demonized if you will. My advice to them is, you shouldn’t have sucked at your job. []
  • Just to drive that point home, both coaches like John Fox and players hailed the return of the regulars. That alone should tell us all just how terrible the replacements were. Good riddance! [Denver Post]

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  • DougEngland

    That article on Manning and his recievers does nothing to explain all the flat out drops.

  • Tim Lynch

    I know. Which is why I added my little comment at the end of that. ;)

  • Doom92

    Perhaps the Broncos should have absolutely went after Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clarke… I was hoping so all along! I think we would be well ahead of where we are now from a rhythm stand point.