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Published on 09/10/2012 at Mon Sep 10 09:20.
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Tim Tebow may be gone, but his legacy in Denver lives on… at least when it comes to post-play celebrations.

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller paid tribute to his former teammate by Tebowing after sacking Ben Roethlisberger in the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s 31-19 Broncos win. Check the video below:

A play earlier, Miller had also taken down Roethlisberger, celebrating with a Billy “White Shoes” Johnson dance.

What do you all think about Von Miller Tebowing? Personally, as long as Von Miller is sacking someone, he could punch a baby after for all I’d care.

Video H/T Tim in the Daily Links

  • Bryandotcom

    “Punch a baby” LOL…Extreme but I agree. As long as he’s sacking the QB or tackles for a loss, he can celebrate however he wants.

  • Dan Dowodzenka

    What Legacy are you guys talking about? Tebow was an average QB at best, he has no ‘legacy’ here. Thats an insult to the REAL QB’s that we’ve had that created successful seasons and great memories! Media hound with the help of fan ignorance..guess thats a legacy also.

  • Jim_Jebow

    that was my favorite moment of the game

  • TD30isMVP

    He was vocal about liking Tebow and showed him some respect, I thought it was awesome. Dan get over your Tebow hate, he provided a spark in what turned out to be a memorable and exciting season. The come backs and “Tebow Time” was his legacy in a short Bronco career, it was fun, and thankfully, over.

  • herc_rock

    You can’t just go punch a baby right away. You gotta watch them for a bit, so you can pick up on their tendencies. No need to rush. Like this one time, I noticed that whenever this one lady said HOORAY to her baby, the baby raised her arms. That opens up a great path for your fist. So then I went up to the kid and said HOORAY! Then the baby raised her arms and I went BOOM BITCH! Dropped that baby like a damn stone.

    /greatest KSK post ever.

  • Tim Lynch

    Celebrate the year he had…why be bitter about winning the division and beating the heavily favored Steelers in the playoffs? Being bitter about that is like being bitter that Tebow was traded and replaced by Peyton FREAKING Manning!

  • gadlaw

    A couple of things. First of all, Tim Tebow is a good man and was a great Bronco. He put his heart and soul into it and while I wasn’t a fan to start out with I became a Tim Tebow fan because he was a Bronco and because of his heart. Another thing, to me he’s family. Once a Denver Bronco always a Denver Bronco, just like Dan Reeves, Mike Shannahan, Jay Cutler, Coach Kubiak, Red Miller, Shannon Sharpe, Randy Gradishar, Dennis Smith, Steve Atwater, Floyd Little, Craig Morton, – the list is long and distinguished and I wish all of them well whether they stayed Broncos or not. You all love Shannon Sharpe right? He left to get paid. Tebow was traded. I don’t know what anyone else’s criteria is for whether you like past Broncos but I’m with Von Miller here, he respects what came before him and I respect him for that.

  • herc_rock

    How about Eddie Kennison? Is he still “family”?

  • Jade Purdie

    COULD NOT have said it better myself. I live in Denver, and Tim WOKE UP THE TOWN last season. We had fun, and got to the playoffs. Was it gonna work for ever? No. Do I thank Tim for his efforts and wish him all the best? Hell to the yes. He was a popular guy in Denver, still is, and props to Miller.

  • TheTroglodyte


  • gadlaw

    A fellow who dissed the Broncos is not the same thing as folks who played their hearts out and played Bronco football and were good teammates and good representatives. You just want to be argumentative and pick a fight? I’m not sure why else you would bring Kennison up. Do you hate Shannon Sharpe for leaving? Did you love him again when he retired as a Bronco? Are we all supposed to be that fickle and shallow as human beings? The players are human beings. Being a fan doesn’t mean checking your brain at the door.

  • TheTroglodyte


  • rightmostofthetime

    Really, dude? Maybe you should be thankful that Tebow took us to the playoffs (Orton wouldn’t have) and was most likely instrumental in Peyton choosing Denver. Tebow is NOT an average QB. If you had been at any of the games and seen the energy he brought to the team and the fans, you would know this. I wish him all the best.

  • rightmostofthetime

    Von Miller is a class act.

  • Paradisimo

    Anyone see Ty Warren is out for the season? Bummer.

  • rightmostofthetime

    Yep. Guess that experiment is over. Too bad it cost them cap room.

  • herc_rock

    “Once a Denver Bronco always a Denver Bronco” is your naive quote, guy. I’m just trying to point out that a whole bunch of assholes and shitbirds have played for us in the past.

  • gadlaw

    I think everyone knows that already. Cutler wasn’t quite mature, neither was Marshall. Plummer marched to the beat of a different drum. Nobody is perfect, some are buttheads, some you hope figure it out someday. And it’s not a ‘naive’ quote, its a bit of situation based idealism. You know it’s only football after all, not life and death and if I would like to have a bit of hopeful idealism about this one thing in life that’s my right. There’s no need to impose you cynicism to everyone. I’m a Denver fan for the irrational reason that I was born in Denver and my family is there. It’s my irrational attachment. Why are you watching and caring about any one team?

  • 350legend

    I dont mind the Tebow prayer after a sack or TD, However that first sack dance is kind of creepy to me, i just prefer the mile high SALUTE if u ask me, either way is was ALL awesome to watch! BroncoFan4Life!

  • AmLowLife

    Since he was mocking the whole Tebowing thing I’m all for it…

  • herc_rock

    Look man, if you want to look at Bronco history though your orange and blue colored glasses, more power to ya.

    You can call it cynicism if you like, I call it realism.

  • Phil Munson

    I call
    It being a grumpy douche.

  • Sharon Gonzalez

    You are so right (most of the time);Tim Tebow is Not an average QB. He has that powerful “It” factor.

  • Sharon Gonzalez

    Perfectly said, Gadlaw, and perfectly right/correct. Except I was a fan from the beginning at UF.

  • Tim Lynch

    Tebow is a Jet. I thank him for his service and wonderfully exciting 2011 season, but honestly, all I care about now is the 2012 season. ;)

  • TheTroglodyte

    +3 game set match

  • TheTroglodyte


  • TD30isMVP

    Kinda angry after a solid win there Herc.

  • Doom92

    Well I’ve always thought Herc was a bit of a button pusher as well. He very much seems to like to get people here riled up, it is his MO. But he is just as intitled to his take as you are.

    While I agree with almost everything you said I wouldnt call Tebow a “Great” Bronco. I’d say everything else about him that you stated though for sure.

  • Doom92

    I have to agree, he is very far from having a “Legacy” anywhere. But he did as some one else said “Wake Denver up”. I hated his brand of football and I’m glad its gone but I was excited watching him for a number of quarters while he was here. As I stated above I dont think he was “Great: here, I thought he did what he does and it was very fun at “times” and pure agony at others. This doesnt mean that I dis him or wish him ill, nothing could be farther from the truth. I DVR’d the Jets Bills game just so I could see what they had for him. He is very fun to watch at “times”. But I didnt want him to be our full time guy and I’m glad ge is not.

    Also… X1000 what Tim said lower, its 2012 and we are off to a terrific start. Win Loose or Draw from here on that first game will take me as a lifer a long ways ;-).

  •é-Carlos-Li-Ho/673540180 José Carlos Li-Ho

    I loved the “Tebow” that Miller did. He showed respect. Tebow will be a Bronco forever for me, remember that luckily fans did not ditch him, it was the man in the suits.
    And from a personal view:
    Tebow gave me the most exciting year as a Bronco Fan. I was kinda young in the Elway era. So I think he will be remember 15 years from now, not for the DRAMA, but for the fun and surprises he kept on bringing to the Bronco Country. That game VS Pitts is my ALL TIME FAVORITE as a Bronco. (Untill I see an exciting SB win)

  • Sam

    Say what ever you want about Tebow. But Denver is in a good spot becasue of Tebow. Denver should be thankful to Tebow for ever. Even if they win Superbowl this year.

    If Denver hadn’t won last year and got to playoffs, and if Tebow hadn’t helped elevate the Defense in Denver. Would Peyton Manning have come to Denver??? …. NO

    NFL Football for a team is all about winning now and making money. Peyton is surely an upgrade right now at QB position. I understand why Denver went after Peyton. They should have let Tebow be there and learn. I know you all will say his circus around him…. but atleast reward him by letting him be in same system and learn from one of the best.

    Tebow will do good with Jets too. He just needs a chance. I actually like that Rex/Soprano are seeing improvement in Tebow’s passing skills. 1-2 more years under same offense, will get Tebow starting QB position either with Jets or somewhere else.