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Published on 09/05/2012 at Wed Sep 05 12:00.
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Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 12-4 (2011), 3-1 preseason
Streak: Lost 1 (2011)
Series vs. Denver: 7-13-1 (3-7-1 away)
Last time: Broncos, 29-23, 2011 playoffs
The Line: Denver by 1.5

The Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers kickoff the 2012 season on Sunday night in Peyton Manning‘s Broncos debut. Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. MDT. Here’s our first look at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who’s hot: Rookie running back Chris Rainey. The fifth round draft pick out of Florida has reportedly won both starting returners spots for the Steelers after an impressive preseason showing. Rainey had punt return touchdowns of 78 and 90 yards in Week Four of the preseason that were both brought back due to holding penalties. Outside of those electrifying plays, Rainey had two other big-play touchdowns this preseason: a 57-yard touchdown reception in Week One and a 41-yard rushing touchdown in Week Three. This late round draft pick has become a diamond in the draft rough — a triple threat now when many other rookies in his draft slot were on their respective teams’ roster bubbles.

Who’s not: Steelers offensive line. The unit, much maligned and injury-riddled since 2010, didn’t finish the preseason healthy either. They lost first round draft pick guard David DeCastro to a knee injury, likely for the season, and allowed 14 sacks in four preseason games.

Matchup to Watch: Ben Roethlisberger vs. Broncos defense. A crucial component to every Broncos victory over a Roethlisberger-led Steelers team has been pressuring the quarterback, and last January’s playoff victory at Sports Authority Field at Mile High was no exception. Roethlisberger was rattled. However, word on the street is that Big Ben is healthy for the first time in over a calendar year. He has a pair of weapons in Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace that will cause any defensive coordinator fits, and if he’s mobile enough to evade pressure and make time, Brown and Wallace will make the Broncos pay.

  • AZDynamics

    I’m not sure if it matters whether Roethlisberger is more mobile this year than he was in the playoff game. His legs can usually get him out of trouble, but Miller, Wolfe, and Dumervil have unusual speed at the D-line. If the Steelers can’t get the running game going (and they might not with Warren, Bannan, and Vick in there), they may be in trouble with that shambles of an O-line. Denver over Pitt 27-17 sounds about right to me. We’ll see . . .

  • TheTroglodyte


  • 350legend

    Im looking for our Defense to steam roll that weak O-line they have! ORANGE CRUSH baby!!

  • Randy Kirklle

    With the addition of Wolfe to the Bronco pass rush this season I don’t think the Steelers are going to be able to keep the pressure off Rothlisberger. The Broncos running game and defense are going to win them this game. Manning will just have to focus on managing the game and taking care of the football. It will be fun to see these two teams match up again after what happened in the playoffs last year. Unfortunately I’ll be working a night shift at Dish during the game Sunday night so I turned on Prime Time Anytime on my Hopper DVR. It automatically records all the prime time TV on the four major networks for me. I’ll be looking for the Broncos to pound the Steelers defense with the running game, and have success throwing to the tight ends all night. It looks like a 24-17 Bronco victory to me!

  • Monty

    I feel a lot more confident now that they don’t have DeCastro, that’s for sure.

  • Doom92

    I did not realize that we own the Steelers like that… We be there Daddy…lmao.

  • TheTroglodyte

    That’s too bad you got stuck working for Dish and have to waste time deleting the shows of 3 other networks you don’t give a $%@! about.

    Oh well, not everyone can work for a real tv company like DirecTV. Whatdaya do?

  • anthony33

    For the first time in I don’t know how long, I have the feeling that the Broncos have a decent shot to win every game. I am not predicting 16-0, but rather they have a team, if healthy, capable of being in every game. In fact, anything over 8 or 9 wins would be a very good season based the the blistering schedule. We need a couple of guys to make the next step in becoming pro bowl type players and who knows.
    Can’t wait for Sunday!

  • Jon


  • TheTroglodyte


  • 350legend

    Orange Crush will truck right threw that paper curtain, i mean steel curtain, lol

  • Mile High Mark

    This defense should be able to provide ample pressure with just 4 down lineman. I don’t see any way the Steelers are going to score enough points to win.this game.

  • juice21

    Seriously can we do something about this guy?

  • areferee

    Corned Beef Hashtags are for supper.

  • areferee

    Some of us Neanderthals still have K-Bull.