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Published on 09/02/2012 at Sun Sep 02 22:29.
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Rafael Bush and Mike Adams

Denver Broncos safeties Rafael Bush and Mike Adams at training camp on July 30, 2012. (Kyle Montgomery/ photo)

The Road to 53 is never an easy one for coaches and team executives, but maybe John Elway and John Fox can sleep a little easier knowing a handful of the players they cut have landed elsewhere in the NFL.

Safety Rafael Bush has landed on the 53-man roster of the New Orleans Saints, while tackle Ryan Harris joins the zone-blocking comfortability of the Houston Texans.

Meanwhile, quarterback Adam Weber fielded practice squad offers from four teams, ultimately choosing to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, since they had two QB’s on their roster compared to the Broncos’ three.

The Broncos decided to stick with the 53 players they had in camp rather than scour the hundreds-deep waiver wire.

“That means you’re getting better,” John Elway told The Denver Post.

Do you take this as a sign the Broncos made a mistake releasing these guys? Either way, BT wishes the three of them the best of luck.

  • Yakuzainkusa

    I think it was a mistake to lose Adam Weber. He was definitely the 2nd best quarterback on the team. Arguably for the past 2 seasons. I think politics came too much into play in the decision not to keep Weber.
    It is sad to see Ryan Harris not make the roster because of all he brings to the team both on and off the field. Time will tell if his surgery was a success and if he is once again that dominate tackle he showed us he could be.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I personally would rather have Weber than Hanie, but so it goes.

    Everything I’ve read about Ryan Harris tells me he is not his old self and probably isn’t going to be. Still, I wish him well and I hope he recovers.

    Given our thin prospects at safety, I’m surprised Rafael Bush landed anywhere. Perhaps New Orleans is even thinner. Or maybe we just have a problem that we have a bunch of backup quality safeties and no starting quality safeties.

  • Jon

    Webbie > Hanie.

  • Jon

    See also: Drayton Florence lands in Detroit —

  • BetterThanCottonCandy

    I think it is more a sign that the personnel group is doing their job than they have made mistakes in letting these players go. We have more quality players than we can field. Great position to be in.
    It was good to see Weber go, for his sake. He needed a fresh chance. He has the ability to catch on as a true backup but there is just too much in front of him at Denver. Best of luck to him.

  • Justswondering

    Question – how many of the Broncos that were on the playoff team roster last year are still on the team now? Obviously there were guys who were contributors that got them there that got hurt as well.

  • 18chronicles

    I also think Weber really deserves a chance to be the backup before Osweiler is ready…. he shows nothing but poise and accuracy. Why keep Hanie???? THAT befuddles me….

  • Doom92

    Loosing Weber is a real bummer. If he ends up playing in Tampa or any where I hope he has an awesome career and will be a fan as long as he doesn’t come back to the AFC West. I think the Broncos blew this one and if at any point they have to count on Hanie this year they will also…