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Published on 08/12/2012 at Sun Aug 12 09:40.
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Orlando Franklin

We’re reading increased reports of big Orlando Franklin‘s possible shift from right tackle to a position in the interior of the offensive line, with right guard (somewhat surprisingly) being the most-discussed destination. The idea: move Franklin to right guard, then shift Chris Kuper over to left guard, replacing Zane Beadles. The move would put the Broncos’ strongest offensive linemen next to each other on the left side while giving Franklin a better chance to display his wicked mauling blocks on run plays, while offering more leniency in pass protection.

The problem: who plays right tackle?

The Broncos were inadvertently given the opportunity to try out players at right tackle when Franklin suffered a concussion early in training camp. Franklin was out nearly a week; his primary backup was Chris Clark, with former starting right tackle Ryan Harris also seeing some work with the first team during walkthroughs.

Clark looked the part more often than not, while Harris failed to impress in the camp practice I scouted him closely. Still, there are three preseason games left; either one could step up and take Franklin’s right tackle job with a couple of solid games.

Another option would be Zane Beadles, who filled in for Harris at right tackle during Beadles’ 2010 rookie season.

Franklin saw time at left guard with the second team during Thursday’s preseason game, but Mike Klis of The Denver Post reports that there are no plans to make the move permanent.

Still, Beadles has never quite looked the part at left guard, and Franklin had his struggles at right tackle. Should one of these three right tackle candidates step up, don’t be surprised if the Broncos slide Franklin one spot over, putting Kuper next to Ryan Clady to help protect Peyton Manning‘s blind side.

And giving Kuper, who has always been on the cusp of Pro Bowl/All Pro accolades, a better chance in the OL spotlight to earn them.

  • AZDynamics

    Hmmm . . . totally missed your Day 8 piece where you talked about Harris, Monty. This really disappoints me and makes me wonder about his back, whether it has ever recovered. A few years back, as you know, Harris was regarded by many as one of the better RTs in the league, and he would make the coaches’ decisions about the OL so much easier, were he playing back up to his former level.


    i would love to see franklin @ RG, IF they can find a tackle who is more functional as a pass blocker and does not give up to much in the run game. Franklin is a scary prospect inside.

  • Steve Smith

    Sounds a little fishy too me. If someone could come into the starting RT spot and protect better than Franklin then I would understand. Is Beadles better at RT than LG?

  • Jon

    I am all for Franklin moving inside.

  • ervin brown

    It’s amazing to me that no one has considered that the best offensive lines in the NFL are a product of some of the best defensive lines, because they lined up across from each other as teammates in practice scrimmages? I believe that Peyton Manning will become quite comfortable behind this line, however it’s assembled