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Published on 08/07/2012 at Tue Aug 07 12:15.
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Fox and Manning

Denver Broncos coach John Fox and quarterback Peyton Manning during the team's 2012 training camp. ( photo)

From Rick Reilly’s piece last weekend —

While everybody in Denver squirms waiting to see whether Manning’s four-times-operated-on neck will hold up when he gets hit hard for the first time in 19 months, Manning himself can hardly wait.

“I’d like to get it over with,” he says. “I really would. I’d kinda just like [Chicago Bears linebacker Brian] Urlacher or somebody to get a good clean shot and just lay me out. Kind of shake the cobwebs out. So I can get up and go, ‘Yeah, OK. I’m ready now.’ And at least Urlacher wouldn’t use me like a footstool to get up, either.”

Count me among the guys squirming for that first hit. We’ve all been told Manning’s neck is 100% — better, even — but we won’t know until someone like an Urlacher or Julius Peppers lights him up during this Thursday’s first preseason game.

Do we want to know? Do we want to have that certainty, one way or another? That’s the magic of the NFL offseason, isn’t it? The potential, the possibilities, the on-paper-championship-ness. It’s a trait shared just about every offseason, but this year’s Manning-driven frenzy has upped the hype quite a bit.

It turns out Urlacher might not even play, but still — I’d rather just keep sitting in La La Land myself. Protect that blind side, Ryan Clady. Let’s keep the mystery going a bit longer.

  • Andpark

    I would be perfectly happy if PFM doesn’t get touched in any game. Preseason, regular season, post season or the SuperBowl!

  • 350legend

    Im sick of hearing that myself, but like i said before, it will be like a sctrach on a car, NOTHING!!!


    I once coached a young man who had an open chest surgery. He was cleared to play, conditioned and ready, but until he got hit, all of us were on edge and really concerned. It happened about three plays into the 2nd quarter! He popped up, looked into the stands at his mom, gave a thumbs up and it was done. I understand what Manning is saying.

  • Mike Birtwistle

    He’s probably going to get hit at some point but you can’t worry about injuries, they can happen to anyone at any time.

  • rcsodak

    This comment is almost a week old. Are headlines really that hard to come by, in the midst of training camp? lol

  • rcsodak

    You big lug, you. Lol. Hey bud. Over tebow yet? Sorry…couldnt help myself.

  • Monty

    Less than 4 days old, and it was probably because of other headlines that I missed it before now.

  • Jon

    Agree with you there.

  • herc_rock

    He’ll be fine