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Published on 08/06/2012 at Mon Aug 06 11:26.
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Broncos defensive linemen at practice

Denver Broncos defensive linemen at practice ( photo)

The Denver Broncos‘ first depth chart of 2012 has been released. It’s more or less as expected based on our observations from camp, but here are a few items of note.


I wrote not an hour ago that I expected the backup quarterback order to be Caleb Hanie, Brock Osweiler, then Adam Weber. I was right about Hanie, wrong about Brock and Adam. Flip them around and you’ve got the Broncos’ current QB pecking order.

All behind Peyton Manning, of course.

Knowshon Moreno


Running back Knowshon Moreno is listed as the fourth running back, behind Willis McGahee, Lance Ball, and Ronnie Hillman. Moreno’s been wearing a large knee brace while he recovers from his ACL injury, and Hillman’s missed a few practices with a hamstring, so anything is still possible.


Jason Hunter‘s promotion to the first team wasn’t temporary. Sometimes coaches will try out different personnel packages from time to time, but that isn’t the case here. Hunter is listed ahead of Robert Ayers at defensive end.


Tackle Chris Clark is listed as the #2 left tackle, while Ryan Harris is listed as the #2 right tackle. It’s been the opposite of that in every camp practice so far: Clark has been filling in for Orlando Franklin at right, while Harris has been the #2 left tackle. Weird to see that misrepresented on the depth chart. We’ll keep an eye on practice reports today.


The starting Will linebacker position is still penciled-in as belonging to D.J. Williams, but his six-game suspension has put him in isolation during camp. He never participated in team drills, with Wesley Woodyard filling in for him.


Quinton Carter

The most fluid position on the depth chart might be safety, where Quinton Carter is listed as a starter (currently injured), Rahim Moore is set to go opposite him (he hasn’t been stellar at camp), Mike Adams is a backup (veteran leader thought to be a starter), and Jim Leonhard is third-string (potential starter, if he can get healthy). These positions seem totally still up in the air.

This depth chart gives us an idea of what to expect during the Broncos’ first preseason game in Chicago this Thursday, but depth beyond that will be determined by players’ performances in the preseason games themselves. Stay tuned!

  • E. Halsey Miles

    I’ll lay 3:1 odds that Moreno doesn’t make the team this year.

  • Doomiller

    Doctor,doctor, how’s my Mcdanielitis. Your progressing very well son. Will it leave a scar? Yes my son,yes.

  • fiercepika

    I think he *just* beats out Jeremiah Johnson, who goes back to the practice squad. Also, I think Hanie is ultimately cut.

  • Lynwood David

    I think that Ball and KnoShow might be gone. Not a fan of 2nd string qb

  • BroncoMan24

    JJ doesn’t have any eligibility left so he either makes it or is cut. I hope he stays. I like him.

  • Steve Smith

    classic!! ripping on McDanials will some day become the next American pasttime.

  • Jon

    Ball is ballin’ bumping everybody down the depth chart!

  • Brandon Kirk

    Hey guys. New to the forum.

    I’m bummed Weber is not doing better. I was hoping for Weber and Osweiler to back up Manning.

    Also, I love Lance Ball and hope he bumps Moreno. I want to take Mcgahee, Hillman, and Ball into this year.

    Is it a bad thing if Carter has been out and he’s still listed above Moore?

  • Monty

    I think it will be Weber and Osweiler, at the end of the day. Your running back projection is the most likely one at this point, but it’s still fluid. Moore has not impressed me.

    Preseason will determine these guys’ ranks 10x more than camp though, so it’s time to get excited!! Two days away!