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Published on 08/04/2012 at Sat Aug 04 19:46.
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Eric Decker

Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker sprints during the team's Summer Scrimmage at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Saturday, August 4, 2012. ( photo)

No electricity? No problem.

Peyton Manning can still deliver.

The veteran signal-caller was faced with a short-circuiting dilemma during the Denver Broncos‘ stadium scrimmage Saturday. As the offense faced 3rd and 6 from the nine-yard line, technical difficulties prevented Manning from getting the play call from offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

“The headphones went down, actually. Sometimes those do on occasion,” Manning said. “So instead of burning the timeout, Coach McCoy just told me, ‘If the phones go down, just call something that you like.'”

“How about a touchdown?”, Manning must have thought, as he settled on the play in his head. He began his trademark audible from behind center, shouting out the play to his offensive linemen and receivers. The crowd of 41,304 caught wind of what Manning was doing and began cheering wildly, sending themselves into a fever pitch.

With one second on the play clock, Manning hiked the football. Wide receiver Eric Decker pulled a double-move on corner Drayton Florence, then zinged toward the front left corner of the end zone. Manning sent the football skyward, and it floated perfectly into Decker’s hands, over his back shoulder, and in stride. Touchdown.

“It was excellent coverage by Florence, but Decker did a good job kind of holding his eyes until the last minute,” Manning said. “Back shoulder fades are a hard route to cover. That was something he and I have been working on.”

That work made Manning and Decker a lights-out combination.

  • Jon

    I am bouncing up and down at the thought of Manning and Decker connecting on back shoulder fades during the regular season.

  • TheTroglodyte

    THAT is exciting!!!

  • Cory Richardson

    Do you Peyton freaking Manning, take Eric Freaking Decker to be your number one wideout till fade routes do the defense death.
    Peyton’s replies ” does a bear take a ish in the woods and wipes with a bunny rabbit? Heck yea!!!!!”
    The broncos live happily ever after as superbowl champs!

  • Monty


  • anthony33

    Okay, this is good. Glad to see Manning threw a touchdown pass against the second team defense. No doubt Manning is back.

    How did Osweiler look, how did Hillman look and what did the first team defense (especially Moore) do against he second unit offense?

    Read a lot of stuff this morning, but didn’t see anything pertaining to anything other than Peyton. Excited he’s doing well and is healthy, but from our Elway days we all know it take a heck of a lot more to really win.

    Come Thursday we will start to learn what we have!! Can’t wait.
    BTW does anyone know if the NFL network is going to show that game live?? One of the major pitfalls of living in the NW.

  • r cam

    It looks like the game will be aired Thurday 10pm mountain time

  • fiercepika

    Hillman was out with an injury. Osweiller looked okay: didn’t throw downfield, but also no mistakes, and hit his out routes quickly and deftly. He sailed one pass over the middle, but that was it. Hanie continues to look like the odd man out, in my book.

  • anthony33

    excellent… thanks for the update… NFL network only says game TBD.

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    r cam wrote, in response to anthony33:
    It looks like the game will be aired Thurday 10pm mountain time

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