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Published on 07/30/2012 at Mon Jul 30 18:06.
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Ryan Clady

Denver Broncos offensive tackle Ryan Clady participates in team practice on the first day of training camp, Thursday, July 26, 2012. ( photo)

As it stands now, Ryan Clady is headed for free agency in 2013.

The Denver Broncos and the two-time Pro Bowl left tackle have “mutually agreed” to cease contract extension talks until after the 2012 season, The Denver Post reported Monday.

Clady is set to make $3.5 million in 2012, the final year of his rookie contract. The Broncos had reportedly hoped to extend Clady’s contract by Monday, and had offered Clady $50 million over five years to that end.

The Broncos can still place the franchise tag on Clady, which would cost them $9.6 million in 2013.

This is terrible news. Ryan Clady getting one step closer to free agency is Ryan Clady getting one step closer to leaving Denver. Pro Bowl left tackles don’t just hit the open market. They just don’t, and if Clady did, he’d be incredibly in-demand.

Clady wasn’t happy being the third-highest paid left tackle in the game (the equivalent of the Broncos’ offer), so he’s betting on himself having a phenomenal year protecting Peyton Manning and earning more money. That’s a bet I think the Broncos will regret letting Clady make. Thanks goodness for franchise tags.

Broncos, Clady break off contract talks [Denver Post]

  • Jon

    Don’t let him get away.

  • Matt Dierking

    Not good news. Blindside protection is crucial in this league.

  • MrEast

    He wants Joe Thomas money. The problem is, he isn’t even close to Joe Thomas.

  • Jeffrey Koch

    Exactly I thought 50 million was a very good contract

  • anthony33

    I am certainly not an expert on left tackles, but I would say Clady is well above average. Problem is, at least from everything I have read, has slipped since his injury a couple of years ago.

    So… you pass up 25 million guaranteed for what? To be the top paid LT??? He’s might be top 5, more than likely top 10. I don’t get it. If he has a average or sub par year he’s stuck. The Broncos offered him what I think if very fair value and he is walking away from a lifetime of financial security for MAYBE a few million. I think he is getting horrible advice. Even if he has a good year the Broncos can franchise him.
    What am I missing here??

  • Mergrath

    He’s a good LT…not a great LT. Maybe had he not blown out his knee playing basketball but that’s on him. He owes the franchise IMO for taking part in an off field activity which ultimately hurt his team. Ask Tamba Hali who his favorite LT is…

  • Jason Holm

    I think there is probably some language in the contract that we’re not hearing about. This is a one-side-of-the-story from a franchise that does NOT disclose the financials of any deal. Odd it is that they are happy to tell us about it now. Don’t you think?