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Published on 07/31/2012 at Tue Jul 31 06:00.
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The XXX Summer Olympiad kicked off on Saturday with the game’s popular Opening Ceremonies.  Over 40 million people tuned in to watch the event on NBC, but that still wasn’t more than watched Denver’s AFC Wild Card victory over Pittsburgh earlier in the year.

The numbers aren’t surprising—more people in America care about football than the Olympics, 1.7 million to be exact.  NBC could have the best of both worlds if American football became an Olympic sport, and according to, that could be a possibility by 2024.

Meanwhile, we are in agreement with Michael Lombardi that if American football does become an Olympic sport, Denver’s Von Miller would surely make team USA.

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies?  Will you watch the NFL’s Hall of Fame game (Arizona vs. New Orleans) on Sunday?  

  • jdkchem

    The olympians would never go for it but shouldn’t the US be represented by the best team, the Super Bowl champs?

  • herc_rock

    Football in the olympics is a terrible idea on about a million levels.