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Published on 07/11/2012 at Wed Jul 11 18:47.
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(Image courtesy of CBS4)

Peyton Manning can move out of Mike Shanahan‘s Cherry Hills Village home now.  The veteran quarterback recently purchased his own home in the neighborhood.

Manning closed the deal on the 16,000 square foot home for $4,575,000, according to CBS4 in Denver.  The home was originally listed for $5.25 million early last year.

The seven-bedroom house comes with more than three acres and includes seven bathrooms (meaning he can host six receivers at a time, assuming Peyton, his wife and one-year-old twins stay in the same room).  Manning’s commute to Dove Valley and the Denver Broncos‘ practice facility will be roughly twenty minutes (if traffic gets bad, he’ll be able to call an audible).

Manning and his teammates will report to Dove Valley on July 25th with 2012 training camp scheduled to begin on the 26th.  View the team’s complete training camp schedule here.

Manning has been in Colorado for a few months but purchasing his own home makes it seem all the more official.  We’re glad to have you here, Peyton.  We hope you’ll stick around for a long, long time and win some rings during your stay.

  • MrEast

    Well, there goes the neighborhood.