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Published on 05/30/2012 at Wed May 30 06:12.
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BroncoTalk mobile

Siri can't talk smack about anymore.

We talk about ourselves about 1/100th as much as some other Broncos blogs out there, but every so often, something happens behind the scenes worth mentioning. Today definitely fits that bill.

BroncoTalk: there’s an app for that.

(It’s your phone’s built-in web browser, pointed at Still cool).

We’re in the dredges of the offseason, yet we’re posting five to ten times a day anyway. It was about time we gave our mobile audience a better way to browse BT. Our mission to inform and entertain Broncos fans is now better served with BroncoTalk at your fingertips, anywhere you want it.

Check out our site on your iPhone/Android device/Blackberry/eNV2 (God, for your sake we hope you’re still not suffering through that last one) to see the new mobile look, and let us know what you think or if you have any issues!

  • Mike Birtwistle

    well you seem to have Disqus working OK ish which is way better than any other site around.

    Still has Android Firefox jumping arounf wheb you use the back key. hence the typos.

  • herc_rock

    Looks solid

  • Monty

     Hmm… thanks Mike. Mind checking it out in Chrome?

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Its much better in android chrome. Firefox’s form filling out has always been terrible. The auto complete is good but when you focus on a field it jumps to the top of the page.

    I’ll check dolphin and the native browser too

  • Mike Birtwistle

    Dolphin looks good too

  • chrislynch

    Looks pretty good on my Lumia 900.

  • MrEast

    So jeal. My Focus is dying.

  • herc_rock

    On whatever browser comes w/ the Samsung Galaxy S2…

  • Jon

    Awesome! BT needed to become mobile friendly…

  • Josh Temple

    I have the same phone. For Gods sake download Dolphin Browser.

  • Seth Benesh

    why go mobile version. id rather run the reg site on my galaxy 2

  • Monty

    You have the option to view the full version by deselecting “Mobile Theme” at the bottom of the mobile site.

  • Monty

    After some glitches throughout the day today hope we got them all figured out. Let us know if it ever renders improperly!