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Published on 05/13/2012 at Sun May 13 12:23.
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Ty Warren

Denver Broncos defensive tackle Ty Warren looks on during the team's practice at the Broncos headquarters in Englewood, Colo., on Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011. (Denver Post/David Zalubowski)

The Denver Broncos and presumed starting defensive tackle Ty Warren aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

Warren signed a two-year deal with the Broncos as a free agent in 2011 after missing 2010 with a hip injury. A torn triceps in training camp left the Broncos without Warren in 2011. He’s the presumed starting nose tackle heading into 2012, but relying on a defensive lineman on the wrong side of 30 who hasn’t played a snap in two years is like putting all your money on a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. The Broncos would like to halve that risk.

So, the Broncos approached Warren about reducing his pay from the $4 million owed him in 2012 to less than $2 million, Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports.

According to Klis, Warren balked at the idea and hasn’t been attending voluntary offseason workouts.

But here’s the catch: they approached DT Kevin Vickerson with a similar request, asking him to restructure his contract from $2.25 million to $1.2 million. Vickerson, not wanting to be released, accepted.

So now, the Broncos have a choice: honor Warren’s free agent contract, or play hard ball and cut the overpriced veteran. The former would be a slap in Vickerson’s face. The latter would seriously decimate their depth at defensive tackle.

All the Broncos wanted from Warren when they signed him in 2011 was a veteran defensive tackle who would hold his ground. Now they need him to budge. Hopefully some middle ground between the Broncos and Warren can be found.

  • Cdub12344321

    Man you haven’t proven you can play in two seasons take the pay cut or take a walk! Vickerson isn’t that bad

  • Cdub12344321

    Man you haven’t proven you can play in two seasons take the pay cut or take a walk! Vickerson isn’t that bad


    With that attitude you would not get the best effort out of him anyway i say hit the rode jack and dont come back no more no more.

  • cdeez

    Cut his ass.

  • Laurence0328

    I say just re-sign Marcus Thomas for a 2 year deal and just let Warren walk.

  • Bureaucracydismantler

    Cut the greedy f.cker.

  • Speer

    Not a team player and isn’t worthy of a championship. Cut him 

  • Bryan

    can he even finish a season? lose him!

  • Kent G

    See you later Warren, yer Cut!

  • Tom9798

    Ty had an $8 million contract for two years, didin’t play last year, but got his $4 million, and wants his other $4million for this year, but hasn’t played yet?

    See ya . . . .

  • Gbrider

    Appartently he hasn’t been paying attention to the FA market. There are still serviceable DL out there that are under 30 and weren’t on IR for the past 2 years….bye bye dumb a**

  • Markamo71

    wont take a pay cut?  then get cut. C ya fat ass.

  • Anonymous

    Some of the decisions these guys make crack me up, he’s biting his own nose off to spite his own face! What an idiot!

    I’m truly not impressed with him any way and he’ll be lucky to draw the vet mini if he is even picked up. Bye Bye dumb ass!

  • Ninjaix

    Do they cut him and resign Thomas… his # is back on the shelf.. they could also go after Aubrayo Franklin

  • Anonymous

    1)  I am surprised the owners did not protect themselves in the last CBA.  Seems like there would be an easy solve whereby the player has to take a cut in year two and can EARN back the full salary based on the amount of playing time.   Crazy idea I know… ask a guy to earn his money.

    2) Cut his fat ass.

  • Cweisnbrg

    If they get 4 million freed up to sign another FA, this is a NBer.

  • Danno

    Has anyone added up the total screw job that the patriots have put on the Broncos? And, why are we taking so much risk at DL? Trying to free up a little more for Thomas? Or…

  • 5280

    Get rid of the bumbass.  we have depth at the position even tho the talent level isnt paricularly outstanding.  dont forget that derek wolf might really step up in camp and could take over as starter even if warren were to take the pay cut. and vikerson, while not overloaded with talent, has held his own in that spot.  i say dont waste any more time and cut the asshole.

  • Spinoza139

    A deal was made… Honor the damn thing…  Treat people with respect and all you dumb asses making statements like that is disrespectful.  Shows that you are just hang ons on football…

  • Monty

    Kinda surprised by everyone’s reactions. A contract is a contract, as Spinoza139 says. I would have rather seen the Broncos just honor it than even approach Warren about it.

    Now that they have though, they’re between a rock and a hard place, as I outlined in the post. The fact that Vickerson restructured means they need to play hardball with Warren to be fair to their other player.

    I think they can meet halfway.  I think they can restructure to $2-3 million and both sides would be happy. Asking him to drop over 60% of his contract IS asking a lot.

  • Anonymous

    I think the “contract is a contract” argument in the NFL is pretty over played.  Contracts are broken daily in the NFL whether it is by the player or the team.  If the mindset is that you can either take a pay cut or we can cut you then I don’t see a problem with it.  Especially for a guy in his 30’s coming off of two missed seasons.  Any team that honors contracts to their full extent regardless of the circumstances is probably not going to be very competitive in this league.  

    This appears to me to be Sullivan clearing some dead weight (no pun intended).  I’m all for it.  

  • Anonymous

    He has been hurt, he is in his 30’s, and so he has no impetus to change his contract.  He hasn’t played a down for this team and everybody thinks he should be a “team player” and take a hit?  Most likely this was his last hurrah as far as a big contract goes, vetran minimum or similar from here on out so he will stick to his guns and put feelers out to gauge interest.

  • Anonymous

    So if vet min. is his next best option why wouldn’t he restructure to $2M?  That’s a risky game of chicken that could cost him over $1M.  

    Also to me the fact that he hasn’t played a down is exactly why he should be a team player and restructure.  He sure hasn’t done anything else except collect (a lot of) free money.  

  • Guest

    Wow kind of sounds like an Albert Haynes woth type of guy!

  • Doug England

    What concerns me is that Warren wasn’t going to voluntary workouts even before the Bronoca approached him.

    Maybe he has been working his ass off on his own, but not being with your teammates (especially after having missed the entire previous season) is a red flag for me.

    I’m all for players getting as much as they can during the relatively short time they have to play.  But it sure doesn’t seem that Warren is showing any gratitude to the Broncos.

    It would seem that a salary reduction, but loaded with incentives to get the money back would be “in-good faith” by both sides.  But if Warren has no loyality at all to the Broncos… see ya.

  • Regnierpatricia

    Can’t pay Warren but can pay Manning after missing a year? why should he take a pay cut cuz the overspent!

  • Matt

    Well here ya go
    Peyton worked out in front of the Broncos EFX and has shown determination and full out dedication to provin he’s worth the money where as warren hasn’t shown or proven he’s worth shit. I know if I just acquired Peyton freakin manning and the teams morale through the roof about this upcOming season if be busting my ass because I am not part of a team bout to make a serious run at a Super Bowl. But where is he at? That’s right. Not practicing or proving that he belongs there. Cut his ass

  • Matt

    Because I’m NOW part of a team about to make a super bowl run *****

  • Anonymous

    Not sure why you would be surprised Monty.  It’s $4mm to a guy that has not played one down for this team and has already earned $4mm for just signing a piece of paper.  

    For those that say the Broncos should honor is contract… they are.  In that contract, I’m sure, the Broncos do have the right to cut him.  They have to pay him if he plays and they will.  They are also perfectly within their right to ask him to take a cut.  As we see, they have done that and Warren balked.

    The Broncos are absolutely doing the right thing in asking him to take a cut.  Again, my point is that with that cut he should have a chance to EARN his full salary if plays to a certain level.   That seems fair.

    There is no way in hell I would pay him $4mm right now.

  • Anonymous

    I like Vickerson as well… While he is not a flat out baller he for sure holds his own there!

  • Anonymous

    “Especially for a guy in his 30’s coming off of two missed seasons.”

    I typically agree with the players and say “giv’em what you said they were worth at the time”.**Key there being at the time** He got his money the last two years and did NOTHING so Monty and 139 I don’t think your idea on the subject really holds water any more than you think ours do. And 139 I have a sneaky feeling you have no business calling any one a “hang on”, although that did make me laugh, but not with you ;-)…

  • Anonymous

    Very well said Ant…

  • Anonymous

    And done zero zip zilch nada in the way of proving he even deserved it in the first place…

  • Monty

    Good arguments bro. My main argument is that the Broncos are asking him to drop a lot of his contract and then asking him to start. Keep him in the $2-3 million range.

  • Jtinevergreen

    Didn’t you mean “Haynes-Worthless”?