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Published on 05/08/2012 at Tue May 08 07:10.
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Denver Broncos News

Brian Xanders out as Broncos’ general manager after 3 years in that role | Washington Post
Brian Xanders is out as general manager of the Denver Broncos after three years in that role.

Broncos, GM Brian Xanders agree to part ways after four years in Denver | Denver Post
After spending his first year learning how to run an NFL organization while observing the staff he led, John Elway is taking charge.

Broncos, Xanders Part Ways |
Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway released a statement as the Broncos and former General Manager Brian Xanders have parted ways.

Elvis Back in the Building |
On Monday, defensive end Elvis Dumervil joined his teammates in Denver to take part in the club’s offseason conditioning program.

Broncos Top Pick Derek Wolfe Took A Long Road To The NFL | CBS Denver
The Denver Broncos’ top draft pick, defensive lineman Derek Wolfe, has taken a long, winding road to get to the NFL. He grew up outside of Lisbon, Ohio near the Pennsylvania border. He was raised in a one-parent home and never met his father.

Denver Broncos Blogs

A look back at Brian Xanders’ time in Denver | First and Orange
Brian Xanders’ tenure in Denver lasted only four years, but in that time, he worked with three head coaches, and never had final say over personnel matters. He and the Broncos parted ways on Monday.

The End of the ‘Three-Legged Stool’ |
John Elway’s growth into his role made Brian Xanders increasingly expendable in the Broncos’ power structure.

The X-Man Goeth: Broncos fire GM Brian Xanders | IAOFM
The Broncos have fired Brian Xanders after four years with the organization and three seasons as their general manager. Although the story by Mike Klis portrays the decision as a mutual parting of ways, it doesn’t take much reading between the lines – or of the DP’s Breaking News email titled, Broncos fire GM Brian Xanders after three years in Denver – to discern that the choice was all John Elway’s.

Denver Broncos’ Brock Osweiler the Next Aaron Rodgers | Rant Sports
The Denver Broncos took a QB in the 2nd round of the 2012 NFL Draft when they selected Brock Osweiler. Just weeks after signing Peyton Manning, and when many thought the Broncos should be drafting players to help Manning, they took another QB that can be groomed by Manning for a couple of years.

  • Anonymous

    I’m torn on this announcement. I mean, “why now?” This is an odd time to let the GM go.
    Is Elway’s ego getting out of control? Or was Xanders simply a puppet head and the last remaining tie to McDaniels?
    Did Elway mess up this draft? Or did Xanders?
    I’m just wondering why this happened, which, we won’t find out for many, many years.
    I’m leaning more towards Elway wants to be able to blame Xanders if this draft turns out bad (which it very well might considering how/who/where we drafted).
    I don’t know, it just smells like Elway = Jim Irsay right about now… And that’s a scary proposition.

  • Gradishar53

    This may or may not be a good more…  BUT, I’m beginning to trust Elway less and less.  His lukewarm endorsement of Tebow, his BS committee/consensus operational style which clearly wasn’t there, his “All in” Texas Hold’em approach to Manning ,and his (hope its not favoritism) Osweiller (win now/Plan A) pick.

    I’m starting to sense a bad odor from Dove Valley.

  • Anonymous

     I agree 100%
    People need to remember that sometimes, the greatest athletes make the worst GM’s/execs…
    I just hope Elway isn’t going to do to us what Millen did to Detroit. Great former player for the team, totally destroyed it, but because of his great relationship to the team, he was given way longer of a leash than he should have.
    While I’ve maintained since day 1 that I will always love Elway the player, I’ve also said that Elway the VP needs to prove himself all over again. Drafting his kid’s best friend isn’t the way to run your team. Osweiller might be the next Aaron Rodgers, but remember, Rodgers was talked about being the #1 QB and then fell…. Osweiller wouldn’t be the #1 QB if he played the next 2 years in college.
    But even on top of that, we got horrible value for our 1st round trades, and while I love Wolf, I thought there were way better players that we passed on.

  • flbronc

    i’m not sure that this is a bad time to let him go.  seems like the most logical to me.  you sure don’t want him out right before the draft…  if he’s not going to have a say in the next one, and a reallignment needs to happen, it seems like the earlier the better to get the new staff (or new system) in place.  college ball starts up in three months, and the scouts need to hit the ground running with what the new personnell people are looking for.

  • Tom9798

    I believe this was pure economics per Mr. Bowlen.  Same with the draft.
    Just consider the possibility that Mr. Bowlen told the ‘stool’ to trade out of the first and find me 20 guys at minimum wage.
    Sure their all good, sure they all have upside to be ‘diamonds in the rough’, sure the last 13 didn’t have a choice.
    Sure the ‘X’ part of the stool wasn’t happy.  See ya . . . and actually kinder than the ax job that Shanahan received.
    Most folks felt it might have been time for Shanny to move on; but the way he was treated and the way Mr. Bowlen handled it, was downright disgusting.
    Brian Xanders is gone because the owner of the football team wanted him gone.  Period.
    Same with hiring Elway, same with getting rid of Tebow, same with going after and getting Manning.
    Remember who owns the team.

  • Anonymous

    There was a great article on MHS. Talking about it was the natural progression that started as soon as Elway was hired. Xanders was to show Elway the ropes, and eventually be let go. This offseason, we hired a contract guy and promoted the scout for college/pro players. With Elway being the face of the franchise and the guy in charge, what was there left for Xanders to do? Realistically, all of his duties were dished out to other people, so the natural progression was to thank him for his time and let him loose as soon as Elway and everyone else was up to speed.

    If this is indeed the reasoning, I’m fine with it. If there was any other reasoning behind it, then maybe there are cracks in the Broncos foundation that can only be painted over for so long before the walls start to crumble. I hope for the Broncos and us fans’ sake, it’s the former and not the latter.

  • Anonymous

    I think a good part of it was that Xanders knew he would never really be a “GM” in the truest sense of the word with this team.  He would never get final say and yes, Elway’s power is growing almost daily.  The one thing I do trust is this…John Elway is not here for the job title, the money, or the prestige, John Elway has always been about the Broncos and winning no matter if he was playing or in the front office.  I am all in with John.

  • Tim Lynch

    You do it now because the Draft just ended.  Your new staff now have the full allotted amount of time to prepare for 2012 Draft.  You don’t do it like McD did it.

  • Tim Lynch

    I’ll wait until I see how Peyton Manning works out.  If he goes 8-8 and we miss the playoffs then what a monumental failure.  10-6 and the playoffs, we’re still improving, so gotta stick with it!

  • Tim Lynch

    Link?  I hate missing links, but MHS is terrible at getting listed in news feeds, so I missed it.

  • Anonymous