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Published on 05/07/2012 at Mon May 07 10:11.
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Good ol’ No. 6 is coming back to Denver’s quarterbacking corps.  Rookie quarterback Brock Osweiler, who was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft, has chosen to wear jersey No. 6 this season.

The newest Broncos were assigned their numbers recently and the team announced it on Monday.  Below is a list of some of the notable rookies and their respective numbers.

Derek Wolfe — No. 95

Brock Osweiler — No. 6

Ronnie Hillman — No. 34

Danny Trevathan — No. 59

Omar Bolden — No. 47

Philip Blake — No. 64

Malik Jackson — No. 70

Gerell Robinson — No. 8

The complete list of new player numbers can be found at  The rookies mentioned above will practice together for the first time on Friday, May 11th.

If you still have a Jay Cutler jersey, you can probably run it down to an embroidery shop and have them place an “OSWEILER” patch over “CUTLER” for relatively cheap.  Also of note is that defensive back Bolden will wear former Broncos’ safety John Lynch‘s No. 47 and linebacker Trevathan has chosen No. 59, which was most recently worn by fellow linebacker Wesley Woodyard (who now wears No. 52).

  • Mcphee7163

    Malik can’t possibly be wearing Elway’s #7, can he?  Please tell me that is a typo.

  • Broncos Report

    No, Malik Jackson was assigned #70.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that is a typo.  #7 is retired for ever (or until Elway allows it to be reinstated.)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that is a typo.  #7 is retired for ever (or until Elway allows it to be reinstated.)

  • Jon

    Sorry about the typo on Malik’s number.  It is No. 70, as was pointed out.

  • Anonymous

    Hillman is too small to wear #34.  He is a Glyn Milburne type of pack that should wear 22 or something small

  • Jon

    Agreed. He needs a flashier, lower number.

  • Randy Schwimmer

    How is a receiver allowed to wear a single number?

  • Monty

    That’s a good question. I thought they were limited to the teens and the 80’s myself.

  • Monty

    Or 28, for Marshall Faulk. Sorry Quinton Carter.

  • Aerickson114

    why is Elway’s face on this page he is old and he doesn’t play anymore!!!

  • Kawike

    I’m not sure, but it may be just an assignment for the offseason and preseason due to the roster size prior to cuts. If i recall correctly, didn’t Eddie Royal also wear a single digit number (3?) before changing to 19?

    Also, this link has a numbering system chart for the NFL in it that does say WR are limited to teens and 80s as Kyle pointed out. 

  • Anonymous

    What are you talking about?


    I hope Brock doesn’t become a a crybaby like Cutler did!

  • Fairben

    your a dumb ass!!!