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Published on 05/04/2012 at Fri May 04 17:00.
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This is Jay Cutler-to-Brandon Marshall-esque. New Denver Broncos QB Brock Osweiler and WR Gerell Robinson display incredible chemistry from their days as ASU Sun Devils as Osweiler finds Robinson for 11 catches, 199 yards and a touchdown against the University of Arizona.

Clearly John Elway was happy to bring his newest QB project’s favorite target to Denver.

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  • Stockburn

    Awful…just awful.

    Dude won’t even make the PS…and hopefully BOZ gets cut too. Wow, what the hell was Elway looking at?

  • Speer

    The next Montana and Rice, that’s what Elway was looking at. Lulz!!!

  • crazykid

    When we drafted Osweiler and I looked up some of his film, I immediately noticed Robinson making plays all over the place. Solid group.  I hope Robinson and Eric Page make the team, or at least stick on the PS for a season.

  • Strawdog

    Nice.  But, let’s keep in mind the defense they are playing against went 4-8 in the Pac…0-3 against top 25 teams.  And, were ranked 107th in points against, allowing over 35 a game.

    Our mothers would look pretty good playing throw and catch against UA.

  • AtomicLeo

    Didn’t like the missed WR in the first play. Made some nice throws on the run.

  • MeOMy

    Passed behind the receiver way too often. Also noticed him leaving the pocket a little early at times. Not impressed by what I saw. Definately a project.

  • Anonymous

    The game ended with the Sun Devils on the Arizona 15-yard line, where two passes by Osweiler fell incomplete.

    He’s gotta learn to win games. There were many games in the ending stretch of the season where he had the opportunity to win and fell short. The Sun Devils went 1-6 to close out the season.