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Published on 05/01/2012 at Tue May 01 10:34.
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Eli and Peyton Manning in Nike jerseys

Peyton Manning, right, wears his new orange Denver Broncos Nike uniform for a DirecTV commercial alongside his brother Eli. (

Peyton Manning in a slick new Nike Denver Broncos jersey? Peyton Manning in slick new Nike a Denver Broncos jersey.

The Broncos quarterback, along with younger brother Eli, re-upped with DirecTV for their Sunday Ticket campaign, and these photos are the result.

Peyton Manning Broncos jersey

Peyton Manning Broncos jersey (

(H/T CBS Sports)

  • Anonymous

    jesus…those collars look worse than I thought. 

  • Monty


  • Dustin68z

    Those collars are FREAKIN GAY!

  • Dustin68z

    Nike “blew the Pooch” on those collars!

  • Doug England

    Hopefully they will look better with pads… but then again for us fans that might like to buy one.  Uh Oh.

  • Speer

    I’m still rocking old school. Those collars ruined it for me.

  • Benjamin DeRita

    i absolutely hate this nike uni wtf is wrong with them they should have gone back to the 1996 model over this.. ughhh

  • @joshuahchalfant

    Its not just the collar, the whole Jersey looks cheesy! I liked the Jerseys @ first, but these look nothing like the pictures released a while back.

    lucky for us when Manning is holding up that trophy the Jerseys will look a little better

  • Ryan

    AAAGHHHHHHHH LOok at the collar! it’s weird and stupid. That sucks :(

  • Joe

    Yeah I hope they take those collars off!!! It’s ugly!!!

  • chudack

    hhahahahaha you poor bastards have collars

  • Anonymous

    Damn. Those collars are sweet!

  • Anonymous

     It looks like he is wearing a button up collared shirt under his jersey

  • Speer

    Reebok > Nike

  • chunk

    He can turn his neck…that’s a good sign

  • chunk

    I mean his head…sorry

  • Anonymous

    They both look like High School Nerds dressed and hair slicked before a costume party.

    Last time the Broncos got a mediocre (read “ugly”) uniform make over was 97, that year worked pretty well for us.

  • dreamSlayer

    OMG! How gay of article. Dream come up with this?

  • Efp


  • Wardscw757

    Any thing with the Manning brothers in it is Awesome!  Even in that Bronco shirt!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! how gay of comment. 

  • Jon

    I don’t like how small the jersey numbers are now (they appear to be smaller, anyway).

  • LifeBroncFan

    Really.. I am doing my best to accept the fact we now have Peyton.. But do you really have to take a picture with Eli? If Eli is part of the deal we need to really re-think the whole Peyton as a Bronco.