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Published on 04/29/2012 at Sun Apr 29 10:55.
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Gerell Robinson poses for a headshot during the NFL Scouting Combine on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg)

The Denver Broncos picked up Gerell Robinson soon after the 2012 NFL Draft ended.  College Free Agents mostly don’t make NFL rosters, but with this guy the Broncos are hoping for the next Rod Smith.

Robinson was my third favorite sleeper wide receiver pick a couple of weeks ago, so I am more than happy the Broncos were able to pick this kid up without using a draft pick.  He isn’t much of a workout warrior, but has shown incredible toughness over his career at Arizona State. Robinson is known for catching footballs in traffic or when being contested on jump balls.

I do not expect Robinson to compete for a starting position this year, but long term he could very well become the next Rod Smith for the Denver Broncos.  Let’s take a look at some of the various scouting profiles on him, as well as some fun highlight reels.

Robinson is big receiver who emerged during his senior year. He is an average athlete who doesnÂ’t display much mobility. He is effective catching the ball in short spaces and uses his frame well. He doesn’t have the speed to be a deep threat. Robinson is a guy who has been productive in a conference full of good receivers, and has value as a late-round selection to see if his size can be utilized at the next level.

STRENGTHS Robinson is a good traffic player who catches a ton of balls in close quarters and for short first downs. He likes to box out like a basketball player and use his long limbs to pluck the ball out of the air. He is also effective in the run game as he likes to get physical and block cornerbacks downfield. He is an effort player who brings a physical presence.

WEAKNESSES Robinson is nonexistent as a deep threat, and despite his size he struggles to get off the line of scrimmage. He worked out of the slot at ASU, which is uncommon for a player of his size. He will have to learn how to get past his inability to release off the line, and figure out how to be productive in the intermediate-to-deep passing game.

Height: 6-3. Weight: 227.
40 Time: 4.62.
Vertical: 35.5.
Broad: 9-5
Arm: 30 7/8. Hand: 9 10.
Projected Round (2012): 5-6.

4/4/12: It wasn’t surprising that Robinson didn’t work out well at the Combine because he doesn’t look like a workout warrior. During the season, Robinson showed some size and quickness. He could be a boom-or-bust pick in the mid-rounds. Robinson is tall, and has some straight-line speed, but he was a one-year wonder.

Robinson ended his career well by torching Boise State’s secondary to the tune of 13 receptions for 241 yards and one touchdown. He didn’t have much production entering this season, but came on strong late in the year for Arizona State. In the final five games, Robinson recorded 785 receiving yards. In 2011, he totaled 77 receptions for 1,397 yards and seven touchdowns. Robinson had a quality start to the week at the Senior Bowl, but was quiet later on.

National Football Post

A tall, long-armed wide receiver prospect with great size and a solid overall build. However, he isn’t real explosive off the line of scrimmage and it takes him a while to get up to speed. Is a strider who looks more like a 4.6 guy, isn’t going to run by anyone but the further down the field he gets, the harder he is to cover. Isn’t a real balanced or sudden route runner either, but a linear athlete who struggles to break down and change directions even on more vertically breaking routes. Doesn’t create much separation for himself vs. man coverage and tends to really roll into his breaks trying to get this body between the ball and defender. Is forced to chop his feet and gear down on more sharply breaking routes and just doesn’t have a real initial burst. Isn’t overly coordinated when asked to box out and go get the play, though he snatches the ball well when he’s open and secures it, but is not as physically impressive with a guy draped over him.

Is at his best when he can go up and make a play on the football when covered up, but isn’t the type of dynamic jump-ball threat who can make a living doing it in the NFL. Doesn’t seem to maximize his length routinely, will drift backward when trying to set his feet and explode vertically in order to get the football. Has a slight physical element to his game vs. press coverage, using his length to fend off blocks, but isn’t real shifty off the line and again will never separate a ton. Has the size to win on the outside as a blocker and does take pride in being nasty on the outside and winning on contact.

Impression: A big kid with solid ball skills, but isn’t dynamic when asked to go get the football and is never going to separate much in the NFL.

As you can see, the reports are all over the place for this kid.  It’s as if analysts just aren’t sure what to make of this kid.  He doesn’t appear fast, but when you watch him play he seems faster than his 4.6 speed.  Reminds me a bit of Terrell Davis in that he plays faster during games.  I will be excited to watch this kid grow and compete at the next level.

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  • Strawdog

    EFX must have had a really good time in Tempe.

  • Tim Lynch


  • Dutchboy515069

    Have a feeling he will have the biggest impact than all of the broncos draft picks this year

  • Tim Lynch

    I would certainly be okay with that, but the more I read about Derek Wolfe the more I think he will complete a 3-headed QB killing beast when combined with Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil.

  • Strawdog

    If my research is wrong let me know…but it appears that we are the only team in the entire NFL that couldn’t resist the talent of the 6-7 Arizona State Sun Devils.  We used two of our precious draft picks, and now an undrafted signing, on three Sun Devils. No other NFL team looked their way.  6-7…in the Pac.

  • Strawdog

    I would prefer a seriously wide run stuffer.  But, if we didn’t think there was a wide body out there then I agree Wolfe seems like a nice get.

  • crazykid

    I dont really understand your argument. CU had two 1st Round picks last year, and they finished in the basement of the Big 12 that year. Sometimes talent just winds up on bad teams

  • Tim Lynch

    I agree.  I think I made a comment somewhere about the scouting people from the Pacific Southwest had amazing sway over EFX in this years’ draft.

  • Tim Lynch

    If Ty Warren works out, we got our seriously wide run stuffer.  haha

  • crazykid

    Watching the film a little, he almost reminds me of a young Brandon Marshall. You can see it a little at 0:56 on the first video.

  • Strawdog

    Yes we will…rise fat Lazarus rise!

  • Strawdog

    Crazykid I very much hope you’re right.  I’m just glad young Jack didn’t play for Wichita St.

  • Strawdog

    Please tell me he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

  • Anonymous

     I love the third head being connected to a big body too! Just when teams think they’ve got the smaller guys blocked…. BOOM.

  • Trevorjohn625

    He’s definitely an ascending player. He played QB not WR in high school and got better every season at Asu

  • Elway4Life

    Great size and 77 receptions for 1,397 yards and seven touchdowns isn’t bad either!  I think this is a great free agent gamble and could work out!  Also I think it’s cool that he was Brock Osweiler’s WR so they’re familar with each other.  So they can both practice together now and hopefully in time play together! 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah it seemed a couple times like he plays with a little attitude, I like that… And after watching a fair amount of vid’s on Brock I could careless if any one else wanted him or not. I like the way he steps up into the pocket and he throws a dart for sure… Of course we’ll just have to see how it translates but I’m thinking we may not need to use a pick in any drafts coming up soon for a QB.

  • FN210

    I work with Gerell’s mother, so Ive been watching this guy for the past couple of years.  Not the fastest guy in the world and probably won’t ever be a deep threat, but he has sticky hands, great blocker, and will fight for the ball.  Although he is 6’4″, I think he will be a great fit in the slot.  Good pickup by the Broncos.