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Published on 04/28/2012 at Sat Apr 28 10:27.
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Omar Bolden

Arizona State University defensive back Omar Bolden poses for a portrait during the NFL Scouting Combine on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg)

The Denver Broncos have selected Omar Bolden with the 101st pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

It is becoming apparent that whoever scouts the Southwestern United States has the most sway with the top brass as the Broncos continue to draft players from that region.  John Elway seems to continue to reach for players from every big board except their own, but this pick does address yet another need for the Broncos.  In a way, this pick addresses the most glaring hole from Eddie Royal‘s departure in terms of the return game.

We’ll see how it works out, but at least we appear to be tackling the positions of need in the draft over BPA.  This draft will definitely need a few years before receiving a final grade from analysts.

What do you fans think of this pick?

Let’s take a look at Bolden’s pre-draft profile. Draft Profile

Bolden was a productive three-year starter at left corner for Arizona State. He does have health issues, however; he sat out the last eight games of the 2009 season with an injury, then missed time last season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. If he can fully recover, the big, athletic defender has second-round value and could start immediately.

STRENGTHS Bolden is a superb cover corner capable of playing on an island. He is at his best in bump-and-run coverage but is also effective in a zone scheme, able to trigger his foot and drive to make a play on the ball. He is fast enough for the NFL and has the body control to adjust while covering at full speed.

WEAKNESSES Bolden has played inconsistently and can get caught looking in the backfield in zone coverage. He is a solid all-around prospect, but worked exclusively outside in college, and might initially have trouble working out of the slot in sub-nickel packages.

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  • Tim Lynch

    I would grade this pick a C+.  Bolden was projected a second rounder before his injury, but the injury obviously adds a bit of risk to this pick.  

  • Douglashoops2

    He was a unanimous 1st Team All-Pac 10 performer (one of only 4) in 2010 before being injured with a torn ACL that caused him to miss the entire 2011 season.  Reports are that he was very impressive in his Pro-Day; demonstrating good speed and agility.  I think this is a solid pick for the broncos.  Had 7 interceptions at ASA with 2 returned for touchdowns.  Also saw he had 2 kickoff returns for touchdowns.  Seems like a Brandon Boykin type, but bigger size.

  • Miamiamike

    Just have to have faith in coaches here. Fox and Del Rio know defense so they must see something they like. I do not know anything about this player.

  • Anonymous

    Great pick. Bolden will be an immediate impact player in ST and Defense. He was ASU’s best defensive player each year he played. Missed last season with ACL injury, but would have been a first-rounder otherwise. Well worth a fourth round pick, even if he wasn’t as high on the draft boards of a bunch of amateur bloggers and hack talking heads. Feeling good about this draft.

  • Anonymous

    turbins gone

  • kerry

    good value pick if healthy. IF. also he isnt gonna start over Porter and definetly not over Bailey so there is time to grow. shit Robert Turbin just went. blah. wanted him.

  • kerry

    still a shot to get a quality OT in bobbie massie

  • kerry

    philip blake. nice pick.

  • Dan

    No more Massie.

  • MiKey55

    Agreed I was hoping for him

  • dbroncs24/7

    Yeah I like the pick. hopefully Billy Winn slides or we can trade up for him. Also Chris Polk would be nice.

  • cuda

    he’ll be good until he blows out his knee, probably in the 3rd pre-season game.
    Guess we know what college Elway hung out at all year… 

  • crazykid

    thats where his son went haha

  • Beezy214

    People lets not forget we have Corey Harris who did a good job last yr at CB!! Bolden will be 4th on the Depth Chart at the position

  • Matthew_s54

    Haha…I think you mean Chris* Harris. Looks like you forgot him too.

  • Ninjaix

    dont forget Sydquan Thompson coming back from IR i hear good things about Bolden but with every pick Wolfe Os Hillman Bolden Jackson I cant help but to wonder if we are reaching and I was REEAALLLYYY disapointed that all that trading in the 1st round lead to moving what 25 spots in the 4th…. i cant express my disappointment in that…. Wolfe would have been there at the 57 Oswiler is not Aaron Rodgers and I keep hearing “impact players” and we take a 3-4 year back up QB in the 2nd round??? Hillman im happy with but we traded our 4th to go up and get him when he likely would have been available in the 4th. Whats next do we trade a 2nd rounder next year  to trade up and grab Vontaze Burfict?

  • Anonymous

    Good… Sorry Jim, I just didnt like him.