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Published on 04/18/2012 at Wed Apr 18 07:26.
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Top Stories

Digging Deep Into the 2012 Schedule | Max Denver
As you probably expected, it’s 16 games. Eight at home, eight on the road. But what lies beyond — and what are the trends prevalent in each matchup?

Comparing Draft Years | Draft Metrics
Two years ago DRAFTMETRICS published and sold (including several copies to NFL teams) a hard copy version of its draft studies that included a chapter entitled “Are There Good and Bad Draft Years?” The chapter compared draft years by utilizing the number of starts made by each draft class. DRAFTMETRICS concluded that there was significant variation among the results of annual draft classes and quantified that variation through the use of starts by draft class.

A History of the Denver Broncos | Broncos Brasil
The Denver Broncos was founded on August 14, 1959 when the owner of a minor league baseball, Bob Howsam was awarded a franchise of the AFL (American Football League). (Google Translate Needed)

Denver Broncos News

Broncos’ 2012 schedule sprinkled with top quarterbacks | Denver Post
If there were a few sprinkles of doubt as to why the Broncos decided to aggressively pursue Peyton Manning in the free-agent market, the team’s 2012 schedule should blow them away.

A history lesson: Please be wary of workout wonders | Denver Post
NFL personnel executives watch prospects adorned in designer compression shorts and $200 running shoes shine in predraft workouts and wonder how their skills will translate to pro ball. They wonder if the 100-meter men can tackle, if the highest jumpers can catch and if those players’ wondrous athletic gifts mean they can play.

Woody Paige: Broncos had better have horsepower this season | Denver Post
In the movie “War Horse” the gallant, English-bred thoroughbred must flee the German troops, escape by jumping over a tank, race through explosions and gunfire, hurdle a trench, navigate barricades in darkness and tear into a barbwire fence.

Marcus Thomas, Denver Broncos aren’t in each other’s plans | Denver Post
The Broncos don’t have money to play with right now because the signings of Peyton Manning and other free agents ate up their salary cap space. Any additional signings would require players being cut.

Draft preview: Wide Receivers | Denver Post
1. Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State, 6-foot-2, 207 pounds. Two-time Biletnikoff Award winner. Had 111 receptions for 1,782 yards and 20 touchdowns in 2010 and 122 catches for 1,522 yards and 18 touchdowns in 2011.

Receivers known to be risky picks | Denver Post
They are some of the best athletes in any NFL draft. They are among the fastest, most gifted, most celebrated players on the board.

Manning, Broncos open vs Steelers |
The last time the Steelers played, Tim Tebow sent them home from the playoffs with one stunning play.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Denver Broncos schedule analysis | ESPN Blog
Breakdown: Peyton Manning’s first game as the Broncos’ quarterback will be against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the same team that former Denver quarterback Tim Tebow beat in the playoffs in his second-to-last game with the team. The NFL will put Manning in the immediate spotlight — his Broncos debut and first game since the 2010 season will be on Sunday night in Week 1.

Peyton Manning By the Numbers Part II: First downs, 3rd down conversions, and the Redzone | Mile High Report
As we know, 3rd down and redzone situations are very important to the success of a team. If your offense can stay on the field by moving the chains on 3rd down, field position is gained and scoring opportunities become possible.

Fat Camp: Understanding the Manning offense – Part 6 | IAOFM
As I mentioned on Wednesday, the Manning offense tends to revolve around the three- and five-step passing games, particularly the five-step version. The seven-step game takes a long time to work and requires better protection, generally with fewer receivers in the pattern.

Eric Decker Primed For Season With Manning | Predominantly Orange
Eric Decker has never really had a true football offseason. In college, he played baseball during the “time off”. When he came into the NFL as a rookie, he was injured. Last year of course was the lockout.

Inside the NFL Draft: Denver Broncos Team Needs | National Football Post
The Broncos were the talk of the NFL during free agency when they signed Peyton Manning and traded away last season’s No.1 QB, Tim Tebow, to the Jets. Looking ahead to the draft, Denver has some needs in the secondary, along the D-Line and could target the RB position as well as a developmental QB.

Denver Broncos Videos

2012 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks |
This year’s top QB prospects talk about why they think they’ll be successful in the NFL.

Back in the Gym |
The Broncos started offseason conditioning Monday and players talk about the new look weight room and the importance of April work.