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Published on 04/16/2012 at Mon Apr 16 10:30.
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The Denver Broncos will release defensive tackle Ryan McBean on Monday, according to a Denver Post report.  McBean’s six-game performance enhancing drugs suspension likely played a part in Denver’s decision.

The team rescinded McBean’s one-year tender after the four-year veteran did not agree to sign.  McBean (6-5, 305 lbs.), now an unrestricted free agent, recorded four sacks last season as a rotational defensive lineman.

Denver does have the option of re-signing McBean, but there’s no reason to assume they will.

The Broncos recently signed defensive tackle Justin Bannan and will have several other DT’s (including Ben Garland, Ty Warren, Kevin Vickerson and Mitch Unrein) returning this season.  The team does not appear to be as alarmed about the positions’ perceived lack-of-depth as many fans are.

With the 25th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft (assuming the team does not trade up or down the board on draft day), many analysts are predicting the team will select a defensive tackle.

  • Anonymous

    perceived not precised.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently he feels his court case is a slam dunk and he is worth more than the tender…bit of gamble with a strong draft class coming out.

  • ETL

    “The team does not appear to be as alarmed about the positions’ perceived lack-of-depth as many fans are.”

    Seriously? How snide of you.

    You may want to look at your sentence structures.

    “The Broncos recently signed defensive tackle Justin Bannan and Ben Garland,Ty Warren, Kevin Vickerson and Mitch Unrein will be back this season.”

    Grammatically, that sentence means that the Broncos had resigned Justin Bannan, Ben Garland,Ty Warren, Kevin Vickerson and Mitch Unrein and then something about will be back this season.

    It should write.

    “The Broncos recently signed defensive tackle Justin Bannan. Bannan will join other Bronco defensive tackles such as Ben Garland,Ty Warren, Kevin Vickerson and Mitch Unrein, who will be back this season.”

  • Anonymous

    “It should write?” 

    Is that what you just typed, smart guy?

  • Jon

    Got it. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t thank that guy.  It read fine. 

  • Anonymous

     The magic computer that does the writing for you!

  • Anonymous

     The magic computer that does the writing for you!

  • Anonymous

     Yes it reads just fine if you’ve finished 8th grade.

  • Ninjaix

    Do you really read these articles for grammar or because you’re a broncos fan? If its for the grammar please leave and never come back. Thanks Jon, keep up the good work I love inside news and BT!

  • Anonymous

    It was more of a punctuation error instead of a Grammatical error.  You usually post something football worthy what is with the English teacher thing on a Football blog site?

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t even that.  It may have looked a little clunky but it was perfectly acceptable grammar, puncuation and usage.  ETL is a moron.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, anybody complaining about someone being “snide”, and not referring to one of our comments, should be banned from the site anyway…

  • Anonymous

    Indeed.  This is probably the least “snide” blog I’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    Take a deep breath and try actually reading.

  • Anonymous

     Then it would not write itself.

  • Knightsangel

    Me no understand.

  • Anonymous

    Just barely.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see the original sentence, but if the one he quoted is correct then ETL is right.

    It is common (I do it a lot) to combine two thoughts into one sentence by using “and”. 

    It is the old, a Panda walks into a bar, situation. He eats shoots and leaves vs. He eats, shoots, and leaves.

    I know this blog is not English class, but the point of English class was to teach us that the rules still apply outside of the classroom.  

  • Dillon

    lol if you have been following the broncos at all you dont need grammar to tell you whats going on anyway