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Published on 04/01/2012 at Sun Apr 01 00:01.
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Will Donavon McNabb and Terrell Owens reunite in Oakland? (Image courtesy of Al Tielemans)

The Oakland Raiders will pursue free agents Donavon McNabb, Terrell Owens and Jerry Rice, according to an anonymous tip.  Oakland is looking for “the final pieces” to make a Super Bowl run.

“We feel that with these players, we would instantly become Super Bowl contenders,” said Raiders Owner Mark Davis on Saturday evening.  Davis pointed out how the Denver Broncos were viewed as Super Bowl contenders after signing a big-name veteran in free agency.

“If you look at what Denver did — they brought in one has-been who was a big deal during his prime and look at what everybody in the media is saying,” said Davis.  “We’re going to do the same thing for our fans.  The only difference is, we’re going to triple what Denver did.”

By “tripling what Denver did,” Davis is referring to bringing in three veteran free agents.  Those players haven’t played professionally since 2011 (McNabb), 2010 (Owens) and 2004 (Rice), but quarterback Peyton Manning also missed all of last season, Davis noted.

“Manning missed a season, T.O. missed a season and McNabb played last year.  And we all know Rice could put on the pads today and play better than most wide receivers in the game.”

Davis said the three players would provide veteran leadership and a “family-like” atmosphere in the locker-room.

“I want the Raiders to go to war together as a family.  Rice and Owens were teammates together in San Francisco and McNabb played with Owens in Philadelphia.  Obviously bringing in guys that developed great relationships as teammates earlier in their careers would help our teams’ comradeship.”

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this developing story.

(Update: April Fools!)

  • Anonymous

    I see the apple has not fallen far from the tree.

  • Monty


  • Joe Lucero

    WOW…..saying Manning is a has been…LLoyd Christmas has lost his mind

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Early April Fools Day.  Rice isn’t going to give up his comfy seat at ESPN to go play for the Raiders.

  • randall ewing

    april fools!!!!

  • Crimsondevil83

    April Fools!……I hope anyways.

  • Odell J

    You bastards. I thought you got hacked for a second, then realized what day it was. Good one.

  • Stca4987

    Broncos still suck

  • Anonymous

    They should look into if Emmitt Smith has any interest in returning. Career rush yards record holder gotta be able to lace em up again! Smith would fill a need as the latter of the 1-2 punch with Run/DMC after Michael Bush was signed in Chicago.

  • Broncosfan12

    A better joke would have been an article stating the Broncos addressed the defensive tackle position.

  • Anonymous

    I posted late last night and thought WTF.

  • Anonymous

    I read that the raiders were going to spring o.j. from the clink.

  • Denvernative81

    I really hate the raiders!

  • Anonymous

    Let the hate flow through you…


  • Sterling_Hayes

    APRIL FOOLS!! this is the dumbest thing I’ve read

  • evansvc

    Bring in Vince Young. He is the most qualified free agent quarterback on the market. Vince can still play at a HIGH LEVEL.  Competition is good, isn’t it???

  • xraided

    more donko fans trying to HATE … not going to work. i laugh at the idiots above who actually believed mark davis actually said that.

  • Skelator

    ESPN now reporting that Ricky Williams agent has reached a deal with the Raiders.  Hoping to open a chain of Smoker-Friendly medical marijuana pharmacias on the Left Coast called Ricky’s Reefers.

  • Skelator

    And this just in from Adam Schefter . . . Ryan Leaf out on bail, Raiders think they can get him and still stay under the salary cap.

  • Anonymous

     Espn is reporting Rocket Ismail has just been signed by the Raiders

  • Skelator

    And Willie Gualt looking for a new tryout now that the SEC has frozen his assets. 

  • Anonymous