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Published on 03/24/2012 at Sat Mar 24 10:00.
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  • is doing a Bracketology for fans to determine which team was the greatest in NFL History.  The 1998 Denver Broncos are currently losing in the voting to the 2000 Baltimore Ravens (really?!).  Be sure to vote for the Broncos on  [H/T, Doom92]
  • I was on KURE Sports Radio yesterday talking about Peyton Manning coming to Denver, you can listen to the podcast here.  [KURE Sports]
  • The Broncos and the BT Staff send our condolences to the family of former Broncos defensive back Lonnie Wright, who recently passed away at age 67.  [Official Site]
  • With Mike Tolbert landing in Carolina, there has been speculation that the Panthers may place fellow running back Jonathan Stewart on the trading block.  This led to further speculation that he could land in Denver.  Panther’s G.M. Marty Hurney: “Not so fast.”  The team would like to keep all three backs — DeAngelo Williams, Tolbert and Stewart — on the roster (selfish little punks).  [BLS/PFW]
  • Courtesy of the Denver Post, you can now print off a Desktop Peyton Manning and a Desktop Tim Tebow (Jets version).  [First-And-Orange]
  • John Elway‘s confidence and control brings swagger back to Broncos, writes Albert Breer.  []
  • The old band — Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday and Dallas Clark — won’t be getting back together again.  [MaxDenver]
  • areferee

    A little housekeeping…

    I try to keep up with all the latest news in Broncos Country, but something has escaped me and I need to call on my fellow BT writers and enthusiasts for information.

    Tim Tebow has had limited air-time on TV and radio over the past 5 days and has yet to post anything on Twitter and Facebook or his Website.  I have missed some of what limited interviews he has done.

    Has anyone heard Tebow DIRECTLY state that it was he that chose to go to the New York Jets rather than Jacksonville?

    I know it was stated by the Broncos’ organization and through the media that it was Tebow that chose New York, but has it been confirmed by Tebow himself?

    I have had little or no reason to doubt the press releases or public statements by John Elway and others from within the organization, but because they so strongly stated before the trade was eventually consummated that Tebow himself would be allowed to decide between the two teams, I have yet to hear it confirmed by anyone other than third parties.

    Have I missed something?

    It is not my intent to whip a dead horse or prolong the inevitable needlessly, but this seems like an important issue in the “grieving” process for me and perhaps others.

    What say you, fellow BT people?

  • Anonymous

     It was “implied” on the Dave Logan show yesterday that Tebow picked the Jets.  The reasoning was that he saw a better opportunity to be the starter in New York.
    I say “implied” because Dave Krieger had said “I can see why Tim Tebow would pick the Jets. . .”
    Where they got their information is anyone’s guess.

  • Anonymous

     I want to see the Broncos beat the Sh!tbirds so badly this year that when Elway is leaving the stadium the media hears him tell Ozzie Newsome, “we’re the reason you had to leave Cleveland”.

  • Hansen

     I heard a bit of a TT conference call and he said he didn’t have any say in the matter.  I don’t think he is a very eloquent speaker but this particular call he was especially robotic saying, “they (Broncos) had all the power.”  To me it was obviously contrived and scripted.  Personally I think Tebow is being a little less than truthful with his response.

    Like you, I see no reason to doubt Elway when he said they were in contact with him (Tim) throughout the day.  I agree with jdkchem on how it is implied that Tebow chose NY due to a less obstructed path to the starting QB position with the Jets. 

  • flbronc

    having the power and having input are two different things. He is probably not coming out saying he picked new York to not smack his hometown in the face.

  • Hansen

     Very true, but I think he was implying he had no input.  I can see your point in how he didn’t want to smack Jville but I feel there was some word-play happening.

  • crazykid

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Elway said: “where do you want to go Tebow? Jacksonville? Ok, we’ll send you to New York instead then…”  

  • rcsodak

    Some didnt believe Jesus rose from the dead until they saw/touched him.

  • Speer

    I heard Tebow in an interview stating “HE” chose the Jets because he felt more comfortable with the staff and players.  Jacksonville offered more money but Tebow believes Jets was the right move for “HIS” career.  He is a f&*’n hardcore football player not some cheap skate that gets bye in football. Wiki his page if you don’t believe me. Mark Sanchaz? Are you kidding me? Mark’s not going to last, Tebow’s taking his spot, similar to what he did last season.  It was a great move.

  • areferee

     Yeah.  I wasn’t there either.