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Published on 03/20/2012 at Tue Mar 20 14:51.
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When the Denver Broncos announced the signing of Peyton Manning during a press conference on Tuesday, there were many headline-grabbing quotes (more of them to come later).  Among those quotes were John Elway‘s comments on Tim Tebow and the possibility of him being traded.

When asked about the situation, an emotional Elway said that the hardest part of the game is devolving personal relationships — like he has with Tebow — and then having to make business decisions.  Reiterating that he has a great deal of respect for Tim Tebow — noting that Tebow is the kind of guy he would want his daughter to marry — Elway could not deny that the team may trade the third-year quarterback.

“It is a possibility,” Elway said, “and he (Tebow) knows that’s a possibility.”  Elway said that he and Head Coach John Fox called Tebow last night.  Not surprisingly, Tebow was understanding.  “Obviously he was disappointed,” said Elway, “but he didn’t come out and say that he was.” 

“It was a typical Tim Tebow response in the fact that it was very positive, and he said, ‘Well we’re talking about Peyton Manning and I understand exactly what you’re doing.’”

Elway went on to talk about how highly he thought of Tebow, and what a tough decision bringing Manning in was because of the situation it would create for the team.

“I think that having been in this game for as long as I have and seen as many friends as I’ve seen in this game that all of a sudden are there one day and gone another or retire and leave, that this is a tough business. I want to tell you that the toughest thing about this whole thing is Tim Tebow because of what I think of Tim Tebow.”

At the end of the day, Tebow was understanding and the Broncos knew they had to make the decision to bring a quarterback that gives them the best chance to win the Super Bowl, said Elway, and that quarterback is obviously Manning.  Elway said he was proud of what Tebow accomplished last season and again noted that the decision was not about Tim Tebow the person.

“The things that he did last year were tremendous and helped turn this organization around from a 4-12 team to a playoff team and winning the division. I’ve got a great deal of respect for him as a person and the things that he does, but there is no question the toughest thing about this business, is the personal side.”

“We just had to make a decision as an organization — myself, coach Fox, the personnel department, the coaches [as to] what would be the best opportunity for the Denver Broncos to be competitive for a world championship, and Peyton Manning was that. That’s why we chose to go in that direction.”

Manning, when asked about the situation, said he would do whatever he could to help Tebow become a better player if he is still on the team this season.

“If Tim Tebow is here next year, I’m going to be the best teammate I can be to him, and he and I are going to help this team win games. If other opportunities present themselves for him, I’m going to wish him the best. He’s going to be a great player wherever he is.”

  • Monty

    Anyone who thinks this was an easy decision for a “cold, ruthless Elway” needs to watch that press conference. He talked about how tough the personnel/personal side of this business is about a dozen times when asked about Tim Tebow. Broncos organization is all class.

  • Pr1994

    Elway can’t spell class, least of all know what it is.  Long term Tim Tebow will be more successful  – away from Elway.  Write it on the wall, the Elway-Manning train is headed for derailment.

  • Crackpotidealist

    Elway says what i thought.  the biggest part of tebow is dealing with his fan base.  all season long it’s; must…not…blame…tebow…for…his…fans…  i hope he sticks around and his fans can bring themselves to put a cork in it and let the guy develop.  Manning is too detailed to put himself at great risk, like many say.  last year when the experienced dawk went out we started losing games because the d couldn’t hold teams down to tebows level anymore.  watching film and breaking down defenses with Manning while Manning disects them will be good for Tebow

  • Jon

    Video of the presser will be available here shortly:

  • Peaches3346

     Nothing classy about has-been Elway! just watch how quick he runs Manning out of Denver for breaking his record for the most sacks! well maybe not,one good hit and its over for Manning,way to go Elway,another record safe.
    The only Class the Broncos ever had was Tim Tebow!
    I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,or should I say old habits are hard to break,Elway records not so hard…..
    If John Elways wife were smart she would leave him,its apparent he has been unfaithful to her…anyone with an ounce of morality can clearly see that Elway screwed Tebow,as if the knife in his back was not enough!
    Pat Bowlen did not look like he won the lottery to me…He was not even going to let Elway speak,he forced his way up there before Manning could get up to speak.Oh yeah! real classy to call Tebow to tell him he’s being replaced,I for one can’t wait to see Elways bitter old face when Bowlen hands him his walking papers,which he so rightfully deserves.
    Enjoy it while it lasts…which won’t be long!
    John Elways antics are costing the Broncos Organization many Lifelong fans,as the revenues go down they will realize their wrong doing.One last thing they should be thanking Tim Tebow….after all its because of him they can afford to pay so much for damaged merchandise.I have been a lifelong Bronco fan long before Elway pulled his little fit with the Colts
    and threatened to play baseball.Well he ended up in Denver…
    How long did it take to win a Superbowl?
    Tebow was well on his way to proving Elway wrong,that he does not have to be a pocket passer,first of all the only pocket Denver has was the one Elway emptied to pay for a dead horse no pun intended!

  • Broncos4ever

      Christ, you’re a clueless idiot, Peaches.
    Take your ignorant bile somewhere else, wont you?

  • Anonymous


  • Brian

    I would hate to loose tim tebow as a denver bronco.. im 21 years old and i can honestly say i look up to him. if he is no longer a denver bronco i dont think i will be a bronco fan anymore.. 
    they HAVE to keep tebow on manning on this team. tebow can learn from one of the greatest of all time for a few years and have the chance to carry the broncos for the next ten years!

    its like when the 49ers when from montana to young and didnt skip a beat..

  • Jon

    Oh my.

  • Jon

    Oh my.

  • Anonymous

    And this is why Tebow must go.

  • SansanCastaneda12

    Manning is great,no body can’t say he isn’t,but he only has about 2 solid years in him if he doesn’t get re-injured and who knows how he will play next season after being out all year and with a new team that also has a weak line and no star receivers like the colts did.colts screwed Manning and Denver screwed Tebow just as bad.I hope Tebow does find another team cause even if things don’t as planned with Manning the broncos are going to keep screwing Tebow no matter how great he does just because Elway and Cox don’t like that he isn’t a pocket Quarterback….best of luck Tebow find a team that appreciates your greatness I will still be a fan of yours no matter what team you are on.

  • MeOMy

    And this post is a “shinning” example of class?

  • Seminative

    I don’t think its Elway’s decision to trade Tebow.  i think it came from Manning.  At any rate, for those outraged at whats happened: welcome to the real world.  This isn’t a movie you’re in.

  • Totalvip47

    keep Tebow… put him in the slot as a TE

  • yogi

    What a horribly misinformed fanbase and set of posters in this thread. I like Tim…but anyone who has an ounce of competitive spirit, fandom, and love for the Denver Broncos knows this is 100% the right move. EVEN if it doesn’t work out.

    I’ll take my chances on maybe the greatest QB ever to play the game in his last 3 yrs vs. a project-QB who can’t run a pro offense and plays otherworldly for 6 minutes at the end of each game.

    Notice not one Bronco player laments the fact that Tebow might be out. Tells you everything you need to know.

  • Adaboy!

    Thank you Yogi!  I, for one, am a huge Tebow fan.  However, picking up Manning was a no-brainer….period.  Any team other than the Patriots and Packers that passed on the opportunity to sign one of the best quarterbacks of all time…well let’s say they are as challenged strategically as some of these posters above.  It’s a business and Manning makes the Broncos competative NOW, not a year or two down the road.  The Bronco offense was one Tebow injury from blowing up because it was so revamped around his skills. You can’t just flip the switch if TT goes down and have the offensive line as well as the receivers immediately adjust to Quinn who has totally different skills.  Great signing Denver!!!  I will root for Tebow no matter where he ends up, but I’d love to see him remain in Denver (selfishly) as the ultimate red-zone threat.

  • yogi

    Fox reporting Tim being traded to Jax (outside possibility its the Jets) for a 3rd round pick. That’s better value than some analysts were projecting…


    To those people who say they can’t be fans due to Tebow leaving, than you are not real Broncos fans anyways, and we don’t need your support.  Tebow is a great person, a hard working person, but not the QB Denver needs.  We need a person who can get the ball down the field and process information quickly.  Obviously Mr. Bowlen wants to win now, it is his team, he made a decision, one that puts us on track to win now.  A healthy 14 year Manning, is better than a 3rd year Tebow.  If you are honest with yourselves than you all will realize this and move on.  Plus, think about the other players on the team, like Champ.  Dosn’t he deserve a shot at ring now, instead of a 8 an 8 season barely making the playoffs.   I wish TT great luck, he is an excellent role modle and I am sure he will find his place in the football world.  Now on with PM and our hunt for a ring, everyone else stop the Tebow bitchin……….

  • yohoo


  • yohoo

    Sounds just like what the McDaniels supports used to say….hmmm, wonder why?

  • Anonymous

    Great point about what a potential injury to Tebow would do to the team. Tebow goes down, we’re screwed because the offense is geared to him.

  • Anthony Thomas

    By the end of the season, Tebow will be on his way to leading a new team to the playoffs and Broncos fans will be hoping they can draft Matt Barkley to replace Adam Weber. 

    I understand this move was a “no brainer” and they pretty much had to do it. Peyton Mannings dont come along…   ever….   and when they do, you have to try and get them. Dont blame Elway for doin this, 90% of people would have made the same decision. 

    However……..  this will be a mistake. Tebow isnt the type of kid you give up on. He doesnt quit. He wont stop trying…. the only direction for him to go is up. Broncos traded the possibility of a magical future for a few years of Manning. One thing about Manning, people are so quickly to call he the best QB in recent history ect…. but his stats fall very short of other elite QBs in one spot…… Manning is the most interception prone “elite” QB in history and its not something that’s improving with age. He pitched 17 interceptions in his last full season. Peyton Manning had 100 interceptions by his 5th season…………………………………….

    So here we are plugging an aging interception prone QB into an offense with a avg offensive line, a 30 year old running back and a core of rookie WRs……..

    It’s exciting to win….. even off the field…. i understand being excited about “winning” Peyton Manning. Time is going to show that this what a mistake. The sad thing is that i think a portion of fans are more happy about getting rid of Tebow than they are picking up Manning.

    When Manning’s gas tank runs dry and the Adam Weber era begins….. you Bronco purest take pride in knowing that you stood up to Tebow fans. That will comfort you when you’re watching another Tebow led team on ESPN. 

  • yogi

    If your hypothetical scenario plays out, I’d love to have Matt Barkley after having taken an $18M chance on Peyton…

    Nobody else in the NFL even wants to give Tim a chance to start, so I don’t think he’ll be leading anyone but the equipment team to the playoffs anytime soon.

  • kattcasias

    I love Tim Tebow he is a geat players he brought hope and excitement back to Denver it will be sad to watch us play without him. I dont know what they were thinking when they let him go .

  • king4

    Why doesn’t John Elway just say Tim will be traded instead of saying it is a possibility.  I don’t think that is being very truthful when you trade him in less than 24 hours to the first taker.  It is very hard for me to see a young man who really loved the Broncos and was fun to watch to be dealt away in this fashion.   Does any NFL Quarterback take his team the first year he plays in the league to the Super Bowl?  I don’t think so.  I know it took Peyton and John Elway many years to get there and their coaching staff worked with them.   I am disappointed they did not try to develop Tim behind Peyton Manning.