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Published on 03/16/2012 at Fri Mar 16 14:27.
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UPDATE: The Duke himself, John Elway tweeted from Duke — Manning “threw the ball great and looked very comfortable out there.” Our earlier report citing a Tweet from the Duke Chronicle newspaper, saying Manning did not throw for the Broncos, was mistaken.

The Broncos and Manning left the Duke practice facility. It is assumed the Broncos contingent will return to Denver now (they do have a handful of free agents in town), but it is unknown whether Peyton is coming with them.

Original post is after the jump.

Still trying to figure out what this means, but sources say that Peyton Manning did not throw today and the Broncos are coming back to Denver. Will Manning follow?

More to come as information becomes available.

  • colorancher

    This could be good and it could be bad!! He has left with Elway and crew.. Contract offer? i hope so…

  • Guest

    You better change your story. Per MaxBroncos now per Elway, “We enjoyed visiting with Peyton today in N.C. He threw the ball great and looked very comfortable out there.”

  • MiamiMike

    At this point Im starting to feel like save all that money let Tebow take us to the promise land meaning a high draft pick next year lol. Use all that money and sign 2-3 stars next year draft a qb and keep building.

  • matt

    Elway just tweeted that Manning threw the ball great and looked very comfortable out there.

  • MiamiMike

    Just stated Elway tweeted that Manning threw the ball well an it was a good visit.

  • Roberion

    90 Million? Are you F***ing Kidding me? See ya chump! That’s what I would have said…. Guess earning a Superbowl is now involving a hefty ante….

  • colorancher

     No one will give a high draft pick for Tebow.. Period..

  • Anonymous

     I don’t think he meant trade value.

  • flbronc

     if we offered what has been reported and he said no, then we need to shut it down.  if they are going to use that as a ‘starting point’ its going too get too crazy for us to be involved.

  • Anonymous

    Some sources are saying Manning is scheduled to throw for the Titans next. He’s just playing the teams against each other to see who will break the 70 mil up front first. 

    He doesn’t give a crap about winning, just raping whatever team he can for as much as he can.

  • Monty

    We updated this post as quickly as possible to reflect the change in information. There is also a new post discussing John Elway’s tweets on the Broncos’ visit with Manning.

  • colorancher

    I get it!!

  • colorancher

    I get it!!

  • flbronc

     no worries.  you’re just trying to appease dudes like me hitting refresh a billion times a day until this crap gets resolved.

    doesnt help i took half a day off to watch my team in the tournament.

  • Anonymous

    Come on…

  • Usa Sports 360

    This report certainly is confusing. Did Peyton throw or did he not throw? Elway says yes others say no. Why would the Broncos all travel that far and not see Manning throw. I think Peyton Manning is still considering the Titans too, so I don’t think he will return to Denver at this time with the Broncos people…

  • Anonymous

    So sad.  After years of mediocre exisitence, where the Broncos were only keep alive by their strong, forever yearning fans as the team exhibited a track record punctuated by thugs being caught exposing their poor character off-the-field and lackluster talent  on-the-field, they final made me (and the world who desired a real hero) hopeful and exited.  With a player, who at the QB position showed what the QB is… a leader.  And an unquestionably quality one in Mr. Tebow. 
    How remarkable last year was… unexpectedly.  And, oh my gosh, most unexpected by Mr. Elway.  To think the near future might show that there is a class act QB that would out shine John, must truly be disheartening – to John.  So it shows.  So sad. 
    I so wanted, and was brought back, to the Broncos last year. Now I will say (with sadness) adios, as you go down the road of the Chiefs with Montana, the Skins with McNabb, … and keep the fans in a happy, blissful thirst… as well as preserve #7 on the pedestal.
    Hey, good job John.  Never will Bronco “7” be shadowed.    

  • Anonymous


  • Crowandroo

    elway needs to kick rocks we have our future in tebow elway jus dont want him to take his legacy away from him

  • Bruce

    Denver needs to keep Tebow. Granted Manning is a great quarterback but he only has maybe a coupe of years left. Then what happens we are back at square 1. We got rid of Orton after he almost put our season in the toilet. Tebow came in and added energy to the team, yeah he needs some work. But with a little coaching from ole number 7 himself he could be a great one like Elway. Tebow has already got better stats than Elway after the same amount of games and no one wanted dear ole John at the beginning but look waht it got us. 2 super bowl rings. 

  • franco80503

    I really doubt that If Denver signs Manning that Manning will last out the season. One good hit and he can reinjure his neck and it could be permanent. I just hope that is is not a permanent injury. I predict that if Manning signs with a team that he will be knocked before mid season and will be out for the rest of the season if not football.  If Denver signs Manning what will they do for a QB if they trade Tebow? 

  • Komul

    Is manning really interested in denver or is he using the broncos cap room to his leverage either way if he’s not he should come out and say …Its too cold and Sorry about your luck Please try again !!!

  • Ray

    To hell with manning and all this signing coverage.  Who ever signs him will be out of money before the season ends.  I was a bronco fan until they brought in hitler mcdaniels they he made a non fan of the broncos.  I am also losing the passion of watching football because what i see is that they should be playing flag now days since they really cant hit anyone.