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Published on 03/15/2012 at Thu Mar 15 18:30.
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Elway, Manning and Fox

John Elway, Peyton Manning and John Fox tour Dove Valley. (AP Photo/John Leyba)

As Manning Watch approaches seemingly unendurable Day Seven, there’s one thing to note — the Denver Broncos, the first serious potential suitors of Peyton Manning, remain patient.

They aren’t pestering the future Hall of Famer. They aren’t calling him or his agent every time Manning gets on a plane to Arizona or Tennessee (despite some reports to the contrary). They’re not the jealous owners of a Peyton Manning crush — there will be no Facebook-stalking or Foursquare-friending to get an idea of what the free agent quarterback is up to.

The Broncos don’t need to do that. They know what they have to offer, and they know the makeup of the man they’re trying to offer it to. Writes Dave Krieger

The Broncos have had no contact with Tim Tebow since the Manning courtship began. If you think about it for a moment, there’s not much they could say. Until Manning makes his choice, Tebow, the Broncos and the rest of planet Earth are in a holding pattern.

The Broncos have not pestered Manning for progress reports or a decision since he left Denver on Saturday. John Elway is driving this bus. He and Manning connected well during the visit Friday and Saturday. The Broncos expect Manning to be as thorough in this process as he is in his game preparation, which is very.

Indeed, Manning is renowned for his careful, meticulous nature. The Broncos know this, they respect this, so they are letting the veteran Colt do his due diligence.

Yet a lot of Broncos fans are starting to lose patience. A poll on Mile High Report shows that over 51% of respondents are ready for the Broncos to move on, to bow out from the Manning sweepstakes. Perhaps they see his continued visits around the NFL as a slap in the face to the Broncos organization, along with his openness for further suitors. Perhaps they have a point.

Or perhaps this is the nature of the beast the Broncos want — the biggest NFL free agent of time.

Consider: this is probably the second-biggest decision of Peyton Manning’s professional career (his decision to stay for his senior season at Tennessee being the first). Manning is going to look at every detail he can. He’s going to weigh every Pro and Con. His preparation for a decision like this would be many times greater than the preparation he puts into other types of business deals, which is not insignificant. Just ask a restaurant owner in Indianapolis. From The Los Angeles Times

A few years ago, when word spread that Huse was opening a sister restaurant, Harry & Izzy’s, next door, Manning contacted him about becoming an investor. Huse met with him, of course, and they worked out an agreement — but not before Manning put him through the paces on what would be a relatively small investment for one of the NFL’s richest players.

“When I met with him, he had this two-sided sheet with all these very-well-thought-out questions about the business and the investment and what our projections were,” Huse said. “We met for maybe a couple hours and relaxed for a little bit. Then right before we got up, he comes back and makes sure he had gotten every one of his questions asked that he wanted to.

“That just reminded me of how he prepares. He doesn’t go into anything blindly. Even if it’s this very small investment in the scope of his financial picture, he still treated it with a lot of due diligence.”

Where They Stand

There are reports out of Nashville that suggest that Tennessee is the heavy favorite. There are reports coming out of Denver that say the same thing about the Broncos.

The truth is, no one knows what’s going through Manning’s head, and only Elway and company truly know the nature of their meeting. Some expect Manning to make a decision by 2 p.m. MT Friday (when the Cardinals have to make a decision on Kevin Kolb — Manning is a courteous fellow, after all). Manning himself said he wanted to wrap things up quickly, but he’ll come to a decision when it’s time.

But consider this: Peyton was in Denver for two days. He was in Arizona and Tennessee for one each, and he left both of those places without a contract. I think the Broncos stand a very good chance to win Manning, for many football and organizational reasons the other teams just can’t match.

Manning Watch is taking longer than any of us Broncos fans would have liked, but there’s no point stressing over that which we can’t control.

John Elway isn’t.

  • TheGhostOfBroncoQBsPast

    Come on Man, sign the dotted line.

  • Broncos4ever

     I’m glad he’s meticulous. The way I figure, if he thinks it through, he’ll realize he is much better off signing with a class organization run by professionals, than that freakshow they’ve got going on down there.
    He’s a football player, they’re trying to turn him into their next Elvis.
     If that’s what he needs…knock yourself out Peyton.

  • Broncos4ever

     I’m glad he’s meticulous. The way I figure, if he thinks it through, he’ll realize he is much better off signing with a class organization run by professionals, than that freakshow they’ve got going on down there.
    He’s a football player, they’re trying to turn him into their next Elvis.
     If that’s what he needs…knock yourself out Peyton.

  • Broncos4ever

     I’m glad he’s meticulous. The way I figure, if he thinks it through, he’ll realize he is much better off signing with a class organization run by professionals, than that freakshow they’ve got going on down there.
    He’s a football player, they’re trying to turn him into their next Elvis.
     If that’s what he needs…knock yourself out Peyton.

  • Jon

    By the way guys, today is Kyle’s (Monty’s) birthday.  Hope you had a great one, Kyle!

    Thanks for all you do and for letting me contribute to the best Broncos blog on the web!

  • Drive4five24gal

    Get lost Manning! We want Tebow!

  • Cristina

    Your article made so much sense. As much as I’d love to see him sign that dotted line so I know where we stand, I realize we are talking about the rest of the playing career of a great football player. Wouldn’t want to rush into something that does not work out as close to perfect as possible if I were him, either. So I guess I’ll just wait here patiently for the Friday to come and get the birds out of the way… and then again… till he signs and life starts again :)) After all, patience and planning (together with a great arm) are the reasons I love Peyton :)

  • colorancher

     I’ll pass on Tebow!! I’ve seen what he can do!!!

  • colorancher

    It is really hard to be patient. But that is the best way . And I think the article is right on. It shows that the broncos organization is first class. Even though us fans feel like it’s christmas eve..

  • Strawdog

    Happy Birthday Kyle!  This is in fact the most informed and thoughtful Bronco site.  Much appreciation to you both for making it so.

  • Anonymous

    I want him to do it like he’s picking a college.  Press conference, bunch of hats on the table…

  • Anonymous

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE! Hooray for Kyle, Hooray for Kyle, Hooray for Kyle a horses ass! :D (That was in good spirits by the way, I sing that to everyone I like on their birthday)

  • Thomasharris54

    IIf he goes 2 the Titans trade 4 Jake Locker 2 3rd round pickswould be fine with me, how bout every1 else

  • Anonymous

    John Clayton says sources say PM contacted Hutchison and told him to go to tennessee. Said they were favorites now.

  • Skdog

    I am just a bit confused with some of these posts that state they would rather have Tebow vs Manning????  I enjoyed watching Tebow come backs, but would much more enjoy a well placed ball on a regular basis, so a come back would not be needed every week!!

    Let’s put it this way, would you rather have Elway in his last few years of his career or Tebow  right now?? Gimme a break, no contest, put down the Florida bong!

     I am fine with Tebow if PM decides to choose else where, honestly I think PM resembles a bit of a freak once he is up to the line of scrimmage waiving his hands and gesturing out of control like he is some kind of junkie. But PM is one of the best QB ‘s playing today! PM shreds defenses just as Elway did in his later years. 

    I get that Tebow is young and he brings excitement and is helping the future of the Broncos, but Manning if healthy and backed with a good Bronco defense that is taking shape currently would easily be a favorite for an AFC title run,  That brings excitement.

    In any case this may all be decided soon and mean nothing, but I for one would not pass on a Hall of Fame QB that still has the itch and ability to win!

  • broncfan

    Wow, thanks for clearing up all the disagreement with that brillant, insightful PM reasoning. Again, thanks very much. 

  • Neljones99

    Tebow fans want Tebow, Broncos fans want Peyton. Tebow will probably be done in Denver either way. He doesn’t want to be the disappointing second option in Denver. He wants to go somewhere that he is the face of the franchise and not someone an organization didn’t want but ended up stuck with. Please Peyton come to Denver and you’ll be right back in the AFC championship! You go to Tennessee, you’ll never win another ring, your legacy will be tarnished, you’ll be looked at as the second coming of Brett Farve, out for money and revenge

  • Neljones99

    Can’t find that report anywhere. Sure the Titans are trying to lure Peyton with the Hutchinson singing, don’t see Clayton saying anywhere that he heard Manning told him to. John Clayton doesn’t get down on that type of sketchy “he said she said” reporting, he’s the Senior NFL writer for ESPN. I need to see it to believe it.

  • Skdog

     Wow, some one miss their nap? You are correct, nothing new here, coming to this a few days late obviously. But some of the comments here and from fans I run into at work are not adding up. 
    All over with soon hopefully. 

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the flipside of that coin for you.  PM signs with the broncos then “reagravates” his neck injury.  Get’s his fifth surgery in a year.    No one made him do a workout afterall just some grainy footage of him throwing ten yard outs at Duke.  He might come back in October, November? Nope, he misses the whole year and then retires.  Meanwhile we’ve given him a three year deal for $75 mill with $50 mill guarentee and already traded Tebow away.  Now we get to look forward to Brandon “Chris Weinke” Weeden next year and have to start from scratch yet again.  

  • Bill Edwards

    I couldn’t agree more. Brilliant observation & analysis,
    BroncoGuth. As a lifelong Gator fan, of course I love
    Tebow and all he did for the Gators, but readily ack-
    nowledge that a HEALTHY Manning is a significantly
    better QB at this point in time, and maybe gives the
    Broncos the “best chance to win” at the moment, lol.
    (remember when Fox said that about the other QB at
    the beginning of the 2011 season, & how that turned
    out?) The key word in that phrase was “chance”.  It
    seems like the American way is for instant gratificat-
    ion, rather than patient sensible planning. It appears
    EFX has taken the former attitude, much to the detri-
    ment of the Broncos future, in my humble opinion.

  • Becker8

    Are Broncos really thinking of Manning as the quarterback of the future?   I have been out of town so maybe I have been missing alot, but really I am confused!!   And also, been hearing that Manning will not come to Denver with Tebow and Tebowmania here, so until a deal is reached for Tebow, NO MANNING.   Please someone straighten me out here, or is all this just junk rumors?

  • Roberion

     First Class? Do you even remember the drama  last year with Elway and Tebow? The comments posted on Elway’s twitter page? The Tebow fans outrage… ? If this is a measure of what first class is, no wonder Royal went to the Chargers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tebow gets cut and finds out by e-mail….

  • Roberion

     Junk Rumors. It is almost ridiculous; the drama that the organization has stuck us in again. Anyone remember when we were a first rate club with a winning record?…. or was that a distant memory?

  • Rickevans

    What rock did you wake up under?

  • colorancher

     Royal went to the chargers because he wanted someone that can get him the ball!! Do you blame him?  Tebow was mcdaniels guy! not Elways! If not manning, then Elway gets Brandon Weeden or trades up for tannehill! You have to be able to complete passes to be successful in the nfl.. I say first class because we are not begging for Manning and trying to win him over with promise’s..

  • Anonymous

    Breaking News!!! There isn’t an article about this, or I’d post in there.
    Right now (7:45am), the Broncos have their plane scheduled to fly out of Centennial Airport at 8:30…. Destination: Raleigh, North Carolina.
    Connect the dots? You don’t fly to “offer” a contract. You can fax contracts. You fly to meet the person for the press conference, and we all know that Peyton Manning is in Raleigh, NC right now.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

     Elway is on the plane!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is what we think it is rather than a last-ditch plea type of thing…

  • KingoftheTitans

    ….or they’re in desperation mode.

  • Anonymous

    He’s going to work out for them. Something he hasn’t done yet, and something he said he would do to show the team he wanted to sign with that he is healthy… Lots of reading between the lines, but they aren’t leaving much room for interpretations, so it’s pretty damn obvious.

  • Anonymous

     Come on man.  Why do you need to insult freak shows?

  • Anonymous

     You have a mouse in your pocket?

  • Anonymous

     Elway had a better team around him later in his career so he was not carrying the team like he was earlier in his career.

  • Anonymous

     So in other words you’re saying you can’t read.

  • Anonymous

     You mean desperation as in offering a questionable “lifetime” contract and having the state legislature pass a “resolution”?

  • Skdog

    I don’t think PM can get that money in his situation, but could be wrong, I hope the brass does not throw that kind of money per year at him. I believe that the brass would put PM through some workouts  and do their due diligence as best you can, but not a whole lot you can do except trust your own medical staff?    

  • virginiabronco

    Is anyone flying to SF?

  • Bill Edwards

    I don’t dislike Peyton Manning, although I don’t particularly
    care for him as player or personality – reasons I’ll expound
    on in a minute. A lifelong Gator fan, I actually felt sorry for
    him.  In his 4 seasons at Tennessee, he never did beat the
    Gators, never won a national title, & never won a Heisman
    Trophy (though I felt he deserved to after his senior year).

    Last time I looked, football was a “team” sport. So to me,
    even a dozen MVP awards doesn’t equal one Super Bowl
    victory (do you need more than one guess as to what QB
    would probably agree with that, & would trade all his MVP
    awards for that 2nd Lombardi Trophy?) I would venture to
    guess that the same people who’d mention Earnhardt, Sr.
    in the same breath as Richard Petty, would mention Peyt-
    on Manning in the same breath with Tom Brady, Joe Mon-
    tana, or Terry Bradshaw (even his little brother Eli, Elway,
    & ” rapistberger” – winners of at least 2 Supers).

    The Daytona 500 is universally referred to as the “super
    bowl” of stock car racing. Earnhardt, Sr. won this event
    exactly one time – Petty won it 7 times, & while drivers
    get the most publicity, it’s still very much a “team” sport.
    PM is so overhyped, it’s ridiculous.  He is not an “A list”
    QB like Montana, Bradshaw, & Brady (4, 4, & 3 in Super
    Bowls, respectively)  or even  “A- list” QB (Eli, Elway, &
    Ben – all with at least a couple of Super Bowl victories).
    No, maybe on a “B+ list” with other “one-shot wonders”
    like Brett Favre, Drew Brees, & Trent Dilfer, lol.

    Concerning character, I realize he’s generally considered
    to be a high character guy, & for the most part I’d agree.
    However the one major glitch – the one thing that will al-
    ways stick out in my mind, was after losing that Super
    to New Orleans, he tucked his tail, then hung his head,
    & trudged off the field without being courteous enough or
    man enough for the customary meeting & congratulating
    of the winning QB – Drew Brees.  Really telling. Sure, he
    was disappointed: who wouldn’t be. But it sadly revealed
    a sense of arrogance & entitlement unbecoming  to him.

    Finally (did I hear applause) unlike most other pro QB’s,
    even the intense ones who nonetheless seemed to have
    FUN, PM always seemed a little too intense, the “happy
    feet”, the manic arm waving, the “constipated frown” he
    always seemed to have. He just didn’t seem to be enjoy-
    ing himself, having fun, like the more successful QB’s
    mentioned elsewhere in this article. Is a healthy PM a
    good investment, at his age?  Possibly, but I’ll tell you
    one thing:  If I could buy him for what he’s worth, & sell
    him for what he (and many so-called “experts”) think
    he’s worth, I could retire as a multi-millionaire myself!

    Finally, part 2 (OK, lol) concerning PM’s next team. My
    opinion is whoever takes him is making a monumental
    mistake that’ll haunt them for years to come. Do I hope
    it’s the Broncos – absolutely. And not just because of
    the Tebow situation. Great fans, lousy front office.

  • BroncoFan57

    The season hasn’t even started and we are already losing by replacing Tebow with the risky Manning. He will probably get hit and be out the rest of the season, then all that hipe was for show. I didn’t ever think that I would quit being a Bronco fan, but this might do it. 

  • BroncoFan57

    The season hasn’t even started and we are already losing by replacing Tebow with the risky Manning. He will probably get hit and be out the rest of the season, then all that hipe was for show. I didn’t ever think that I would quit being a Bronco fan, but this might do it. 

  • BroncoFan57

    I like having God and Tebow on the Broncos side. After all God is a Bronco fan. Just look at the sunset in the evening, orange and blue, it doesn’t get any better than that……