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Published on 03/15/2012 at Thu Mar 15 16:03.
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The Denver Broncos made their first 2012 free agent signing Thursday, signing defensive back Mike Adams, Vic Lombardi of CBS4 Denver reports.

Adams hails from Cleveland, where he started in 16 games and tallied 61 tackles and three interceptions for the Browns in 2011. An undrafted signee of the San Francisco 49ers in 2004, Adams is renowned for his work ethic and for being a good locker room guy. He’s beaten the undrafted odds to remain in this league for eight seasons.

A solid addition for the Broncos, who still aren’t sure if they’ll have Brian Dawkins back or if Rahim Moore can improve from his rookie year. What’s your take on the Broncos’ first free agent splash?

  • Dbuckj

    idk why but NFL network still has Broncos at number one place for peyton to land and they update this page like every time something new comes up. check it out

  • kho

    its good to address a position of need, especially the defensive side. they are still waiting for manning for the offensive plan. in the mean time, we should keep looking to improve the defensive. what’s going with Brodrick Bunkley?

  • Anonymous

    I know nothing about this guy but we need a veteran back there at Safety so…yeah!

  • Anonymous

    Great move.

  • Tom9798

    Great first pick!  We addressed a definite need! 

  • Hope

    is this guy any good?

  • Fan From Spain

  • Thomasharris54

    goahead give PM the 25million he thinks he deserves so we can get on wit adding free agents that will help us win, he already fucked us outta the best available ( Mario Williams ) so lets do the best wit what’s left out there. PM seems 2 be selfish by not working out or making a choice or even narrowing it down @ this point. He seems to only b interested in getting all the money he can that’s why he’s dragging this out. Tebow might not be even close not2 the QB PM is, but @least he puts the team 1st.

  • MeOMy

    Sounds like a good pickup. Looks like Denver is sticking to their plan of building through the draft and plugging holes with cheaper free agents.

    Now lets go out and get a 28-30 year old CB to replace Goodman.

  • Mtn. dave

     I like this signing. He is a very solid, heady player who will fit well. I doubt he is a high $ guy, but he is a good player. 

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get 3 or 4 more of these now (and bring Bunk back) before mid next week so we can focus on the draft.

  • Anonymous

    Yep very good pick up and I’d like to add its about damn time we move on someone… This waiting around for PM to dislodge his mug is starting to piss me off…lol.

    I was hoping we’d get Meriweather also as I like his play also but this is a decent start.

    I followed the link above and liked what a poster there had to say… Basically, “Its hard to get offensive talent right now because who really wants to block for Tebow all day?” I agree with that statement to a degree, no WR wants to do that, not one that is worth the effort and/or trouble and what running back wants to play second fiddle to that? None that I can think of, of course that is again that is worth the effort and/or trouble ;-).

  • 5280

    wow cant any of you admit when your team is making stupid decisions?C’mon, mike adams? think about it: 8 years in the league with the shitty browns who have one of the worst defences in the league who started out as an undrafted free agent with the niners. Where do you guys see the “very solid, heady player” who is a “good pick up?” the guy is just filling a hole. he isnt talented AT ALL.  they pissed away mario, they let mariweather go to the chiefs, they’re letting joe mayes who had a great season last year shop around, and weslywoodyard who isnt that great to begin with, they didnt make a move on stanford route or brandon car, ledarious webb is just chillin waitin for an offer from someone(ya he’s restricted but theres the guy who will replace goodman, go get him, be aggressive), all just because theyre waiting on manning. dont get me wrong, id love to have manning i understand waiting for him, but in the mean time, get the job done! say he goes to tennessee. then you have all this money and no talent left. if they let their backers go(mayes and woodyard) then they have to waste money in the draft on new ones when they could be using it to make a big pick up at DT likle moving up to get poe or even signing Cox, brockers, or even an end like andre branch. The longer they have to wait on DT the more their run defence suffers. even if they dont want to sign a big name in free agency defencively,they need to at least keep some of the guys they have. so far im not impressed at all. they need to step it up.