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Published on 03/15/2012 at Thu Mar 15 13:37.
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The Denver Broncos are among two teams reportedly interested in free agent defensive end John Abraham, says NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora.

The other team interested is the Tennessee Titans, who also happen to be courting free agent quarterback Peyton Manning.  The Titans must think Denver is doing something right, as the team keeps trying to snatch up free agents out from under them.

Abraham, about to turn 34, still has some gas left in the tank and should have a few more productive seasons.  Starting in fifteen games last season, Abraham recorded 9.5 sacks and forced four fumbles.

Abraham is a 6-4, 263 pound twelve-year veteran who has recorded 112.0 career sacks and 36 forced fumbles.  Teamed up with Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil in Denver, Abraham would likely improve his career numbers before hanging up his cleats — if he does sign with the Broncos.

He’s old, but the production is there.  Would you sign him?

  • Anonymous

    Tweet from local ESPN affiliate:

    “#Broncos Insider believes P.Manning will make his decision by 2pm MT tomorrow”

  • Anonymous

    This is just embarrassing. Get some damn direction EFX. Either go young and build a team for the rest of the decade or go all in for the next 2 years but don’t sit around with your thumbs up your asses looking at each other like you don’t have a better plan.

  • Anonymous

     sign grizzled vets and draft for the future, I’m on board. I am hopeful that we have targeted certain players, put a value on them and gave our sales pitch and if they choose to go, then happy trails.

  • Anonymous

    What’s embarrassing?  This seems to fit right in with their overall plans.  Draft for the future and fill-in current needs/gaps with high-value free agents.  Not sure how many more teams need to prove that high profile/expensive free agents don’t often equal success (i.e. – Oakland, Washington, Philadelphia).  

  • Jon


  • Anonymous

    It’s not about getting someone high profile. It’s about pushing harder to get those solid mid tier guys that still have time left.

    John Abraham has slowed down. Just because he has a lot of skill and got 9.5 sacks doesn’t mean much to me. He can’t go 100% on every play and he will be slower this year than last year.

    Paul Soliai was signed at about 6 million per year. There is a great example of a solid young player we needed and didn’t make a push for.

    Bunkley still has not been resigned either. Again another player we need to be making a better push for.

    Brandon Meriweather signed to 2 years for 6 mil. Another young guy we should have made a better push for.

    What we are doing is a flat out joke. 

  • Anonymous

    Damn!  It is almost 2:30 and still nothing.  I was hoping that we would hear by now. 

  • Jim

    Oakland’s MO for the last 2 decades under Al Davis was to bring in old superstar players that “still had something left in the tank”.

    Looks like Denver is trying to do the same thing now. Weird way to go. 

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow, yo. 

  • Anonymous

    the other half of that Jim is they signed them to insane contracts…which looks like we are avoiding at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Trog I think that Soliai would have been great but he signed with his old team and sometimes it is hard to pry them away unless we, once again, give a ridiculous offer.  Bunkley wanted to test the market but I have not heard of any visits?  has anybody else?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s going overboard to call things a joke because we didn’t get Soliai and Meriweather.  Soliai at $6M per year with  $6M in guarantees isn’t what I would call a bargain.  Not to mention that he signed with Miami before he even paid us a visit so to pin that on the FO is unfair IMO.  The only way they would have landed him was to overpay for his services.  As for Merriweather, the fewer Patriot castoffs that we sign the better as far as I’m concerned.  I’ll gladly take affordable veterans like Abraham instead of overpaying for mid-tier talent.  

  • Anonymous

    Exactly.  The Patriots have gone the other route of bringing in guys at reasonable levels who still have “something left in the tank” and they have been quite successful with that approach.  I think we’re closer to the Patriot model than we are the Oakland model.  

  • Anonymous

    Damn!  I was kind of hoping we could look into picking up Dan Connor, but doesn’t look like it now.

  • MiamiMike

    I really believe after hearing the other info he goes to Titans. The head coach is friends with Peytons dad. The offensive coach was Eli’s coach at one point.His wife I believe went to school there. To many things that is familiar to him there.

  • Anonymous

    Haha nice.  I didn’t even notice the tomorrow part.   Good looking out Herc. 

  • Monty

    That would be because Arizona has its Kevin Kolb deadline exactly then.

  • dcbroncofan

    At this point I feel like we have to trust what’s going on in Denver right now.  Last year the team made huge improvements and did a lot to remove the stench of the McDaniels era.  I believe in what Elway and Fox (and even Del Rio) bring to the table and trust that they are only getting on moves and players that are going to fit what they are trying to do.  The Broncos are in a weird situation…they are rebuilding and trying to maintain the progress they made last year.  40 million in cap space is a lot but that doesn’t mean that we should overspend on players right now.  The players that get signed in the first week are probalby the ones that are gonna get overpaid anyways.  Just keep believing in the mile high magic and be patient.  The Broncos are on the up and up…

  • Ninjaix

    Yeah Im all for Abraham i have a feeling with his size and strength Fox will rotate him and Ayers and sometimes Doom but on 3rd downs expect something like Doom (RDE) Bunk Ayers Abraham and which gives Von the option to come from anywhere!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not calling it a joke because we didn’t get them. I’m calling it a joke because we are not pursuing these guys hard enough. We can’t pursue anything because we are waiting around to see if we are going to give Peyton Manning 50 million guaranteed. 

  • MeOMy

    I think if he comes cheap enough he would be good for our depth at DE. I like the idea of signing some older vets who have something left.

  • Elway4Life

    I think Paul Soliai is overated.  Yeah yeah, I know he has 2 sacks for his entire career but still!  I really wish John Abraham was younger, but he’s not.  But his skill level is still really high!  Last two years (9.5 and 13 sacks).  He really has been great his whole career when it comes to Sacks and Forced Fumbles.   I’d love to sign him for 2 years and an option for a 3rd.  Good to see the Broncos trying to get back to the old solid Orange Crush defense we used to have either way though!  If we get him, any other new defensive players must be younger though! Obviously we need Bunkley back too since he was a part of this great defense last year!

  • Anonymous

    Damn it!!!!